The Only Product Saving you from Parlour Visits During COVID-19 – CreaClip

The Only Product Saving you from Parlour Visits During COVID-19 – CreaClip


Haircuts speak a lot about a person’s personality. If you are disinterested and feeling bored, the way to rid yourself of boredom is a visit to the salon. Look at the different hairstyles and change the look. A layered hairstyle, or the short hairstyle, or the modern shag, all these styles cost a booming $80 to $100 at a local salon.

The difficult times are here, and the services of a salon are tempting but are cautious or may catch the infection. Rid yourself of the fears and invest in a tool that will ease all grooming hitches of the family. The product CreaClip is well-designed. 

The product here is to style your hair in different fashions. The whole family can receive haircuts in a few minutes. A visit to the salon is once in a month. Don’t dread the time consumed but enjoy the tool cutting your hair and saving all the salon expenditure. 

The extra dollars saved can be utilized to buy the favorite tool you were craving for your favorite pastime. The product is easily used and guarantees haircuts with no major accidents. Mai Lieu a best-selling author, having twenty years of experience in the salon industry and been bestowed accolades in international hairdressing.

Mai Lieu is aware of the woman’s expenses rising daily and understands the pain and sacrifice to give up salon services. The tool has appeared like a providential boon in times of difficulty. 

Features of CreaClip

1. The tool is beneficial and kept conveniently at home. Various hairstyles can experiment in the comfort of the house. There are no worries about appointments or rushing to the salon to be on time. Enjoy the great hairstyles in your bedroom in no time.

2. Twin Clips– Two clips are available for different styles. The layered effect or the bangs preferred. The blades are appropriate for any length of hair. Children, men, and women can enjoy trims or styling of the hair before a party or social function.

3. Professional hairstyling– the haircut enjoyed is like the ones experienced in high-end salons. The difference is hardly noticeable but eye-catching.  The haircuts feel like you visited the favorite salon in town and received the smartest hairstyle.

4. Multi-functional tool-Stylishly designs the hair in layers or bangs in minutes. The style preferred will be achieved in record time and is so economical.

5. Great for all hair types– Long-haired or short-haired. All receive satisfactory styling or a hair trim quickly. Two clips provided for people with short hair and the longer one for styling hair in length. Trim the split-ends or style the hair minutes before a party feels proud of the hairstyling done personally save dollars for a plane ticket to your favorite resort.

6. Save money and time– Time spent on commuting to the best salon in town is unnecessary and several dollars deposited in the savings account.

7. Available video tutorials– A large number of videos are available online to guide you in styling the hair for the first time and gradually with practice turn into a professional and style the hair in various styles.

8. Perfect Trims– Ensures perfect trims that one can be proud of and flaunt the hairstyling skill in a short span.

Great with kids– Youngsters and kids who move a lot during haircuts are safe. No accidents can occur as the clips are placed safely and trimmed easily. No cuts and scratches are guaranteed with the purchase of the product. CreaClip ensures safety while cutting the hair of smaller children.

Benefits of owning CreaClip

  1. Precise– The difficulty faced in cutting hair is the appropriate length. The clips assure the correct levels once clamped in the hair and perfect length is trimmed away in record time. The Clips have a rotatory level and amateurs can turn professional quickly.
  2.  Even–  the Clips on opening have teeth that allow hair to be combed and evened out for a perfect cut. The hair is distributed evenly and trimmed at the right level producing mind-blowing effects.
  3. Easy sectioning– The sectioning of hair is done comfortably just like professional hairdressers do. The long Clip allows sectioning of the hair evenly. You delight in a beautiful haircut.
  4. Convenient– No hassles of appointments, cancellations, or the hours in commuting to town to reach the salon. Crowded salons and several hours wasted. CreaClip has reduced some expenses and allows the effects of a salon at home. Comfortably enjoy a lovely trim or styling within the four walls of your home.
  5. Saves money– Save time and money. Save $1000 in a year spent on salon services. Purchase CreaClip and enjoy a getaway holiday to your favorite spot or buy anything you desired but was unable too because of additional expenses.  

Reason to Buy

1. It is an ideal tool to save several trips to the salon and save on gas money and save time.

2. The online order on the manufacturer’s website will bring you special discounts, a warranty, and additional benefits. Avoid purchasing the product from fake or unauthorized websites. The product is in great demand and 200,000 CreaClips have been sold proving its utility in homes.

3. A small clip is available with the set. It is a classic tool for cutting men’s’ hair too. 

4. The secured lock is beneficial in succeeding in a good haircut for novices in this line. Ensures a superb haircut and feel proud of the new skills learned.

5. The videos are multilingual and gives detailed explanations of hairstyling and cutting.

6. The clip is flexible and simple to put into use. The Clip adjusts easily to the thickness of the hair and varies for different hair textures. 


The CreaClip is unique and dynamic in use. It deserves kudos for all the reasons it has been produced by the maker Mai Lieu. The product has lasting value and is used by salons too. It saves money and time and lets you enjoy hairstyling freely. No complaints of the product have been recorded till time thus making it a necessary purchase. 


Is CreaClip safe to use?

Yes, it is safe that children also will get adept at handling the product in no time.

Can it be used on all hair types?

The CreaClip is perfect for all hair textures. The clip is flexible and fits any type of hair including men women and children.

Is it good for layering of the hair?

Ideal product for layering and practice makes perfect when the product is safely at home.

The Only Product Saving you from Parlour Visits During COVID-19 – CreaClip
The Only Product Saving you from Parlour Visits During COVID-19 – CreaClip
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