SmartDOT Review [2022]– Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation

SmartDOT Review

Do you know that the devices used by us daily such as wi-fi, smartphones, and laptops emit 100 million times higher electromagnetic radiation as compared to 50 years back? This is the reason behind the creation of SmartDOT, a device for providing protection again EMF radiation. This gadget twiddles the electromagnetic radiations to their source, and due to this, they become harmless for our body for absorbing. Let’s get started with in-depth SmartDOT Review.

SmartDOT Review

What is EMF?

As per WHO, the electromagnetic fields happen to be on the range of electromagnetic radiation, varying from X-rays to static rays. The WHO has declared that a majority of the population around the globe is often exposed to the EMFs. These exposure levels tend to rise per technological advances. Cellphone, for instance, is an EMF emitting device, which emits radio waves from the antenna.

How are people affected by EMFs?

The National Cancer Institute has stated that energy is transferable into the human body. However, substantial proof linking the non-ionizing radiation to the rise Cancer risk is still not available. The research in the relevant area is still in progress, and further evidence regarding the effect of EMFs on human health is expected to surface in the coming times.

Studies Backing SmartDOT Claims

The journal called stem cell research, 2015, often makes up as the reference in SmartDOT ads. This study focuses on the effects of EMFs on the bone marrow in humans. The author of this study states that the internal or endogenous electromagnetic frequencies tend to act on molecular levels and can be directed via harmonic resonance to track external or exogenous frequencies.

Simply put, as per the explanation offered in the SmartDOT ad, “The magnet under usage employs the scientific process known as ‘entrainment’ to soak the radiation released by your gadget. It is claimed that the SmartDOT neutralizes the electronic, magnetic frequency radiation from the device before letting it harm your body.”

The EnergyDOTS is often found claiming the product to be independently tested. The claimed tests include blood microscopy, GDV testing, and thermal imaging. The company further claims that the EMF’s hinder growth, and the SmartDOT has tested effective against the radiation’s effects.

Things to Look out for When Buying the EMF protection

Weight and size: less bulky units are recommended because they are to be fixed on the device. So, lesser weighing and smaller units should be picked to prevent the device from weighing heavier.

Operation mode: There are two general types of stickers: Metallic and magnetic. The choice is purely preferential and based on personal choice. One needs to ensure the sticker isn’t too large that it blocks useful EMFs too.

Adhesive: The adhesive on the sticker should be strong enough to keep it stuck with your device.

Color: You can pick from a range of color schemes to suit your preferences

Know more about SmartDOT

SmartDOT is a magnet programmed with low power and immense vibration natural vitality for retuning the electromagnetic frequencies coming from the devices used with wi-fi.

Every cell present in our body acts as an antenna, a very delicate receiver as well as the transmitter of electromagnetic radiation. Now the body will lift and respond to any of the fields to which it has been exposed. SmartDOT does the job of retuning these elements and relaxing the body.

SmartDOT Review

Are you using your cell phone in disinclination? Do you feel tired or uncomfortable while working on your computer? This is both public and scientific issue that due to immense exposure to electromagnetic frequencies might harm your health. There is a possibility that the exposure to electromagnetic radiations could have caused the possible reasons for many headaches, depression, tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration, and dizziness.

Features and specs 

  • Dimensions: 34*34*1 mm
  • Weight: 1 gm
  • Material: magnetic sheeting and acrylic vinyl 
  • Color: white and orange 
  • Waterproof 
  • Range: 1 meter

Features of SmartDOT

Tested, analyzed, and proven independently

Avoid trusting anyone for the protection of you and your loved ones from EMF radiation. SmartDOT is the device that has been tested closely and independently on many people with unbelievable results.  Try it once to feel the difference.

Safety from the devices that transmit EMF radiation

Standard devices that transmit EMF radiation include wi-fi routers, laptops, TVs, smart meters, baby monitors, smartphones, game consoles, and tablets. Ideally, one SmartDOT is for one device, and you are safe from EMF radiations.

Compatible with every device

There is no specific position required for placing the SmartDOT. It can be placed anywhere for getting the protection against harmful EMF radiations.

Features of SmartDOT

Helps in relieving of undesired symptoms

Do you get a headache when you use your phone or computer for extended hours? Do you also feel unanticipated anxiety, fatigue or agitation? SmartDOT is a proven gadget for harmonizing the root cause of issue and help in alleviating the undesired symptoms.

Attach it and forget it

SmartDOT is a lightweight and slim device that you will not feel its presence. The best adhesive has been on SmartDOT to end all your worries.

