ProntoPaw Review [2022]- Best Cleaning Device for Pets

Pronto Paw Review

ProntoPaw Review: It is important to keep the dog clean so that they could have good health and be safe so that they also do not affect the other members of the family. They have fun when they roll around in mud or play in the garden at all times.

To clean with the expensive soaps or shampoos consume a lot of time and are very costly. The best gadget for a dog that could clean them is Pronto Paw. It is a device that can clean the dog and it is also available at an affordable price.

Let’s get deep to the ProntoPaw Review to know more of the device.

What is ProntoPaw?

Pronto Paw is a device that is easy to use, which stops the dog from taking dirt or mud into the home. It washes the foot of a dog with ease, as it effectively cleans all the mud and dirt from paws. It does not cause any discomfort to the dog.

It is the perfect device to keep your house clean of all the dirt and mud that dog brings with it. Stay free with Pronto Paw and let your dog play in the garden or mud freely.

ProntoPaw Review

Why Pronto Paw is Better Cleaning method for Dogs or pets?

Following mentioned are the reason why we are suggesting ProntoPaw as the best method to keep your pet safe and healthy-

  • Material made of high quality – This washing cup for the foot is made with the gentle silicone bristles that could help in removing the dirt and mud from the dog’s paw. The pronto paw does not irritate the dog’s paws as it does not lead any contaminants in the environment.
  • Gently clean paws – The bristles are made up of silicone, which is there on the bottle that helps to loosen the dirt and mud from the dog’s paws. This way, it will keep the mess away from the home or car.
  • Durability – The components could be made apart within a few seconds, and the brush pad, which has a soft-bristle, is made from the durable, non-staining, and non-stick high quality of silicone. Even the washer cup is made from high-grade plastic, strong, durable, and easy to clean. 
  • Clean and easy to use – One can add the little water in the cup and then add the dirty muddy paw into it. Then move the cup up and down or keep rotating to get the best results. Then pat and wipe the paw dry and then do it with another paw. It keeps the mat clean. 
  • Silicone Cups are reusable
  • Universal which mean fits all paw sizes.
Advantages of Pronto Paw


  • It is made up of soft silicone, which can rotate 360 and can do the deep cleaning.
  • There are two sizes, known as Petite and Large.
  • It is available in three colors i.e., red, green, and blue.

How could the Pronto Paw be used?

  • One can add the little water in the cup of Pronto Paw, and there is no need for adding any detergents or soap.
  • Then put the pet paw into the cup of Pronto Paw. The cup contains the water that will help loosen the stubborn dirt or mud.
  • After this, rotate it simply, and put the paw into a cup of Pronto Paw. The water which is there in the cup should help in losing any of the stubborn dirt or mud.
  • Now the paws of the dog are clean and ready to get into the house. One simply needs to rinse the Pronto Paw cup with the water, and it is ready for use again.
Pronto Paw Review

Advantages of Using Pronto Paw

  • Device is safe for pets as it is BPA free
  • Pronto Paw is a portable device you can carry it with you anywhere you want.
  • It is a lightweight device, hence has no trouble while carrying it.
  • It saves your time and money of taking your dog to a groomer frequently.
  • Moreover, the device is very much affordable and durable

Disadvantages of Using Pronto Paw

The only disadvantage of using Pronto Paw is that it is only available online. No physical store has stock of the product.

Conclusion –Pronto Paw Review [2021]- Is It Legit?

Pronto Paw helps in cleaning the paws of the dog and protect the home from getting dirt or mud. It does not harm the dog and could be used by any dog breed with any size easily. It is very easy to clean the paw with it, and any of the pet-friendly soap could be used for washing the feet. There is no need to buy any special soap or material for it. 

It is very important in maintaining the proper hygiene of your dog as it will not only keep your dog safe and healthy but also keeps your loved ones in the family healthy.

A dog can bring all the bacterial infection along with the mud but with Pronto Paw you can now clean the dog easily and keep the bacterial infection at bay. Keep yourself and your dog away from Bacterial infections and Buy ProntoPaw today.

Frequently asked questions

Which breed of dog should use the ProntoPaw?

All the breeds of dogs could use the Pronto Paw as it is available in all sizes.

Does there any lid for the Pronto Paw which could hold water and ready to use instantly?

There is no lid on the Pronto Paw. Just anyone could use any of the water sources when one reaches or with the own water bottle.

Can the soap water be added to the Pronto Paw?

Yes, any of the soap which is pet friendly, could be used.

Is ProntoPaw is safe for the dogs?

Pronto Paw is completely safe for pets. It is free from BPA and made from the high-grade silicone for the portability and durability.

ProntoPaw Review [2022]- Best Cleaning Device for Pets
ProntoPaw Review [2022]- Best Cleaning Device for Pets
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