The Best Gift for your Gym Buddy – Ulla Hydration


How to stay hydrated?

Talking about the scientific standards which say that our body needs almost 8 glasses of water every day, but unfortunately, we don’t pay concern about it because of work overload which is increasing day by day in our lives. We often heard our moms, dietitians, doctors, and nurses saying consume more water as it helps to keep your body hydrated and helps in intoxication. But we have no time to stand for these suggestions.

In order to make you remind about your daily water dose fulfillment, we are providing you with a review of Ulla to keep a track of your daily water consumption, as it would be quite messy to remember these things in such a busy life. For this, we are recommending you a gadget called Ulla smart hydration.

This gadget helps to drink more and more water, one must try this for 30 days, it’s risk-free and feel the difference and stay hydrated.

As water is one of the most important constituents in our body as it carries all the metabolic functions of our body. we lose a lot of water from our body during sweating, urination, and tears, so we need to retain this content we have lost during the day from time to time.

But people feel lazy asking for a glass of water again and again. But now you don’t need to work for refilling your tumbler just, as we have a Ulla hydration reminder. You need to forget about using a bullet journal or an app to keep track of your Intake and it solves the problem of how to drink water and remembering it.

What is Ulla hydration? How does it work?

Ulla hydration is a device that is fully automated and can be fixed to any bottle, mug, cup, or glass. It consists of sensors that keep a check on how much quantity of water we need to drink as its LED light flashes if we forget to go drink, plus it only works when its sensors detect that we are nearby to bottle.

So it works only if we are in close contact with the bottle and it automatically stops once we are done.

As we are living in a very fast-moving world, where it’s not possible to keep reminders of every work, so for that, we need to keep sources enough to make us do our best for our health care promotion, Ulla hydration is the best reminder.

If we guess of the estimation almost 75% are chronically dehydrated because of lack remembering to drink water whenever they need.

This water drinking device is very useful and advantageous for not only our health but also the environment as it can be used with reusable water bottles.

Features of Ulla

Smart Alerts: We shouldn’t wait to drink water only when we are thirsty, this smart device contains sensors that flash a light 30 to 40 minutes and depending on how frequently we drink water. One should not consume all water in one go, we need to wait and keep sipping in frequency.

Tilt and proximity sensors: the tilt sensors trace your frequency of drinking water if one is not drinking it will start alerting you till you don’t drink. The proximity sensors also sense if you are nearby than only it will start its flash, otherwise it doesn’t.

Fits any container: You see a lot of containers with built-in sensors, but the drawback of them is that you can’t use them for other containers. While as hydration reminder can fit in any container of any size whether glass, bottle, mugs, kettles, just we need to switch it for a reminder by putting a band around the container and fixing it on.

Feel healthier: everyone needs water for various daily uses, but health and fitness are very important to maintain only by using plenty of water daily like if we are feeling lethargy, constipation, intoxication, remove headaches, lose weight will make it better.

Eco-friendly: This device is not only useful for maintaining health but also it is environmentally friendly because it can be used for any reusable water bottles instead of plastic bottles, that one throws away after a single-use. Also if we will take good care of it twill last for enough time.


  • It’s LED sensors easily remind of when to drink water.
  • This device fits in every container just by fitting a band around the container.
  • It is a portable device and can be carried anywhere you want.
  • No charging as the battery lasts for six months. 


  • The device falls off easily if not fitted tightly with containers.
  • Its light flashes only when its proximity sensors detect that person are nearby.


Ulla hydration reminder is a very useful and efficient device with eco-friendly features, It helps to improve the health of a person by reminding him to drink water even if he is not thirsty, thus helps to enhance metabolic functions and intoxication. Today’s age is the age of the modern era, where people don’t have much time to care about their health, thus we can say that this device acts as a health care provider. So recommend you, people, to buy this device to make your life easy and enjoyable because it’s a common saying “health is wealth”.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the minimum cost of full hydration reminders? 

It is usually available online on Amazon .com, while you can enjoy Amazon prime for free shipping and for various colours with the price of 25 dollars and retail price of 27.99 dollars plus shipping and handling charges. But if our readers want the discount score than we are here with a big deal that buys 2 and gets1 at 50% off, you can save 13.99dollars, also you can buy 3 and get 2 free and save up to 55.99 dollars.

What are the uses of this device?

It’s used as a reminder for drinking water instead of going for apps and bullet journals it’s more beneficial.

How does it remind of drinking water?

it has special sensors tilt and proximity ones that start to blow flashlight when the person is nearby.

What type of containers it is used for?

it is used for all types of these containers like mugs, glasses, bottles, etc.

The Best Gift for your Gym Buddy – Ulla Hydration
The Best Gift for your Gym Buddy – Ulla Hydration
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