SOS Rx Disaster Pack Review [2022]- Life-Saving Medical Kit

SOS Rx Disaster Pack Review

SOS Rx is a vital package of prescribed medications that help add extra safety against the diseases originating from radiation exposures, bacteria, and flu epidemics outbreaks. This package contains pills of Oseltamivir, Potassium Iodide and Levofloxacin.

By having this package with you all the time, you can protect your loved ones around you from the sudden attack of flu epidemics, bacteria or virus outbreak, radiation exposure, or any other emergency that might not come with any warning.

This SOS Rx package helps prepare with these kinds of undesired situations so that you don’t have to rush immediately to the physician. This useful package is being ion demand since the coronavirus outbreak early this year. Let’s have a close look at SOS Rx Disaster Pack Review to understand it better.

SOS Rx Disaster Pack Review

What is SOS Rx Disaster Pack?

SOS Rx is a package containing prescribed medications that have been made intending to protect everyone from unanticipated situations. SOS Rx is among the most innovative telehealth-centric emergency ready package kit online, having a perfect blend of disease control guidance of disaster management, and internal medicine.

When you buy a medicines package, it costs you around $200, whereas SOS Rx is a medium to connects you with the nearest licensed physician for an appointment on phone. Now the physician will give you a medicine for anti-radiation and anti-bacterial drugs.

Then you will receive a package that will be an SOS Rx disaster pack. This package is convenient and can be taken anywhere you want to keep yourself protected.

The SOS Rx disaster pack is a combination of the prescribed medications such as potassium iodide and levofloxacin that can be taken in an emergency. You can save yourself & your loved ones. The package consists of three bottles of prescribed drugs and a phonic consultation with the physician in your area.

SOS Rx Disaster Pack

How Does SOS Rx Works?

SOS Rx contains three main elements-a packages of prescribed medications, some emergency materials& guides, and a phonic appointment.

Immediately after buying the SOS Rx package, you will get a telehealth consultation with your area’s physician. You will consult the doctor, and after assessing the situation, the doctor will prescribe you some medication. After this, you will receive an SOS Rx disaster package that contains three medicines.

These medicines will protect you from unexpected and unwanted situations. Besides this, you get some supplies, guide plans, and instructions to deal with any emergency. Being a subscriber of SOS Rx, you will also get real-time alerts through email or SMS.

SOS Rx package was recommended and created by the experts of public health. This package has been recommended for use in any unforeseeable and undesired situation for giving the best possible First-Aid to the Patient.

Types of medications in the Pack

This disaster pack consists of three medicines that help protect against emergencies like radiation exposure or bacterial outbreak.  The following are the three medications which include in the package-


This is the antiviral drug, especially for the flu epidemics, which helps in treating and preventing influenza or Flu. The best-known medicine for this is Tamiflu. This medicine is prescribed for treating the symptoms of the flu-like stuffy nose, tiredness, sore throat, cough, chills, fever, and aches. It helps in shortening the symptoms and turning them into severe. In 1 or 2 days the symptoms of the infection set to subside.


Levofloxacin -antibiotic for bacterial exposure, and it helps in treating the infections. It is among the quinolone antibiotics that treat the body by fighting with the bacteria and stop its growth within the body. It is advantageous in situations like bioterrorism or bacterial outbreak.

Potassium Iodide

This is the drug suitable to combat radiation exposure and helps block the absorption of radioactive iodine by our thyroid gland. In other words, it protects the thyroid gland from injuries occurring from radiation since it is the riskiest part prone to such injuries.

Now the question arises what is the need to buy these drugs? The answer is pretty simple that these medications will not be accessible at the times of outbreak of any disaster or emergency,

Conclusion- SOS Rx Disaster Pack Review [2021]

SOS Rx is the package consisting of the prescribed drugs required in the undesired situations or any emergency. At the time of the disaster, it is impossible to depend on pharmacies or physicians, as these might not be easily accessible.

But the need for drugs will still be there. So if you have the SOS Rx package with you, you might not have to suffer or search out these medicines.

This SOS Rx package is your plan for emergency for protecting yourself and your loved ones. When you get the facility of talking to a licensed physician and have an emergency medical kit with you in any critical situation, you will not have to be much worried about the protection of yourself and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should SOS Rx be used?

It is an emergency package that must be used at the time of utmost need, like in the event of any global disaster or any emergency.

How much will the package cost?

SOS Rx has been priced at the range of $185, including the pack of your prescribed medications and a telehealth consultation with the licensed physician.

Is there any need for a prescription for SOS Rx?

Technically, this package’s drugs are available in the form of prescription, but they have their availability in the form of OTC over the counter medications. SOS uses the OTC form of medicines, so there is no need for any prescription for buying these drugs.

SOS Rx Disaster Pack Review [2022]- Life-Saving Medical Kit
SOS Rx Disaster Pack Review [2022]- Life-Saving Medical Kit
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