Made with top quality material

The vital element in the protection from EMF is an innovative quantum technology used by SmartDOT. The device has been made to provide complete safety against EMF radiation.

Forever safety

SmartDOT lasts for the indefinite period, so there is no need for replacing or upgrading it.

Benefits of SmartDOT

90-days money-back guarantee

By chance for any reason if you are not happy with SmartDOT, then returning it is also a hassle-free process.

Where to use the SmartDOT? 

If you want to rid yourself of unnecessary electro stress, this device is tailor-made to suit your needs. The sticker can be attached to the device of your choosing with the help of adhesive. The sticker prevents the electromagnetic frequencies from disturbing your rest cycle and hence saves you from unnecessary fatigue. The sticker is highly useful in children who spend most of their time using digital frequency emitting gadgets. It can help save them from unwanted electro stress. Each device needs just one unit to prevent the radiation from hurting you. The adhesive helps maintain the bond of the unit with the device.

Working of SmartDOT

Everyone is not aware of the fact that wireless devices emit low-level radiation. This smart magnetic disc comes programmed with Phi vitality which communicates with the specific form of radiation.

This smart disc acts as a filter that directly retunes EMF at their source and makes them harmless and easy for absorbing by our body. This gadget has been specially designed for harmonizing the EMFs from our daily used gadgets.

You can use this gadget to any device that you feel gives you any symptoms of electro-stress. In case of cordless phone or mobile, this water-thin magnetic disc can be easily placed in the battery compartment if it fits conveniently. Otherwise, you can attach the SmartDOT to your device after removing the backing paper.

Working of SmartDOT

There is no particular position of the DOT os required for any device, but you must use one for each device. You will require one SmartDOT if you have a monitor and a wireless keyboard.

How to use SmartDOT?

With this gadget, you can live your life in a safeguard along with benefits like a boost in energy, more concentration, good mood, reduction in anxiety, fatigue, and headaches. You can use it on any device that you feel is contributing to the symptoms of electro-stress.

Either you can place it your tablet or phone case, or you can attach it by using its adhesive backing. There is no particular position required for using SmartDot, but it just one for every device. You can use SmartDOT on the following device:

  • Laptop or computer
  • Tablet- wi-fi router
  • Mobile or cordless phone
  • Baby monitor
  • Games console
  • In your car
  • Hairdryer

Benefits of SmartDot

There is a long list when it comes to benefits provided by the SmartDOT sticker.

  • Independent and reliable tests: The SmartDOT is independently tested and approved by hundreds and thousands of individuals. 
  • EMF protection: SmartDOT is a reliable unit when it comes to protection from electromagnetic radiation. All you need to do is stick the sticker unit on your device and enjoy the electro stress-free usage. 
  • Electro-stress safety: SmartDOT is highly efficient in absorbing harmful radiations emitted by your gadgets. It reduces the symptoms of electro stress and saves you from fatigue and unnecessary stress. 
  • Compatibility: The SmartDOT sticker is compatible with all types of devices with maximum effect on the display. It doesn’t hinder the performance of the gadget you are using. 

Alternatives to SmartDOT 

While many consider SmartDOT the best gadget in the concerned field, there are several alternatives you can choose from if you find the SmartDOT violating your preferences. 

360 round EMF protection from Tesla Technology 

This gadget by Tesla Technology is the closest alternative for the SmartDOT as far as feature comparison is considered. Both these are heavily alike and manage the electro-stress in the same manner by using the entrainment process. The Tesla company offers a money return policy if the customer is not satisfied with the product. You can easily check if the product suits your preferences. However, the downside of this product is that the customer reviews comprise many complaints regarding the gadget’s pricing and effectiveness. Some have even claimed it to be Ineffective at times, with independent testing backing up their claims. 

Goodlee EMF protection Cell phone Anti Radiation Protector anti-radiation sticker 

This gadget is very inexpensive in comparison to the SmartDOT sticker. It employs negative ions and pits them against the positive ones to reduce EMF exposure. However, there isn’t much scientific evidence supporting the processes included in the functioning of this gadget. The reviews are also mixed and filled with complaints. But, in the given price range, this is the best option for you. 

GOGOSodu EM radiation Neutralizer 

Just like SmartDOT, this device is a tiny adhesive sticker that is claimed to block the electro radiation entirely. It is reportedly very effective when it comes to the reduction of electro stress and fatigue-related problems. However, the product doesn’t seem to be equally effective across all cases. Over time, the complaints of minimum or no effect on radiation have surfaced after individual testing by people. Besides, the product has run out of stock at Amazon, which further adds to the customer’s inconvenience. 

