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Soul Insole Review: The sportive nature of the human race causes a lot of stress to our feet which suffer rigorous movements while cycling,  hiking, playing football, or simply walking. We involve in various sporting events that primarily pressurize our feet.

We may put all our efforts to have a wonderful time involving in any activity that involves leg movements, but foot discomfort mars our pleasure to a great extent. After all,  at the end of the day, our comfort is the primary requisite for us and the ultimate motive of sporting is the pleasure we derive out of it. So why not put some attention on our feet? 

 What are Soul Insoles?

While running or jumping,  our whole muscle chain is involved in the activity.

Insoles absorb the shock of impact by applying pressure to the appropriate areas of the feet.

Insoles are nowadays vital for both sports training and everyday life. Modern shoes are not always designed with the comfort and correct anatomical position in mind, and here insoles come to the rescue. If you suffer from pain due to a disorder or if you want to prevent such pain from developing, using insoles becomes a necessity. Insoles absorb the extra pressure and comfort our feet. They give us pain relief from foot, ankle, and leg injuries. Insoles properly align our feet into a correct position when standing, walking, running, or playing, as they absorb foot pressure and aid us.

About Sole Foothole Insoles

Insoles come in different varieties and provide our feet with considerable cushioning and comfort. But we must select the right insoles for adequate care of our feet and Sole is the end of our search.  Sole is a Canadian brand producing excellent orthopedic footbeds since 2001. Used widely by professional sports players,  mountaineers, football players, and world-class cyclists, Sole’s insoles provide ultimate comfort to their feet. Sole’s customizable Insoles provide perfect support and relieve pain in feet.

Sole offers both lifestyle medium inserts and active thin inserts for sports as well as everyday use.

Reviewing Sole Insoles

We checked upon both the types recently. The lifestyle medium inserts were designed for day-to-day use ,  designed perfectly  to be paired with casual shoes. The active inserts were best suited for use with trainers , cycling or football shoes.

Let us analyze our experience with  Sole’s insoles:-

Overview : 

Being the premium quality insoles, the  Sole custom footbeds offered ultimate cushioning and comfort while cycling, running, and walking. The most amazing feature is the oven heat molding which was fast and easy, providing a perfect fit.

Talking about the price , we would say they quite cheap costing around £30 per pair, and one may find slight size issues but overall they’re quite comfortable and we definitely recommend their use .

Striking features of Soul Insole:

Sole Insoles provides customization orthopedic insoles that are medically accepted. Here is a list of some amazing benefits of Sole’s footbeds:-


Perfectly moulded footbeds are essential for different sizes of  feet in order to provide ultimate comfort and fit.

Sole provides two types of moulding for the purpose:- wear moulding and heat moulding.

In case of wear moulding, we just need to insert the footbeds into our shoes and with time , they set according to our footsoles due to bodyweight and gravity , thus comforting our feet .

With heat moldings, we must warm them up first.  For this put the footbeds on a baking tray and place it in an oven for just two minutes for achieving a perfect fit and thus they will be ready to use. These footbeds get molded around our foot instantly. Just replace the original soles with Soul’s warm footbeds and you are good to go!

Eco-friendly Packaging : 

Soul insole are packed with recycled material and can be further recycled, ultimately contributing to save our planet with this little step.


They come in various sizes for men and women and the best thing about these footbeds is that one can easily trim off  that extra edge if the insoles are a little over the size , for which we may use the original shoe sole as the  reference size.

Unmatchable comfort:

The basic purpose of wearing insoles is providing that extra bit of comfort to our feet and Soul Insole completely fulfill the promise of providing that increased satisfaction and comfort by its perfectly fitting footbeds. You will definitely notice that considerable difference in the stress your arches feel after cycling for those long races, resulting in a better sporting experience.

Specialty : 

  • Helps existing foot disorders
  • Prevents foot conditions from developing
  • Provide a flexible foot
  • Instant comfort
  • Reduces plantar fascia strain
  • Provides lightweight support
  • Improved balance
  • Promotes natural foot alignment
  • Distributes pressure and weight equally
  • Wear and heat moldable for customized fit
  • Perfect amount of pressure exactly where you need it


  • Low profile
  • Minor support
  • Easily trimmable 
  • Easily moldable


  • Breaks down over time
  • Takes a little while to get the perfect fit


Many cheaper alternatives are available for orthopedic insoles. But the cheaper variants often lead to increased discomfort and pain. Who would compromise comfort for money? Soul’s footbeds are designed perfectly for adequate comfort to our feet and special attention has been paid on the shape and alignments of the products. They indeed enhance our walking and sporting experiences.

How long would Soul insoles last?

When using normally, these Sole Inserts would last you for about 6 months. If you are a serious runner, these would normally last you for 3-4 months.

Do insoles replace souls?

Yes, if you replace the soles of your shoes with insoles, the shoes will still give you the perfect fit, along with the advantages insoles offer.

How do I know if my insoles are worn out?

The signs that show insoles are worn out are they become flat like a French Pancake. They start smelling and also if the color fades, it is a good indication that you need a new pair.

Soul Insole Review – Redefine Comfort
Soul Insole Review – Redefine Comfort


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