Photostick Mobile Reviews: Is This Device Worth It?

The Photostick Mobile Review

Never lose your favourite snaps anymore when you have The Photostick Mobile. Time to change the backup game with this photo backup device.

These days, every single person who is armed with a smartphone is a photographer! And yes, we all have faced the problem of our phones indicating ” low on storage”! If you love photography, you will definitely be having a lot of photographs saved on your laptop, desktop, social media, smartphones and cameras. You might also have a huge collection of photographs in physical format.

Also, those who have a lot of physical as well as digital prints with them would have experienced even loss of these photographs. Sometimes they could get damaged by water or simply get lost or your desktop would get affected by a virus leading to loss of all your data or the pen drives could be corrupted. 

People end up losing photographs and the memories attached to these photographs all the time. There is a new launch that goes by the name The PhotoStick and The PhotoStick Mobile which is a small little device that claims to solve this issue.

The manufacturers of this device state that this small device can find your photographs easily and very swiftly, store the pictures in the portable memory stick, ensuring you do not misplace or lose them again for as long as you own this device. This review on The PhotoStick and the PhotoStick Mobile will help you understand if it is worth the price and suitable for you.

What is The Photostick Mobile?

Photostick Mobile

The PhotoStick Mobile device is a tiny gadget that keeps all your photographs and videos safe. It is quite similar to a USB thumb drive, but for your phone. It is a very innovative device that is launched as per the requirements of users. The gadget could be used to back up the mobile quite easily. The device functions pretty fast and as it is a tiny device, make sure you do not lose it.

This device can be used for android as well as iOS. It helps those people who have a lot of photographs as it offers them a quick back up. It also has an application that can be downloaded from either the apple play store or google play store depending on the device used for the gadget. All you have to do is plug in the device and you can worry less about your photographs.

The PhotoStick Mobile can easily hold about 15,000 videos and photos in it. It indicates that the device has a lot of storage space. The device is best suited for photographers or even those who constantly keep taking photographs of every single moment. By transferring all your videos and photographs into this tiny device, you can free a lot of space on your smartphone. This tiny device not just backs up the photographs and videos, it also organizes the memories.

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Key Features

  • This device conducts the search for photos and also organizes all the files
  • It conducts an auto scan, then identifies as well as avoids duplicate copies
  • It can backup thousands on videos and images in just minutes
  • The data on this device can be checked on a computer as well
  • You can back up the files as per your convenience and store them as often as required
  • It does not require passwords and you need not go for online cloud storage.
  • You need not have knowledge related to the exact files as well as folders
  • This is just a one-time investment and can save you money as well as time
  • The device operates on its own
  • It helps you free up a lot of space on your smartphones
  • This gadget searches as well as organizes the files by itself
  • The data saved on the device can be accessed on any PC or Mac
  • The photos and videos can be backed up conveniently
  • There are no extra costs other than the initial purchase cost
  • All the duplicates are removed by the device
  • The user need not sort the files or locate folders
  • There is no monthly fees or subscription required for this device

The PhotoStickMobile has gadgets that have been designed to work with Androids or iOS devices. Make sure you check which product suits your device before you purchase it.

How Does it Work?

It is very simple to operate and anyone can begin using it soon after receiving it. Let us read the procedure in detail here:-

You must download the mobile app for The PhotoStick and install it. Once this is done, click “Run”.  Plugin the device into the smartphone and click “Backup Now.” The device completely takes over your phone, scans the phone for photographs and videos and does a backup without including duplicates. Once the files get backed up into this tiny device “ThePhotoStick Mobile” then you can delete all the photos and videos on your phone thereby freeing up space.

  • Download and install ThePhotoStick Mobile App and run it.
  • Once you plug in ThePhotoStick Mobile into your smartphone, click on “Backup Now.” ThePhotoStick will then take over and scan through every corner of your folders, backing up all the photos and videos while skipping duplicate copies.
  • When your files are all backed up into ThePhotoStick Mobile, you can go ahead and delete the ones on your phone to free up more space.

An important point to note here is that:- There are individual devices for Android and iOS. So make sure you purchase the correct device, keeping in mind the smartphone you use.

Who Is This PhotoStick Mobile For?

