How Does The PhotoStick Work and PhotoStick Troubleshooting?

Photo Stick Troubleshooting

If you find the Photostick appears to work much like the regular Flash drive, you’re not mistaken because it even has a remarkable similarity to it. You will still be allowed to use this excellent tool as there is a USB port. Photostick Troubleshooting is a problem for few people out there.

Before installing it into each of the ports, what you have to do ischeck that your device is operating, and a window will open up within a few seconds.

A single button with “GO” in the center is located at the center of the popped-up window to enable Photo Stick to connect the data on your computer.

Depending on the device’s size and the number of files you have on the hard disc, the Photostick works very well and efficiently. It can also be used efficiently to locate your musical files and records.

How to make PhotoStick run? 

Let’s first check how the user interface behaves when you start using the photo stick to obtain an idea about how to run it.

  1. Main Menu –This menu toolbar helps the user access various photo stick functionality, including device images/videos, resources, settings, and updates.
  2. State area- This field will inform you of the software’s actual status while a backup or some form of service is running.
  3. Photo Stick Capacity Chart– this little map will inform you about the space you have used and how much space is left on ThePhotoStick.
  4. Backup Statistics-All sorts of details concerning the latest backup.
  5. Button “Photo / Video Organizer“-This button will open a window with all your videos and images currently backed up.
  6. Button “Settings”-This opens the application windows for options and settings.
  7. Button “User Guide” -This will give you the electronic user guide.
  8. “Exit” icon– This icon will stop the application, as the name implies.
  9.  “Go!”   Button-And the essential button, eventually, begin to back up all your pictures and videos on your device.
photostick troubleshooting

Does The Photo Stick Work With Windows?

Yes, it does. Here are the instructions on how to start it up.

  1. Insert Your Photo Stick inside any open USB slot.
  2. Find the USB inside File Explorer and open   thePhotoStick_Windows.exe.
  3. When the program loads in, simply click “Go”.

Will the PhotoStick work with Mac?

Of course, there are guidelines below about how to launch it on your Mac.

1. Find and insert The PhotoStick into an empty USB port.

2. Check for a PHOTOSTICK name icon on your screen (if the icon does not show at all, you can go to the Finder and open it from the System List)

photostick troubleshooting

3.chose the file namedThePhotoStick_Mac.

photostick troubleshooting

4. As it starts directly press the button “Go”.

PhotoStick Troubleshooting

How to change Photostick to the default factory settings?   

If you want to operate the “Reset to Factory Defaults” option in the Picture Stick application, the following steps should be done:

1. This will erase all thumbnail data that can be found.

2. Remove the My Files folder and all of the My Files subfolders and files

3. It erases the entire folder of ThePhotoStick, and also subfolders and inside files.

4. Any settings that you may have changed are removed and replaced by default settings.

This method does not erase any data on the hard drive of your computer, it just eliminates data from the USB Photo Stick.

photo stick troubleshooting
photo stick troubleshooting
photo stick troubleshooting

The Photostick Troubleshooting could be solved by following these steps.

How Does The PhotoStick Work and PhotoStick Troubleshooting?
How Does The PhotoStick Work and PhotoStick Troubleshooting?

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