Protector Pitch Review 2022: A Self-Defense Personal Security Alarm

Protector Pitch Review

The Protector Pitch is the Keyholder with an inbuilt Alarm system for your own security. Protector pitch offers a self-defense system by creating loud sounds, which can be easily carried. It comes with a batteries with long life that assures timely and maximum security.

Here is the complete Protector Pitch Review for optimally knowing the working of personal alarm with prompted security requirements.

Protector Pitch Review

The New Trend for Self Defense- In-depth Protector Pitch Review

If you are scared of walking at night on streets or feel unsafe at public transportation, Protector Pitch is an exceptional gadget for you. Irrespective of the situation, this safety gadget helps give a shield to anyone and get assistance just by calling when at risk.

What is Protector Pitch?

Protector Pitch is a Personal Alarm that has been made to ensure everyone’s safety. When it is tough to fight, then small protection such as protector pitch can also save your life. This protector pitch does this job smartly and innovatively, and it is not easy to detect.

How to Use Protector Pitch Alarms?

This device can easily be hung on your vehicle’s keychain, and it produces the sound up to 300 yards. You can instantly use it after creating nearly 40 minutes of continuous music when you need it. It is not only helpful for your security but also for your ears as it will not harm your ears when the alarm is sounding, and the trap is pulled.

The usage of Protector pitch is legal in all the states of the US for individual safety. It alarms those who are in proximity of sufferers in case of a situation of danger.

Protector Pitch

Benefits of Using Personal Alarms?

Personal alarms come in various varieties and shapes, and they all serve the same purpose. They make sufficient noise to seek others’ attention so that they can save you and failed the mission of the attackers. Here are some of the essential uses of having a personal alarm in your daily life:

  • Keeping you safe while jogging and while walking at night.
  • Ensuring your safety while hunting as these are waterproof.
  • As these alarms are silent, so they safeguard you in emergencies without alerting the assassin.
  • To provide complete safety & security as they go unnoticed and easy to carry.
Benefits of Protection Pitch

Features of Protector Pitch

  • Instant self-defense with Allergic decimated audio
  • Very much portable in nature and can be hung with crucial holder
  • Press a single button to activate the alarm.
  • Build with durable and unbreakable material
  • Comes with batteries having a long life and no replacement required for an extended time.
Best Features of Protection Pitch

What makes Protector Pitch Alarm Different from Others?

The protector pitch personal alarm can be bought as a single piece or in a bunch of 2 or 3. Those who choose to have a bunch of three can maintain one for them and gift two to their friends and relatives. This alarm helps keep the attackers away and give you sufficient time for running or help to come.

This personal alarm is all set for use when you first take it out of the box with standard LR44x3 prepared to use batteries, and these batteries are easily replaceable. This alarm comes covered with ABS plastic that saves it from breaking and any harm. The alarm comes in many colors, such as white, pink, and light blue.

It looks good on any key chain that means after looking at it, the attackers don’t get alert. It looks like a decorative and regular keychain item. Another exciting benefit is that it comes with long battery life and doesn’t consume much battery.

The batteries come with extended time also. So if you have a single piece, you don’t have to worry about batteries’ consumption. When you need it, this alarm is ready to safeguard you.

Protector Pitch is Best Suited for Whom?

This personal alarm is best suited for the late nightwalkers. Personal alarms are becoming an essential segment at retail in self-defense since the biggest enemy of any attacker is attention.  These alarms are a very effective self-defense method, and carrying them in all 50 states, even in schools or airplanes, is legal.

These are easy to use and need no specialized training or skill to operate and can also be used easily irrespective of age and physical ability. The use of these personal security alarms is also recommended by Police Officers, Campus Safety, and Security Consultants.

Protector Pitch Review

Often the victims are not capable of shouting for help in dangerous or unfamiliar situations. Here comes personal alarm into action that helps the victims raise their voice for support and switch the surprise element from the attacker to the victim.

This alarm is beneficial in scaring the attackers as they don’t like any attention, and chances of them running away increases when they realized that alarm is not stopping.

Pros and Cons of Protector Pitch


  • Good for Self-Defense
  • With loud noise people can come to your help immediately
  • It is battery- operated alarm system that means it will work even if there is no electricity.
  • It comes with a keychain so it is very to easy to carry and you can carry it with you everywhere.


  • It can be misplaced or stolen easily as it is a small device.
  • Its plastic material is not strong enough.

Conclusion- Protector Pitch Review 2021

These days everyone is concerned about the safety of theirs and their loved ones. At the time of any unwanted and dangerous situation, usually, the victim gets less time to raise voice for seeking help.

Having personal alarm y their side, they get enough time either for running away or getting help. You have to pull the alarm to get it active, and it looks so regular that no one can detect it easily.

With this personal alarm, there is no need to worry about safety, and it will not ditch you at the time of use as it comes with a long battery lie. When you need it, it will always be your side to provide you safety and security. Order your Protection Pitch Alarm today.

Protector Pitch
Q-1 Till how much time alarm can continue to sound?

Till you put back into the key chain, your alarm will continue to sound or till the time it has a battery.

Q-2 What kind of batteries is required in my alarm?

Personal alarm with keychain & LED and personal alarm with Key Ring both need standard LR44x3 batteries. The batteries come with an alarm and are ready to use.

Q-3 When are batteries to be replaced?

The batteries come with exceptionally long life, you need not to replace them until the extended time.

Q-4 How to Turn on or off the Protector Pitch?

To activate the device press the button in front of the alarm which will help in creating sound to scare attackers. To turn off the device press the button at the back of the device.

Protector Pitch Review 2022: A Self-Defense Personal Security Alarm
Protector Pitch Review 2022: A Self-Defense Personal Security Alarm
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