SpatialSound Edge Review [2022]- New Generation Bluetooth Speakers

Spatial Sound Edge Review

People all across the globe are embracing the latest trends of technology and always arising innovation.  Whether you are working or free, you will need technology for amusement and recreational purposes. With the development of Bluetooth speakers, now more innovation can be seen in the making of the devices with high-quality sound. Many companies are making speakers in the market, but SpatialSound Edge is among the best speakers available in the market because of its high-quality sound system.

Let’s have a close look at the SpatialSound Edge Review along with the reasons why you should have this device at home, the features that separate it from others, and the place of buying this gadget.

Spatial Sound Edge Review

Know about SpatialSound Edge

SpatialSound Edge is a new generation Bluetooth speaker that comes with a remote for operating the speaker along with ensuring flexibility while playing music or doing other things. This speaker is very much different from the other speakers that have been used before as it comes with that quality of sound that has super-refined bass, ensuring the top-notch quality of sound.

Another exciting thing about these speakers is excellent connectivity and compatibility with the device like phones, tablets, and DVD players, and these are separate from others as their connectivity is possible with phones only.

Spatial Sound Edge Review

Reasons for having Spatial Sound Edge

If you love to enjoy high-quality music, then Spatial Sound Edge is best suited for you. This speaker will ensure your enjoyment of the music because of the sound quality produced by it.

The new innovative bass with the speaker assures that there will be no loss of the tempo of the music. This is the reason for adding the word Edge in the name of the product by the makers because it is different and better from other speakers that are already available in the market. The things that make it distinctive is its features, benefits, and ratings.

Spatialsound Edge

Features of Spatial Sound Edge

Test Distance

You might have seen the working of Bluetooth speakers as best when they are placed near the source of sound supply. Spatial Sound Edge comes with the feature of connectivity from the distance of at least nine meters using iPhone and Samsung smartphone. The connectivity of the speaker from such a distance indicates that the device is robust and nest suited for providing the best experience of music to the users.

Quality sound

The main motive of having any Bluetooth speaker Is get the high-quality sound along with the assurance that played everyone must-hear music. You will find this device as the best when you will compare with the other speakers that you might have used before.

Benefits and Specification of Spatial Sound Edge

  • With super bass convert any surface into a powerful speaker
  • Multimedia speaker comes with an inbuilt mic.
  • Two speaker drivers inside (one membrane for high frequency + one vibration for bass sound  )
  • Line in & Line out function by 3.5mm Audio jack
  • RMS 15W output power
  • Playtime: 2-3 hours / Charge time: 2-3 hours
  • Power supply: rechargeable Lithium battery, USB cable
  • Built-in Lithium-Ion battery, 3.7V, 1100 mAh, DC 5.0V
  • Blue tooth test distance: Samsung–9 meters, Nokia–8 meters, HTC–6.5 meters, iPhone–9 meters.
  • Audio Source: PC, MP3, MP4, MD, CD, DVD player, Mobile Phone, iPhone, Ipad, Tablet, or any other blue tooth output devices, etc.
  • Certification: CE FCC ROHS
  • Sensitivity: 550±50mV
  • Frequency Response: 95Hz-20kHz
  • Driver unit: 2inch*2, 4Ω
  • Color Options: Black
  • Product Weight: 0.32kg
  • Product Size:  63*60.5*81mm
  • 12 Months Warranty
Specification of Spatial Sound Edge

Pros & Cons of Spatial Sound Edge


  • With this device, you can get a strong connection of Bluetooth up to around nine meters.
  • No additional technical skills are needed for operating this device as it is straightforward to use.
  • You will get a high-quality sound effect when you use this device.
  • The gadget is very cost-effective.
  • You can enjoy music at any point of time without troubling your current tasks as you can freely hang it around your neck.
  • The device is effortless and easily portable.
  • It is a robust gadget, and the possibility of getting it damaged easily is significantly less.
  • You can enjoy this product at discounted rates.


  • Limited Stock
  • Purchasing is possible only through an online portal

Conclusion- Spatial Sound Edge Review [2021]

If you are getting a Bluetooth speaker with a such a robust connectivity with a distance of almost nine meters, price lesser than as compared to others and many other features, then this is the deal to crack. You must have the Spatial Sound Edge speaker at your home if you love to enjoy the music with high-quality sound that can be heard clearly from long distance as well. This speaker is compact, portable has impressive features, and you can have it discount also. There seems no reason not to have such a wonderful product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Bluetooth speaker useful?

Bluetooth speakers are handy as you don’t have to plug them separately for connecting. You have to on the Bluetooth mode of your phone and then connect it

When can the delivery of the device is possible?

Due to ongoing pandemic, the delivery can be delayed.

Is the sound of the speaker real or hype?

At such a reasonable price, you are getting the product which is the best and worth.

Spatialsound Edge
SpatialSound Edge Review [2022]- New Generation Bluetooth Speakers
SpatialSound Edge Review [2022]- New Generation Bluetooth Speakers
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