How to Use PhotoStick on Mac?

photostick for mac

Do you ever regret the moment when your data archives were not backed up, and so your device was unexpectedly struck by a lethal virus? Learn how to use Photostick on Mac.

Would you like to experience the memories by seeing those clips you created when you were trekking around the National Park with your partner? So bad both of them are lost! 

Photostick is all you need then.

Will the PhotoStick fit on your Mac?

Of course, here directions are given:

1. Find and insert The PhotoStick into a blank USB port.

2. Check for a PHOTOSTICK name symbol on the screen (if the symbol does not show at all, you can go to the Finder and view it from the Device List)

How to use Photostick on Mac?

Then Click on the file called ThePhotoStick_Mac.

photostick on mac
  1.  Simply press the button ‘Go’ after the program boots up.

From the File Manager for Operating Systems

ThePhotoStick can save your images and film files to your USB stick’s directory path: <ThePhotoStick drive>\My_Files\<computer name>.  

For Mac devices, ThePhotoStick is mostly mounted on the path /Volumes/PHOTOSTICK.  So, if you insert ThePhotoStick into a Mac computer with a computer name of phillips-mac, the path to files backed up to ThePhotoStick would be /Volumes/PHOTOSTICK/My_Files/phillips-mac.

Example screenshots from ThePhotoStick running on a Mac computer named phillips-mac:

photostick on mac
photostick on mac

The PhotoStick’s configurations and choices

To satisfy your picture and video back-up needs, ThePhotoStick provides many choices.

Accessing Setup and Options

To access ThePhotoStick’s settings and options, open ThePhotoStick software, and click on the “Settings” button.

photostick on mac

Locations of File

ThePhotoStick can scan for any directory paths listed in its settings successively. By default, ThePhotoStick will start at “c:\” on Windows computers and  “/Users” on Mac computers.

photostick on mac

Attach a folder direction for scanning:

You can add extra search paths by tapping the “Add …” tab, searching and selecting a folder that you want to search for recursively, and then clicking “Open.” Now you can see the added direction in the list of directories to be searched. To save, press “Ok.”

photostick on mac
photostick on mac
Steps to follow while photostick on macbook

Removing the folder path for scanning:

To delete the search directory path, select the directory path in the list, and then press “Remove Selected.”

Note: When you click on another folder path, you can pick several folder paths at the same time by keeping down the Ctrl key.

Reset Folders to search back to default:

Click on “Reset To Default” to reset folder paths back to normal. Any added paths will be deleted and set back to” c:\ “on Windows computers and /Users “on Mac device. To save, press “Ok.”

Replicate Thumbnails to iPhoto Library 

 ThePhotoStick can copy all iPhoto Library thumbnails concerning all Master (original size) picture files when this option is chosen on Mac computers. This alternative is less popular because when importing Master picture files, iPhoto would automatically create new thumbnail images.

Benefits of using PhotoStick Systems

This item has all types of advantages that we’d like to speak to you about. It’s not flawless, but it does a fantastic job of delivering reasonable prices and ensuring you get a super easy-to-use, consistent product. This is an open item, first and foremost.

Anyone without a bit of programming information is made to be used. Any unique technology masks the basic architecture, allowing this item a great gift or personal storage unit. 

You’re going to find it hard to take up all the room on this stick because many users would never run out of room entirely on this device.

PhotoStick Smartphone doesn’t have about as much storage to sell, but it shouldn’t have to. Many individuals won’t use all the space available on the handheld edition that the stick provides them.


Inside the Settings & Options section, there are indeed a lot of options.

For eg, you can ignore multiple copies, remove photos / videos that are shorter than a given value, save thumbnails to the iPhoto Library, register debug, preserve the structure of the source directory, and even merge all files into a single directory.

In a sentence, PhotoStick is the perfect option for all the data backup-related issues, hands down. 

How to Use PhotoStick on Mac?
How to Use PhotoStick on Mac?
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