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Safe Grab Reviews

Cooking was my passion until I began having issues with my hold. To top it all, the innumerable variety of burns, turned out to be the culprit that alleviated my nervousness about cooking,  the thought of dipping a potful of boiling soup, and my mixing bowls made of glass, turned out to be a nightmare that almost stopped me from going to the kitchen. It was then that I was introduced to safe grabs, the perfect tool that allowed me to continue undertaking what I enjoy, carefully.

Why Consider Safe Grabs?

Has it ever happened to you, that you burnt yourself at the coffee cup handle while trying to pull it out after reheating? It happened to me. To avoid me from getting burnt, I used to take the help of pot holders to take the mug and that proved to be a blunder!

It was a strain to grab the grip of the mug with the potholder that is made of cloth, as it slithered midway through the counter. It was a messy sight to see- coffee all over my kitchen, the cracked mug, second-degree burn, and I was expecting a hot mug of coffee.

It was common to experience these instances in my case is not just the kitchen, but throughout the house. It is an added advantage to be resistant to heat resistant and has a strong grip on things especially when one is busy working around burning surfaces or slimy and brittle objects.

What Makes It Dissimilar from Ordinary Pot Holders?

Vintage pot handlers and trivets are available in a variety of shades and pretty designs, however, they have a tendency to burn or develop tinny spots on its surface.  Safe Grabs on the other hand, possess a compact and solid built, as they have immunity against appearing tinny spots that may potentially lead to unexpected burns or sear marks on the surface of your table. But, they are only available in dual solid colors with a heat resistant of up to a maximum of 475° Fahrenheit.

These are ideal for regular kitchen use, safeguarding your counter that comes due to the damage through the heat of majority hair styling appliances, and even placing a heated glue gun on top of it causes no harm.

But, you may require something with a greater heat resistance when you are up searching for something that safeguards yourself, your hands in particular, or even the work area for activities like involving yourself in pottery or blowing glass.

They are multi-functional, in that it is flexible, resistant to heat, and has a unique design.  They are manufactured out of BPA free,  a silicone material that is food graded with holding ridges, that makes them an ideal splatter guards too. They are also dishwasher safe and hence make cleaning up swift and steady too.

The unique design – that encompasses the ridges and rising edges makes it a key upgrade over the traditional rubber jar holds, as they hold stronger and are comfortable to lift it up or carry.

Main Features of Safe Grabs

Safe Grabs are made of a property that is free of BPA, and a food-grade material made of silicone. Therefore they are used to safeguard you from coming in close proximity with both shallow and extreme temperatures.

A boiling hot casserole can be removed out from the oven with them. In times where your hands are in continuous interaction with chilled and frozen foods, and while nibbling at the lower end of the freezer, they can insulate you.

Their heat resistance is up to a maximum of 475° Fahrenheit, also they are non-toxic around a variety of temperatures. They are available in two sets: one is of a diameter of 10 inches and the other of 12 inches.

Suppose you use to heat up a dish of delicious broth for supper – Keep the bowl above the one with twelve inches and make use of the ten-inch safe grab as a protector against splatter. As the soup is getting fine and warmer, the bigger one is all awaiting and ready, to make use of it to take the dish out thereby eliminating the risk of blistering your hands.

The smaller piece, functioning as splatter protector keeps the microwave clean, and hence, tidy space. Put them along with other dishes into your dishwasher, as it is since they are dishwasher safe.

The Mystery is in its Ridges

The edges on one corner are the unique feature of these safe grabs. They serve a dual purpose. At the outset, heat is proportionately distributed.

What is the significance?  Remember of the period you used to use a regular pot holder and that was turning shabby. As time passed, due to wear and tear, the component that was insulated in them moves, and this shows up in areas where they fail to protect against extreme heat. It is dangerous to use a damaged pot holder as it can cause blisters.

Every safe grab that is manufactured is from a food graded silicone, hence, there is little central coat that can cluster and move. This feature itself makes them perfect for usage as a heat shield, but the edges enhance additional layers.

Discount the component, the heat gradually shifts. The ridges proportionately distribute this heat, eliminating hot areas that could cause burns to you or destroy your boards or counters.

Keep in mind, they are likewise food safe. Just think, if you kept one above a bowl of burning food what would happen?

Insulation minimizes the heat transmission from something burning to something chiller. Hence, the very feature that prevents your food from going cold is the same that keeps your hand from being scorched.

On a hot day, they prove useful in helping your ice cream keep from melting quickly.

Additionally, the ridges act as a stronghold.

