SeedSheet Review – Finally! Herb Gardening Kit You Need

Seed Sheet

Who doesn’t love gardening?  Gardening gives peace and is a great hobby to inculcate.  It gives us immense pleasure especially if we are going through any depression or stress. It is the best stress buster.

SeedSheet Review

Gardening may sound soothing but can be quite discouraging especially in the initial stages of your venture into gardening.  To make your gardening simpler and easier, here we have SeedSheet. SeedSheet comes as a sheet that has seeds that are curated.  It can be easily used and planted. Every single SeedSheet includes non – GMO and organic seeds packed with a dissolvable and biodegradable pouch, thereby facilitating easy growth and sprouting.

What is SeedSheet?

SeedSheet is a garden of the herb in pouches, that are dissolvable easily. These herb pouches consist of non- GMO and organic seeds. These seeds can conveniently be planted in the container or in the garden. Produce that worth $92 can be generated in each SeedSheet. It might look complicated, especially if you are just a beginner in the cultivation area.  But the experience that you get from this might surprise you.  Place the SeedSheet in a soiled pot, and send a text message to the SeedSheet team. Add water to the seed after getting the alert form SeedSheet. Each SeedSheet has 6 herbs in it:  cilantro, parsley, dill, basil, sorrel, and onion greens. You don’t have to worry about the weeds too.

Seed Sheet

SeedSheet Contents :


GYO (Grow Your Own) Herbs is a gardening kit that has six herbs in it.  They are mostly used in concocted recipes. The herbs which are included are cilantro, onion greens, basil, dill parsley, and sorrel. These herbs give fragrance and add spice to many meals that are home-cooked.


Caprese has a combination of Sweet basil and Glacier Tomatoes.  Italian dishes that are wide-ranging use this combination.


The kit of GYO includes eight commonly used ingredients in salads- French Breakfast, Radish, tatsoi, Golden Frills, Beet Greens, pea shoots, Red Russian Kale, and arugula.


The GYO Tacos include six different taco toppings- Purple Plum Radish, White Icicle Radish, Valentine’s Day Radish, scallions, arugula, and cilantro.

The Hot Sauce

SeedSheet of GYO Hot Sauce has four different mixed ingredients to help in preparing Hot Sauces- the Napoli Carrot, the Ring-O-Fore Cayenne Pepper, Purple Bunching Onions, and the Dragon Red Carrot.


GYO Cocktails include distinct eight ingredients, which help in creating various cocktails – Cutting Celery, Purple Basil, Thai Basil, Pea Shoots, the Bronze Fennel Greens, aromatic herbs like borage and tulsi.

SeedSheet -Whom Does it Suit the Most?

Anyone can use SeedSheet easily. You can use the SeedSheet anywhere: big city, an apartment, or it could be your own house. Even school going student can produce a few homegrown ingredients which can be added to the food. This shows SeedSheet is very easy to use. Even kids can use it in a simple way.

seed sheet

Usage of SeedSheet

Planting the SeedSheet

Planting the SeedSheet is easy by just placing it in a soiled pot, making it to face the soil. Until SeedSheet becomes completely fat, it has to be flattened well using the hands.

Inserting the Stakes

Every package has three green stakes. These stakes should be inserted through the sheet’s slits which are found on the sheet’s edge.

Dissolution of the Pouch

You need to water the pouch for ten seconds. It takes 30 seconds for the pouch to dissolve. So, you need to wait after watering. until the pouch is completely dissolved, the process should be repeated.

Show the Sunlight

The pot should get enough sunlight. It should be placed in such a way that it gets good sunlight. the information packet is included in each SeedSheet, which has the instruction regarding the SeedSheet harvesting.

Money Savings

These SeedSheets helps in long run money savings, as the generated produce exceeds the seeds cost. Within 40 days, the harvest will be experienced from you. Hundred dollars’ worth produce can be grown out of a single SeedSheet.

Saving Time

Individual seeds can also be bought, however, the total process of the availability of the soil that is nutrient-rich, the pot containers of 12” etc. becomes a problem. Buying from SeedSheet saves plenty of time and effort, as the fabric container which is included in the kit along with the soil that is nutrient-rich can be expandable. The process of assembling the container is very simple.


Weeding is not Necessary

Weeding is blocked out and prevented from growing because of the presence of the fabric in a SeedSheet. Fabric with Non-woven polypropylene helps in dripping water and prevents the formation of mold. You can make use of this fabric by recycling it after the plant’s growing cycle. Hence you can make the product waste-free.


Curated plants and SeedSheets of fixed sizes are available in the market. However, you will be offered an option of customization from the company. If you need a garden that is large, as per your requirement customization of the SeedSheet takes place.

Zero Pesticides

When you use SeedSheet, making use of any herbicides or pesticides is not needed. Usage of companion planting helps to attract the needed pollination.


Long Time

To get the first harvest from SeedSheet, you might need to wait nearly 40 days.

Little tough for Indoor Growth

Few seeds like salads, tacos, or herbs are indoor growing plants. Almost sunlight of 8 hours is enough for them. However, few other seeds might need LED lights which help for the growth.

Purchasing SeedSheet

SeedSheet can be purchased from the official website. The manufacturer guarantees a 30-day money-back offer.

Final Words

If you dream of having your own herbs garden, SeedSheet is worth investing in. Products are fresh and safe. It saves you money and time. this is considered a good gift for the one who is health-conscious and for those who like to save their money just by cooking delicious homemade healthy meals.

SeedSheet Review – Finally! Herb Gardening Kit You Need
SeedSheet Review – Finally! Herb Gardening Kit You Need
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