Photostick Mobile

If you are like me, who loves to click a lot of pictures and also stores them on your phone, then this small gadget is just for you. It is really tough to organize all the hundreds of thousands of pictures on your phone but if you have PhotoStick Mobile it makes your work easier by organizing all the pictures and videos in no time and in just a single click.

Depending on your requirement you can select the model ranging from 32 GB to 128 GB, thus feel secure to save as many pictures as you want on your smartphone without fearing to lose them or run out of memory.

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Main Benefits

Let us discuss the benefits of PhotoStick Mobile and the reasons that compel you to buy this amazing piece of technology:-

  • Durability: You surely would not want to invest in a gadget that is low in quality and doesnt last you for years. Your this concern is very much valid and truly taken care of by the manufacturers of PhotoStick Mobile. This device is made to last you for years keeping all your data safe and secure.
  • Capacity: Are you one of those who keeps on transferring your files from one device to another? Like from your desktop to phone or camera to laptop to phone? If you are nodding your head in yes, thenPhotoStick Mobile comes as your savior. It does your work in just a single click and comes with varied memory options ranging from 8 to 128 GB, then select the one according to your requirements and free up space in your phones.
  • Speed: I am sure storage is not your only issue here, you also waste tons of your time while transferring your pictures and videos, isn’t? I know the frustration when transferring 2 GB data takes over an hour. Let me take away from you all these concerns as PhotoStick Mobile transfers your data at optimum speed without you having to waste your hours. PhotoStick Mobile scans, discovers, transfers and then backs up your photos and videos really quickly. 
  • Ensures Security: Nobody wants to compromise on data security these days and the makers of PhotoStick Mobile ensure this. That’s why this tiny device is made with optimum technology to keep your data 100% safe and secure. 

How is The Photostick different from The Photostick Mobile?

The PhotoStick is mainly used for Mac and  Windows for backing up the photos and videos. On the contrary, The PhotoStick Mobile is used on ios as well as android. These two serve different purposes. They have been designed to help the user in distinct ways. The goal of both these devices is backing up images without a lot of issues.


This device has endless benefits and is value for money. The device is quite easy to use as well.

  • Firstly, this device is quite an accessible product. The device has been designed in a manner that anyone can use it – even those who do not have knowledge about computers. The simplicity of the design camouflages the impressive technology behind the device and this makes it the best gift or the best personal storage device.
  • This device can store more than 15000 videos and pictures. Most of the people using this gadget never run out of space. It comes in three storage options – 32GB,  64GB and 128GB.

How to install the Photostick Mobile App?

System Requirements: Requires iOS 11.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  1. Download the free ThePhotoStick Mobile app from the App Store.
  2. Install ThePhotoStick Mobile app.
  3. Once the install completes, tap “Open” to start the app.
  4. ThePhotoStick app will ask for permission to be able to send notifications to you. Tap “Allow” when prompted. NOTE: This will only prompt you the first time you use the app.
  5. You will now be at the main screen.

How Does It Recover Photos?

Yes, never again lose your vacation photos or videos! Let me guide you on how to use Photostick Mobile to recover the photos from your mobile which you thought were lost:-

  • Firstly download the “ThePhotoStick Mobile” App which is free of cost and install it.
  • After, this connect your PhotoStick Mobile with your handheld smartphone and then press on the “Backup Now.”
  • PhotoStick Mobile takes control of your phone and scans through each folder and file and stores all the photos and videos from your mobile.
  • The best part, it doesnt store the duplicate copies.
  • Also, once the entire data is backed up, you are free to delete the data from your smartphone and free its memory.

Photostick Mobile Reviews

I have tons of pics. I thought they were safe until I saw this ad. I bought ThePhotoStick and it loaded ALL my pics, even ones I didn’t remember I had. I got a photo frame as a gift, plugged ThePhotoStick in and now all those old pics are rotating in the photo frames in my kitchen. Good memories!

Tenny S.

I had a grand total of about 60,000 images, with many duplicates. This little “stick” managed to eliminate the duplicates so that I now have about 24,000 originals preserved forever in a fire-proof vault, a cost-free and independent method of safekeeping.

Cyril R.

The Photo Stick works just the way it says it does; very easy to use. I checked it when done, and there were my pictures. There is so much room on the stick that I should be able to use it for years to backup documents and pictures.

Linda W.

