TikiTunes Review – One of the Most Popular Wireless Speaker


Do you love to hear beautiful songs with amazing effects wherever you are? An outdoor party without good speakers and a powerful internet connection make it very mundane and lifeless.

Enjoying a cold winter’s night next to a bonfire and remembering old memories of your childhood days with the old songs of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s and the speakers lose the connectivity.

It is a moment doomed by the horrible functioning of the speakers. Do not let this happen and buy a one-of-a-kind light show TikiTunes Wireless Speaker and experience great happiness listening to the golden oldies or the latest rock songs and let the party be a hit instead of a miss.

Speakers with mediocre quality and connectivity are show spoilers. Let your social gatherings be show stoppers with amplified music and smooth connectivity.

What is this TikiTunes?

TikiTunes Wireless Speaker

TikiTunes is an indoor and outdoor very versatile Bluetooth speaker. A device won prestigious awards. It exhibits attractive lights that can become the center of attraction of social gatherings.

The speaker flaunts high-grade quality material and can become the star of the moment at any function. It is a beautiful gift to be presented to friends and family.

 Features of TikiTunes-

1. Device pairing name is TikiTunes – the technology that accepts pairing by Bluetooth is named TikiTunes in the wireless speaker.

2. Wireless transmission Distance is 30ft- The distance between the TikiTunes speaker and the electronic mobile can be a fair length of 30ft. The device boasts of better connectivity and amplifies the music from a distance of 30feet.

3. An efficient lithium battery- The battery in the wireless speaker is composed of lithium. It is fitted with a 7.4V and provides 2000mAh in an hour.

4. Output power 5W- the electric signals the speaker amplifies is 5 watts.

5. Playtime 6 hours- The speaker can play non-stop music for six hours. A good enough time to enjoy amplified music at a party or any gathering. Soothing music to relax or jazzy numbers to enjoy a romantic evening or lazily hear music on a rainy day.

6. SNR <75dB- The signal to noise ratio is the quality of the wireless TikiTunes Speaker.

7. Distortion Rate <10% – The rate at which the music or audio can be compressed and still maintain its quality is lesser than 10%.

8. Power Supply 5V/1A- The battery will charge at 5V per 1ampere.

9.Product Dimensions -4″ x 6.5″ The size of the wireless speaker is easy to manage and carry it easily anywhere you prefer. It is portable and easily put in the car or at an outdoor picnic. The speaker is compact, and the LED lights are magnificent.

 Other Features

i) A punchy bass- The Bass in the speaker for a medium-sized is satisfactory and very effective. Now recall and sing-along songs with TikiTunes.

 ii) Two TikiTunes wireless speakers are amplified for a fantastic stereo effect.

iii) The atmosphere at the gathering or social will get jazzed up the moment you play music through the TikiTune Speakers.

iv) The speakers are highly mobile and light-weight. Choose to place it anywhere at the theme party or in an outdoor resort.

v)  The speaker will play good quality music continuously for six hours.

vi) The speakers can be used by kids too. The buttons are well understood. Young children can also access the mechanism quickly.

vii) The speaker is connected to all smart phones Apple iPhone and Android devices.

viii) The speakers are available for a warranty of 1 year. A 30-day money-refund offer is applicable on purchase. If you are not 100% satisfied with the speaker and doubt its quality you can return it and manage a refund of the cash.

Benefits of TikiTunes:

TikiTunes Wireless Speaker

1. TikiTunes is used for a maximum of 6 hours. The speaker can last as long as six hours. It is ample time for enjoying lovely music on the TikiTunes wireless speaker.

2. It has dual sync facilities and is connected to double speakers with Bluetooth. 

3. The LED lights create a fabulous atmosphere and build up the tempo at the party. The lights are attractive and the show stopper for the evening. Friends and relatives will want to own one by the gathering ends. 

4. The speaker is waterproof and dustproof even if it drizzles or on a rainy day, the speakers will work outdoors. The dust will not enter the speaker and muffle the audio at all. So enjoy all days of the year listening to good music on the wireless speaker TikiTunes.

5. Tikitunes is easily switched on or off. A light indicator informs that it is ready for use and a sound also indicates it is prepared to play entertaining music.

The power-off button needs to be pressed for a few seconds it shuts off with a sound to indicate the power has been shut off and the light indicator also shuts off simultaneously.

Reason to Buy

TikiTunes Wireless Speaker

1. The speaker can be ordered online on its official website for merely $29.99.A reasonable price for a jazzy and attractive wireless speaker. Do not miss this offer and try the speaker out before passing any judgment. You will be taken by surprise at the quality sound it produces and be the talk of the party for some time. 

2. The speaker includes a USB cable, a user manual, and an ambient subtle light that will provide a cool effect to the party. 

3. The speaker is rated with 5stars by users. The compatibility of the speaker with other devices is a distinct feature.

4. Enjoy uninterrupted music that calms the soul for six heavenly hours of great music.

5. The speaker works well even at a distance of 30ft. A rather large distance and also can be placed on a stand or a high table for better sound effects.


How do you switch on the device?

Simply press the power button. The light indicates the power on and a sound effect that tells you it is ready for use.

How do you connect it to Bluetooth?

On the mobile sync, the phone with the name TikiTunes that appears on Bluetooth.

How to control the volume of the speaker?

The volume is controlled with the device it is connected to, or manually increases the volume from the buttons on the speaker itself.

Does it make a good gift to present friends and relatives?

It surely is a great gift to present your loved ones. It will make their day complete and joyful. Every time they play the music they will be reminded of you. 


The TikiTunes wireless speaker is one-of-a-kind wireless speakers that Livens up your life and brightens the social party in minutes. The device is exceptionally designed and the light gives an amazing feel to the party.

The guests will relive every moment spent listening to beautiful tunes played by TikiTunes. The ratings would be a 10 if the sound quality would be finer but the light effect is wonderful and awarded a high rate of 10.

TikiTunes Review – One of the Most Popular Wireless Speaker
TikiTunes Review – One of the Most Popular Wireless Speaker
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