PrintX Pro Review 2021 – Portable Thermal Printer

Do yo have some digital memories which you want to print? Get the PrintX Pro and read our review on this product. How does it work, price and features.

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Let’s read about this amazing gadget and how it can help you.

What is PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro is a portable bluetooth thermal printer that helps you to bring your digital memories to life. No need to visit any store for print out when the same thing could be done at your home with this device.

Easy to carry and no hard work required to connect or make it work.

Features of Print X Pro Thermal Printer

  • Print On Stickers And Common Labels
  • Thermal Technology Never-Ending No Ink Consumption
  • Completely Wireless Fast Connection
  • Print On Large 58mm Width Labels
  • Compatible With Apple iOS, Google Android, and MS-Windows

How to use PrintX Pro Mini Portable Thermal Printers

You can download a Free APP from Google by searching” Peripage” for your PC or Mobile.

Free iOS APP, just search the “Peripage” on the App Store

Connect any type of smartphone easily and quickly with the Pocketprint through Bluetooth within a few seconds.

Who all can use PrintX Pro?

PrintX Pro Portable Thermal Printer is a very good option for people who wants to print art or images on small paper size. People who want their content in less time with high quality and less paper usage can make great usage of this product.

People like photographers, designers, architects, etc can use this product for their work purpose as it gives a print in high quality. People can also use it for day-to-day life since it can be used as a Polaroid printer but with even better quality. Thus, the product is of great choice for normal usage too. PrintX Pro can thus be used by people in many ways.

Price of Print X Pro

If you are interested in buying this gadget, it is currently available at 50% Off for a limited period of time.

  • 3 PrintX Pro + 2 free at $59 each for a total of $297
  • 2 Print X Pro + 1 free at $66 each for a total of $197
  • 1 Print X Pro at $99
  • 4 Print X Pro at $62 each for a total of $249

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