Price and Cost

A lot of devices come with a monthly fee of around $10 or even more to perform a similar function like The PhotoStick Mobile. However, once you stop the payment, the data will be lost. Also, they do not get rid of duplicates and many pictures get lost in this switching of services. On the other hand, PhotoStick calls for just a one-time fee which is paid when you buy the device. There are no other costs involved.  This makes it the best gift for family and friends.

The Photo Stick Mobile is similar to a USB and offers different storing capacity. The options available are:

  • 32 GB Storage– It will cost you £47.18 post discount, however, it retails at £79.16
  • 64 GB Storage – It will cost you £60.55 post discount, however, it retails at £100.91
  • 128 GB Storage – It will cost you £68.99 post discount, however, it retails at £114.98

The 64GB storage device is one of the very popular options. However, in case you have a lot of photos and videos, the best choice would be the 128GB storage device.

From Where Can I Buy?

The photostick mobile can be purchased from different places. But, note that not all these places are quite safe or ensure the delivery of the expected product. It is advised to purchase this device from its official website.

Pros and Cons of The PhotoStick Mobile

  • The device is very convenient and easy to use
  • It stores as well as organizes your photos and videos
  • It can be used on iOS and Android
  • There are no extra costs or monthly fees
  • There are discounts offered regularly
  • The files, photos, and videos are safe from snoopers. This makes your data secure
  • It does not require cloud storage or passwords
  • It frees your smartphone of space
  • Any duplicate files are removed by the device
  • The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days
  • The device can be accessed on a desktop or Mac.
  • Even a person with zero knowledge of IT can use this device easily
  • The product is expensive
  • The product is similar to a USB and is tiny. There are high chances of misplacing or losing the device.

Warranty & Refund Policy

In case you are skeptical about the device, the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. In case you do not want the product or it has factory defects, you can return the product easily. The guarantee period begins on the shipping day so test it before the time is up and do the needful within 30 days.


PhotoStick Mobile is quite a convenient device that is easy to use. It resembles a USB Drive. This gadget can be used to save all the photos and videos from your smartphones, thereby freeing your phone of all the used up space. The device is quite secure as well and ensures your data is safe from the online snoopers.

All you need to do is plug the device to your smartphone and it automatically scans your device for pictures and videos and also gets rid of duplicates. This is a one-stop backup solution which is a necessity in this era of digitalization.

Almost all our photographs these days are in digital form and storing this is a problem, considering the number of photographs and videos taken these days. Also, there are high chances of the gadgets crashing, thereby leading to loss of all the important memories.

The device is a one-time investment, and there are no extra monthly fees and subscriptions. It is the perfect gift to the family, elders, and all those friends who treasure the memories they have in the form of photographs and videos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Photo Stick Mobile Work?

Photostick Mobile works by plugging the stick into your mobile phone and using it to transfer photos from the mobile phone to the stick or to a computer.

How Much Does a Photo Stick Mobile Cost?

The cost of a photo stick mobile can wary, you can also try to get a discount.

Who Can Use a Photostick Mobile?

Everyone can use a Photostick Mobile. You do not need to be tech savvy to use this gadget. There isn’t any learning curve and the app makes everything easier.

What Devices Is The Photostick Mobile Compatible With?

The Photostick Mobile is compatible with iPhone and Android.

Can You Use The Photostick Mobile On iPhone?

Yes, you can use this gadget on an iPhone. There shouldn’t be any problem using a photo stick on iphone.

Can You Use The Photostick Mobile on iPad?

Yes, a photostick can be used on an iPad without any problems or additional upgrades.

Can You Use The Photostick Mobile On Android?

Yes, it is one of the better ways to use the photostick. It can be used on an Android without any problems.

What Is Photostick Mobile Discount?

There are times when the photostick mobile has a discount and you can buy the product cheaper.

What Is The Photostick Mobile Shipping Time?

The shipping time of this gadget is fast. It doesn’t take too long for it to arrive. As far as we know, the longest it took to deliver was 1 week.

How Does The Photostick Mobile App Work?

This is a simple app that anyone can use because it doesn’t have any learning curve. It is self explanatory most of the times.

What If I Have More Than One Device?

It shouldn’t be a problem. The Photostick Mobile can be used on more than 1 device.

Photostick Mobile Reviews: Is This Device Worth It?
Photostick Mobile Reviews: Is This Device Worth It?

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