The grip silicone possesses, makes it perfect for holding on things as it transforms into the molded form of the material it’s gripping. Several, supple rims created of the exact material amplify this quality. If anything slides off from one of the rims, there is a second one as a substitute one to hold it.

Among the utensils, the dishes made of glass or material of ceramic, or casserole dishes are very unsteady. Safe Grabs do not just safeguard you against accidental blisters when removing your favorite mac & cheese from the kiln, but simultaneously helps you have a steady grip on it as you reach your table.

It then will act as support, shielding the table from destruction due to heat as the mac & cheese is attended too!

The rims side may intensify your hold. I like this idea as it makes me more knowledgeable and avoids me seeking support too frequently. I can lift crockeries and dishes safely with assurance, now, I can screw the caps of every other aggressive jar with its use.

Elevated Borders Make Them Easy To Pick Them

In my childhood, I used to watch my grandmother unscrew jars with rubber holds. It would upset her as she tried to pull them out from the cupboard as they were delicate, flat, and tough to be able to pull it away from the lower end of the cupboard. With their rising edges construct, Safe grabs resolved this issue.

The rims of every safe grab are elevated. Hence, it is easier to lift it away from the surface because of this design. Coupled with a non-slip property and holding rims, this makes perfect placemats.

When used as a placemat, they keep crockeries firm and avoids moving around and holds any leaks or drips which is very useful for me when I have young guests.

Cleaning up is simple and is only a matter of washing the safe grab or dumping it into the dishwasher.

Resistance in Temperature Makes Them Multipurpose

The manufactured material which is of a BPA free with a silicone material of food grade is secure for a maximum of  475° Fahrenheit. So, having it inside the microwave along with the food should not cause a worry whether it will thaw or draw chemicals into the food.

How comfortable will it be to lift a boiling bowl when the cushion is already below the dish and prepared to go?

Since they are of food-grade quality and are intended to be resistant to slip, they make perfect splatter protection too.

Why Should you buy Safe Grabs?

  • Commendations

This product is recommended by Lori Greiner from Shark Tank.

  • Fulfills multiple Functions

Through the use of  Safe Grabs, not only that you obtain a food lid, placemat, holder for pots, a funnel, acts as a rest for utensils, a support stand, but also splatter protection, a jar tin opener, and many more. These individual seats are multi-functional and can perform so many functions in the kitchen.

  • Three Different Colors

Safe grabs come with a variety color option- one set with bright pink, a set of a bright shade of yellow, or a set with a shade of dark blue shade. Of course, you may be without luck, only if those intended colors run out.

  • Easy Clean

The coated non-stick quality of this product makes it easier to wash.

Also, you can simply thrust it inside the dishwasher which will help to ward off any gluey bits.

  • Easy storage

It can be stored right within your microwave such that when it’s time for you to rewarm a container full of spaghetti salsa or broth, you can easily cover it effortlessly.

  • Refrigerator Safe

It can be placed above any jars, dishes, or crockeries and then helps the food remain fresh right within your refrigerator. Warm it up, and then, as it sobers down it is finished, keep safe grabs above it.

  •  Opens Jars Better

To clutch open any dimension of jars and avoid the hassle of stressing yourself to get the jars open and take it out effortlessly you can safely use safe grabs. Hitting the rim of your jar on to the countertop or struggling and wasting time to open, will be the thing of the past.

  •  Bpa Free

Since the silicone is of a food-grade quality there are zero health issues. And the fact that it is free from BPA, worrying about toxins is no more necessary.

  • Use it where ever needed

This unique construct is well suitable to be handled almost anywhere that includes an office kitchen or an RV. One set can be kept at home, one for the kids for their dormitory. When you are out camping, carry one set along with you which helps you minimize purchasing a lot of pricey travel / outdoor or camping sized things.

How much does Safe Grabs cost?

Safe Grabs is great as a non-skid placemat and jar opener too. Safe Grabs are available in 2 sizes (10″ and 12″). You can order the Safe Grabs individually or as a 2 pack combo with both the 12-inch & 10-inch sizes and are available in 4 colors. You can select either: True Red, Orange, Ocean Blue, and Purple.

Safe Grabs is a great product for anyone who is tired of burning themselves while cooking in the kitchen. This is a must-have for any kitchen!

Conclusion :

Thus, we totally recommend the product and this is perfect to gift to your loved ones too! Safe Grabs are the best quality mats made of silicone that can be used in many places like placemats, pot grabbers, food covers,  splatter guards, jar openers, trivets, and others.

Safe Grabs Review – Best Pot Holding Silicone Mat
Safe Grabs Review – Best Pot Holding Silicone Mat
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