Neutralizer Sticker shield 

Similar functions and price tag make this sticker a good alternative for the SmartDOT. It employs the same EMF absorbing techniques to save you from electromagnetic radiation. The manufacturers offer a money-back policy in case of inadequate satisfaction added to a lifelong warranty.

Mobile/Smartphone: this should easily be the most popular and common device amongst SmartDOT customers. Smartphones emit an unmatched level of radiations because of continuous usage.

Laptop, PC, or Tablet: the computers and tablets are brought into use as frequently as any other digital gadget. The number of radiations they emit may harm the user. Therefore, SmartDOT can prove useful to users of such devices.

Wi-Fi router: The Wi-Fi router is a huge source of the EMF radiations. Using a sticker to contain the radiations may be useful.

Game consoles and Television: Televisions emit radiations in large amounts and can affect multiple persons simultaneously. You can easily save your family from these EMFs by employing the SmartDOT sticker. Also, video gaming consoles may harm your kids while they are playing. SmartDOT can prove useful in such cases too.

Pricing of SmartDot

The SmartDOT stickers are available on the official website of the product as well as on amazon. However, the product is not available offline in the local stores. You can easily get the product online and pay securely through PayPal, debit/credit card, or Shopify secure.

The offers available on the SmartDOT units are as mentioned below:

  • Buy one unit for $19.99 plus handling and shipping charges.
  • Buy two @ $39.98 and get one free, plus added handling and shipping costs.
  • Buy three get two free @ $59.97, which means $11.99 per unit. You can easily save $39.98. The best thing about this best value offer is that there are no added shipping charges across the USA.

You can choose the best offer as per your preferences and budget.

Money Return and refund guarantee policy

There is a 90-day money return guarantee in effect on behalf of the company. Inadequate satisfaction may trigger the customer to return the product and avail of the promised refund policy within 90 days of purchase. The money will be returned to your account within 58 hours of the claim.

However, after the mentioned 90 day period, claims can be considered null and void, and the company can’t be held responsible for the dissatisfaction. However, according to the manufacturers’ policy, you will receive an immediate half refund if the claim is made after the 90 days. You need to present the bill and payment receipt along with the product to avail of the refund.


  • Ease of usage 
  • Safe
  • Money return policy 
  • All device compatibility 


  • No scientific evidence backing the effectiveness

Conclusion- SmartDOT Review [2021]

SmartDOT is a magnet programmed with low power and immense vibration natural vitality for retuning the electromagnetic frequencies coming from the devices used with wi-fi.

This device is made to protect you and yourself from the exposure of radiation that is surrounding you everywhere. Hopefully, this SmartDOT Review will help you in giving all the relative detail of this product. So get yourself SmartDOT and protect yourself from harmful radiation.

In an era full of technological dependency, the EMFs surely have their say in your health status. SmartDOT is an effort to provide you stress and harm-free gadget usage as it saves you from the harmful effects of the radiations emitted by your gadgets and devices. It absorbs the radiations and electronic frequencies emitted by electronic devices such as televisions, laptops, smartphones, etc.

It is a valuable asset that saves you from unnecessary electro-stress and minimizes fatigue in your body. Though there is no proper source that can back up the scientific processes claimed to be involved in this gadget’s functioning, this product’s effectiveness is widely evident from the satisfied customer reviews.

The inexpensive nature combined with the wide array of features it provides is the perfect blend for such a tool. It suits your budget perfectly, and in case you think otherwise, there are many alternatives to the product as well, which are mentioned in the context above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much the protection of SmartDOT last long?

The SmartDOT works indefinite period, or you can say for the lifetime. The replacement of the gadget is required only in case if it is damaged.

Is it possible to take off the SmartDOT from one device to place on another?

If necessary, this can be done. However, the adhesive is powerful, so it could be a difficult task to take off SmartDOT and place on another.

How to reach the customer service team?

The customer service team can be reached at the email address [email protected]

Does the SmartDOT work?

Yes, the SmartDOT works with the promised effect and saves you from your gadgets’ harmful radiations.

Is the SmartDOT safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to use the SmartDOT stickers as they don’t use any dangerous electronic equipment.

Upon which devices can we use SmartDOT?

The SmartDOT is compatible with every digital and electronic device which may emit harmful electronic radiations.

SmartDOT Review [2022]– Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation
SmartDOT Review [2022]– Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation
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