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Did you know: Due to the devices we use daily, like our smartphone, laptops and wi-fi, we are now surrounded by 100 million times higher electromagnetic radiation than 50 years ago. Read our review on SmartDOT.

Cell phones. WiFi networks. Laptops. Tablets. Game systems. Study after study has proven that our bodies absorb radiation from these devices like a sponge.

One study highlighted by the American Cancer Society had people hold a phone to their ear for 50 minutes. It found significant changes to brain tissues … but only on the part of the brain that was close to the phone.

That’s why we created smartDOT, an EMF protection device, which retunes the electromagnetic frequencies at it’s source, so they are no longer harmful for the human body to absorb.

“Overall, it is concluded that the smartDOT has shown to be profoundly effective in negating the effects of mobile phone radiation on the human body.” – Dr Thornton Streeter, Centre for Biofield Sciences

What is smartDOT?

SmartDOTs provide a quick and easy way to help reduce the impact of EMFs and the symptoms of electro-stress that EMF exposure has on the body. You simply stick the smartDOT on the offending device and the smartDOT will do the rest.

The Energy dots smartDOT is a low powered Magnet programmed with a high vibration natural energy to harmonise or retune electromagnetic radiation from wi-fi devices. Each cell in our body acts like an antenna, an extremely sensitive receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic radiation; the body will ‘pick up’ and react to the fields it is exposed to. Retune these fields and enable the body to relax.

Do you use your mobile phone with reluctance? Are you uncomfortable or do you get tired working on your computer? There is scientific and public concern that our high exposure to electromagnetic radiation could have a detrimental effect on heatlh. It is possible that numerous reasons for tiredness, lack of concentration, headaches, dizziness, irritability and depression are being caused by EMF radiation exposure.

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smartDOT Features

  • Independently Tested, Researched, & Proven – Don’t trust just anyone to protect you and your family from EMF radiation. smartDOT has been independently and rigorously tested on thousands of people with incredible results. Try it and feel the difference!
  • Protects You From All “EMF Transmitting” Devices – Common ones include: smartphones, tablets, laptops, wi-fi routers, smart meters, televisions, baby monitors, and game consoles. Ideally one smartDOT should be placed on each individual device.
  • Easily Attaches To Every Device – A smartDOT does not need to be in a specific position and can be placed anywhere on a device to start protecting you immediately.
  • Helps Relieve Unwanted Symtpoms – Get headaches when using your phone or computer too long? Feel unexpected fatigue, anxiety or agitation? smartDOT is proven to harmonize the root of the problem and help relieve these unwanted effects from EMFs.
  • Made With The Highest Quality Materials – smartDOT’s revolutionary quantum technology is the gold standard in EMF protection. We take our role in helping protect you and your family very seriously and only source and use premium materials.
  • Attach It Once And Forget About It – smartDOT is so thin/lightweight, you’ll never know its there. It also uses the best adhesive on the market so you never have to worry about losing it.
  • Protects You Forever (customer favorite!) – That’s right – every smartDOT lasts indefinitely, so there is no need to ever replace or upgrade it.
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your smartDOT, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

How does it work?

Not everybody knows that wireless devices emit low level radiation, which may be damaging to our health. smartDOT is a magnetic disc, programmed with Phi energy which interacts with this form of radiation.  Acting as a filter, smartDOT retunes electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) directly at their source, so they are no longer harmful for the human body to absorb. The EMF protection device is programmed to harmonise EMFs from our much-loved gadgets using the process of entrainment.

Stick one onto any wireless device that you feel discomfort in using or you feel contributes to any experience of symptoms of electro-stress. For a mobile or cordless phone, the wafer-thin smartDOT can be inserted into the battery compartment if it will fit. Otherwise, peel off the protective backing paper and attach the DOT to your device (it does not interfere with the fit of a phone case).

The device does not have to go in a specific position on your equipment but ideally you would put one on each item. If you have a computer with a wireless keyboard and a monitor you will only need one smartDOT.

Here are some common side effects and conditions that result from Electromagnetic Field (EMF radiation):

  • Lack of concentration and confusion
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Brain fog
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Headache and Nausea
  • Sleeplessness

How do I use smartDOT?

smartDOT enables you to live life more safely, with the benefits of boosted energy, mood and concentration plus reduced headaches, anxiety, and fatigue. Use a smartDOT on any device you feel contributes to these symptoms of electro-stress. Attach your smartDOT using the adhesive backing, or slot it into a phone or tablet case. A smartDOT does not need to be in a specific position and can be placed anywhere on a device to function. Ideally one should be placed on each individual item, for example a Wi-Fi router and a laptop.

It’s recommended that you use smartDOT on devices used the most and emit the most EMF’s:

  • Smart phones
  • Tablets
  • WiFi Routers
  • WiFi Extenders
  • Smart Meters
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Laptops & Desktop Computers (Wifi connected)
  • Smart TV’s
  • Baby Monitors

Where can you use smartDOTs ?

SmartDOTs are recommended for any device that emits high levels of EMF radiation.

The biggest sources of household radiation are your mobile phones, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, baby monitors, tablets and game consoles.

Customers often report that smartDOT gives them increased energy, making it a popular item among athletes and students.

Did you know? Children absorb 10X as much radiation as adults – and there are even studies linking EMF exposure to autism, childhood leukemia, and other diseases.

This is why smartDOT has become extremely popular among parents whose children actively use phones, tablets, computers, or video games.

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Are smartDOTs available to the public?

Yes, smartDOTs are now publicly available.

We first heard about smartDOTs from an EMF researcher, so now we use them on all our devices. They were still new then, so we were able to get ours for a special discount.

If you use your phone on a daily basis, have children who use phones, tablets or video game systems regularly and are worried about radiation for you or your family, then we certainly recommend giving smartDOTs a try.

SmartDOT Review – Protect You & Your Family From EMF Radiation
SmartDOT Review – Protect You & Your Family From EMF Radiation
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