SonicX Pro Toothbrush Review : Does it work?

Ever been embarrassed in front of your friends because of bad breath? Ever been haunted in front of the mirror by the amber coloured teeth? Ever been bothered by toothaches and gum bleeds? SonicX Pro is here to end this problem!

Well this is either because of two reasons:

1 . Wrong choice of toothbrush

2 . Wrong way of brushing your teeth

 But you don’t need to despair, because we have a solution to all of your problems.

Our SonicX Pro toothbrush, the elixir for your teeth, which will give you the brightest and proudest of the smiles.

What is SonicX pro?

SonicX pro is a next-generation electric toothbrush. It not only beats the conventional toothbrushes by miles but also stands ahead of other electronic toothbrushes in its competition. You have to put little effort and the toothbrush covers every niche inside your teeth, knocks out those tiny little food pieces and other items. It is a nightmare for bacteria like Streptococcus Mutans, which are the prime villains of your teeth.

Because of its dynamic architecture, it not only removes the yellow discoloration of your teeth from outside but also removes the stains from the inner structure of your tooth (the dentin)

Bottom-line being, it converts your mundane teeth to magical ones, not only from outside but makes them healthy from inside too.

These qualities are because of the engineering genius behind the creation of this product. It combines the science of electronics with the mechanics of different modes of brushing, to give a complete tool of next level brushing. Not only is it technologically advanced but its compact smooth aesthetic design is pleasing too.

So, fulfill the dream of eternal health of your teeth, and switch to our SonicX Pro

Main specifications of SonicX Pro

SonicX pro is technologically very superior to other toothbrushes in the market. This is not only attested by us, but by the customers who have used it. What makes it the best in the business? well, we will cover  that in the following section

  1. Design: SonicX pro by design is a beauty and aesthetically pleasing. It is as light as fur, yet as durable as Titanium.

So you can easily carry it outdoors, in your pocket, it will fit nicely and smoothly

2. Waterproofing: Cleaning conventional brushes is bothersome, and you will agree to it, but SonicX pro is waterproof

Since it is an electronic gadget, you might be wondering about waterproofing. well don’t worry, SonicX pro is completely waterproof with grade IPX7. In simple terms even if you leave this device underwater for even 30 minutes nothing will happen to it

3. Mechanics : With a whopping 45000 brushings per minute, it is a boss here too. It reaches every hook and nook and niche of your teeth, knocking out every food piece or other fertile stimulant of tooth decay. The vibrations are particularly synced in such a way that they knock out the bad guys from your teeth and at the same time, not hurt your gums

4 . Simplicity and easy to use: Being technologically advanced and superior isn’t the only thing about it. What makes it more ideal is its simplicity in design and easy to use.

Using it is no rocket science. Once you get it in your hands, you will easily figure out how to use it, rather than depending on essay type instruction manuals.

5. Sophisticated next level brushing: The problem with conventional toothbrushes out there in the market is that they are not individually customized for all groups of people. Some people have more sensitive teeth, some have less, some have the problem with gums, some have such anatomy that it is difficult to reach some areas via the conventional toothbrush.

SonicX Pro beats all these odds by its nature of having different modes customised for people with different dental profiles

It has 4 main modes to cover all types of people

A. Clean: This is the default mode and it is for generalized cleansing of the mouth

B. White: This mode is typically suitable for removing stains from both accessible and inaccessible parts of your teeth. This mode is for making your teeth as white as snow

C. Massage: This mode uses the technology to massage the gums. This ensures ample and proper blood supply to all areas of your gums so that they remain healthy.

D. Milder: This mode is typically designed for those whose dental hygiene is already debilitated and have sensitivity and tooth pain often. The rationale being, it gently cleanses the teeth to not cause pain and sensitivity.

Which toothbrush is customised so intelligently like this?

So give it a try, you will never regret it.

6. Zone switching

So basically by this, we mean that the toothbrush runs for 2 minutes, after that it automatically stops for 30 seconds, rationale being, during this time you will easily switch from one zone of your mouth to another.

well this is the most effective way of using your toothbrush and since you get to repeat it again and again daily, your cleaning will be uniform throughout and this will ensure proper uniform care of your teeth.

SonicPro also has the memory of the previous modes you used, so next time when you turn it on, it will start from your previous mode.

This also ensures smooth and coordinated brushing.

7. Everlasting powerful battery.

SonicX Pro Battery Life

The battery used here is safe, long-lasting, and easy to recharge.

Guess what? you just have to charge it for about 6 hours and then it will easily give you weeks.

This is exceptionally important for those with power cuts and well for those who are too lazy to charge their gadgets.

The product comes with an indicator for charging and that also will indicate with a different light, when the battery is fully charged. This ensures that you know when to charge next and for how long.

How do I buy it?

You can buy it by visiting the hyperstech website.

How much do I have to pay for it?

It is incredibly affordable. Want to get 50% off? Then buy it today

For more offers visit or website


This toothbrush is arguably the best to have ever entered the market when it comes to the diversity of features, simplicity in operating, durability, cost, reusability, and much more.

So what are you waiting for?

 Order for yourself and your loved ones today.

SonicX Pro


Am I eligible to use it?

Of course, as already mentioned, this product has custom modes for different teeth profiles.
It not only kills all the bacteria, cleanses the food particles from every niche, but also ensures that your teeth look white as snow. On top of that, it keeps your gums healthy by maintaining a good blood supply of them (via its massage mode)
surely you may see some products in the market that can claim to do cleaning and whitening etc, but all the sophisticated modes and the simplicity of this product outclasses all the toothbrushes out there in the market.

What is the price of SonicX Pro?

If you want to get your special toothbrush on the manufacturer’s site, you get a discount of up to 50 percent and free shipping. If you want to get two toothbrushes at once, you’ll even get a free toothbrush with your order, and if you order three brushes at once.
you’ll get two free toothbrushes on top! Plus, for a small extra charge, you can order a warranty of up to three years on your toothbrush to cover any problems with this warranty.

After how much time, do I have to change my toothbrush?

Ideally after 3 months. But the good news is, you only have to change the head and not the brush itself, so this buy is a long term buy.

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