TVFix Caster Review [2022]- Best HD Streaming Device

TVFix Caster Review

In today’s time, there are many streaming services that ensure to provide TV entertainment. In our free time, one appreciates these services. There are many of the services that one could get only if one uses the right device, like TVFix Caster, or any other technical device that could help one enjoy the TV. 

Most of the streaming services provide an option for watching the series and movies on any device like a smartphone, tablet, or PC as some of these screens give better clarity then the big screen. This is the best device for this job as it allows on to transfer it from the smartphone or tablet to the home screen directly. 

TVFix Caster Review

TVFix Caster Review [2021]- Is It Legit?

About TVFix Caster

One always had free time, and during this time, one looks for a job. There are some who spend this time mainly sitting in front of the TV and use the streaming service to pass the time. It consists of movies and series all of the high quality. But, there are many who do all these things on the smartphone or tablet. 

But if one wants to be on a little bigger screen, then there is a need for the technical device. With the use of TVFix Caster, one could stream all this directly on the smartphone or tablet in Full HD quality to the television. 

TVFix Caster Features 

  • There are no delays and lag in playback
  • Streaming could be done instantly
  • It shows in full HD quality along with 1080 pixels. 
  • It is compatible with Wifi
  • Many of the streaming services are supported on it
  • Installation is very simple through HDMI connection

This streaming device could be said as an ideal partner for transferring series and movies to the larger screen from the small screen like smartphones or tablets.

There is no need to have a special device; one needs to plug the device into an HDMI port of the TV, and the signal will get transferred on a smartphone or tablet via Wifi on TV. It provides clarity in Full HD, so it has the best quality picture, audio, and video. 

HD Streaming with TVFix Caster

Technical details of TVFix Caster

  • 1080 Resolution which is Full HD 
  • It supports H.265 decoding.
  • The processing speed is 50 percent higher.
  • Just plug and play
  • Can be used on Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0, and macOS 10+
  • The radio frequency is 2.4 G.
  • Compatible to different Video formats as AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, RM, TS, VOB, FLV
  • Attuned to various Audio formats like AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA
  • Compatible with Photo formats like BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG
  • There is no requirement for special drivers. 
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TVFix Caster is Multiple Purpose Streaming Device

There are many things that could be watched through streaming devices. It includes not only Netflix and YouTube but also the Sky and DAZN, which is a sports platform that offers their services that can be easily viewed on the smartphone and computer. But in all these streaming options, there is one thing that is common that the screen is too small. 

Those who wish to have the media on TV can get the device of streaming, which transmits the content to TV directly from the tablet or smartphone both in audio and video with good quality, which could be enjoyed without any compromise. For this, one can connect the device through TV’s HDMI connection. 

Multiple Purpose TVFix Caster

For Who is TVFix Caster Best Suited?

Those who want to stream the movie and series in their free time, this product is best for them. No matter one belongs to which age group. Both the people who belong to the old or young category or men or women will get the benefit equally. It is so easy to use that anyone can use it, so there is no category of it who can use it. 

For Whom TVFix Caster is best Suited

How to Use TVFix Caster?

For using TVFix Caster on the TV, this streaming device should be connected to a TV via HDMI. The cable which is required to attach it is already associated with it. Just one need to remember that with which HDMI port it was attached and selected on the TV.

After that, one needs to connect the Caster through WLAN. For making it connect, one needs to connect via an app that could be downloaded through the respective device. 

Once it is done, then it could be used for that time, entire coupling and control. Setting it up is very easy to do as it could be set up within 30 seconds. Then one can enjoy the content directly on TV through a smartphone. 

How to Use TVFix Caster

Benefits of TVFix Caster  

  • No requirement for Smart TV – TVFix Caster could work on any television one does not have to spend money on purchasing the Smart TV. With this, one can use the smartphone at the same time while watching videos on TV. 
  • Channels and content could be selected best – A lot of shows on video streaming could be seen on it as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Showtime, NBA, Hulu, Sling TV, and MLB.
  • Installing and using is super easy – One needs to connect TVFix Caster with HDMI port, and then one can control the activities through a laptop or smartphone on TV. One gets the video of high quality, which does not cost anything. There is no subscription, extra fees, monthly bills which one needs to pay for using it. 
  • Compatible with any latest Television – TVFix Caster is made in such a way that it is compatible with any of the Television set. So one can enjoy the videos on any TV. 
  • Saves a lot of money wasted on Cable TV – There is no need to have the expensive Cable TV, and all the shows could be enjoyed without spending any money. 
  • Viewing of Super High HD audio and video – It proves the high quality of video experience with amazing audio. So, if one invests in this device, then one will enjoy it for a longer time. 
  • Nothing to be paid monthly – There are no fees that are recurrent or monthly. One does not have to worry about it. 
  • Guarantee for 30 days money back –  As one purchase this device, there is an option with an individual to return it within 30 days and get the money back. There will be a full refund of the money which one spends on the product. This shows that this product is good, and one does not have to worry about it as one is getting the best. 
  • Setup is easy – It is very easy to do the setup and do not take much of time. There is no special training or skills required to attach this device. Anyone could use TVFix Caster easily. Though one also finds a manual inside the box as if one wants to have any information about it, one can read it. 
Benefits of TV Fix Caster

Pros & Cons of TVFix Caster 


  • Though it provides a high-quality video with a 1080 resolution, it is not expensive. 
  • It is portable, so one can use it anywhere and can take it from one place to another. 
  • While streaming video, there is privacy protection. 
  • The private company manufactures it, so they do not have any need to access the data. 
  • It is much better than using Google Chromecast. 


  • It does not produce any noise. 
  • One does not have to unplug it after using it. 

Customer’s Say About TVFIX Caster

‘This particular product makes my life easy and free from burden as I do not have to pay anything routinely. It is very simple to use and with the help of this particular device, I can watch many more programs in my everyday routine. I am very happy to watch the program and the picture quality is superb. I don’t need to be under any subscription or monthly bill.’

Conclusion TVFix Caster Review [2021]- Should You Buy It?

Everyone loves to watch their favorite shows on TV but to avoid paying huge bills; one takes very limited channels. With the use of TVFix Caster, one can view the favorite shows without using these wires. 

One can get everything one needs with the TVFix Caster as it also secures the privacy and lets one decide what one wants to stream. 

So, it is a much better deal to have the TVFix Caster as it works well. There is a guarantee of money back within 30 days if one does not like to use this device. 

Tvfix Caster

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch sports?

TVFix Caster can stream all the major sports streaming services including ESPN and major networks like CBS.

What channels can I get with TVFix Caster?

With this amazing antenna, you get channels as NBC, ABC, PBS, FOX, CBS, among others in HD, and absolutely free of charge.

What televisions are compatible with TVFix?

The only requirement for the TVFix to work is that the model can connect to Wi-Fi. As long as it can connect, it will be usable for free streaming.

Would I pay monthly bills with TVFix caster?

Absolutely not. TVFix caster is a one-time payment, you only pay while buying. You can forever scrap cable bills off your budget list. All you need for an exciting cinematic memory is your television, smartphone, and TVFix caster.

TVFix Caster Review [2022]- Best HD Streaming Device
TVFix Caster Review [2022]- Best HD Streaming Device
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