Keep Your Glasses clean with Peeps Cleaner by CarbonKlean

Peeps by carbon klean

Getting your sight tested and getting an eyeglass is a long and tedious process. Right from the appointment to an eye doctor to getting it made is a time-consuming and expensive affair. Once we get the glasses, maintaining it and keeping it free from sludge is a must.

Cleaning the lens is a very tricky job. One has to be very careful while cleaning because a little carelessness may damage the lens of the eyeglass which will be very irritating to use scratched or smudged glasses.

Carefully cleaning the glasses increases the life of the lens. The Peeps cleaner is a wonderful product that helps in keeping the eyeglasses clean in the most convenient way.

 This is also the most searched online eye cleaner with millions of people looking for it online. What is wonderful about this Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner by CarbonKlean is that it uses soft and smooth pads that do not damage the glass or plastic.

These pads are so designed that it takes minutes to clean the glasses without damaging. Even kids can use it easily. Even if there is a coating on the glass it is not damaged, one can use it without a second thought.

Buyer’s Guide for Peeps Lens Cleaner?

Reliable Product: The Peeps lens cleaner by CarbonKlean is a worthy option to wipe. It is an independent unit that highlights both a brush and cushions that eradicate any debris you can see from your glasses’ focal points.

Each time you push your glasses back up or contact the focal points with your fingers; you move oil onto the focal points that can smear and meddle with your general vision. The Peeps cleaner lets you eliminate those smears in no time flat or less. 

The vast majority of the eyeglass cleaning units that you see in optometrist shops and workplaces today supports a microfiber fabric inside. Microfiber is a mainstream decision since build-up and dust adhere to the material; however, it’s delicate to such an extent that it won’t scratch or harm the glass focal point.

This cleaner utilizes a mix of materials that are both solid and tough. This is a sort of natural goat hair that is non-rough, which implies that it won’t adhere to focal points produced using glass or plastic. It likewise has elastic outside that causes you to clutch the cleaner. 

Economical: If you purchase cleaning units from your optometrist, you may burn through $10 or more on a little fluid that goes on for a couple of months or less. Few cleaning packs accompany a splash cleaner and a microfiber material retail for this sum or much more.

One endless explanation of customers like the Peeps cleaner is a result of its reasonable cost. You can get the entire pack in your preferred tone for under $20.

Simple to Use: The odds are acceptable that you’re on the chase for a Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner by CarbonKlean survey since you need to discover how it functions. This gadget has a little cap toward one side that opens to uncover a concealed brush inside. That cap shields residue and builds up from adhering to the brush. 

Moreover, this will eliminate the build-up and skin cells adhered to the surface just as some other garbage.

The cleaner additionally slides out of the case to uncover two little pieces that resemble tweezers with delicate cushions between them. 

Make Things Easy to Read: Many individuals have vision gives that permit them to see unmistakably when further away from an item and less clear when they’re very close.

This helpful unit takes a shot at a wide range of understanding glasses, including medicine sets you get from an eye specialist and those you purchase over the counter at a drugstore.

Can be Used by Anyone: Children who wear glasses regularly, wear those with plastic focal points. Even though plastic is more powerless to scratches than glass focal points, they are less expensive and won’t break when they drop them.

Grown-ups use glass focal points that have a more refined look. Not exclusively will the Peeps cleaner chip away at both plastic and glass focal points; however it takes a shot at focal points that have uncommon coatings as well.

You may settle on a surface covering that lessens the danger that you may scratch the glass. The beams from the sun can harm your skin and harm your eyes simultaneously. 

Long Lasting: It eliminates the oils deserted following a day of sweating at the seashore without harming the defensive covering on those focal points.  It regularly appears that each organization on the planet has an alternate thought of what pocket size implies.

The psyches behind the Peeps eyeglass cleaner truly made a small item that fits into your pocket. The entirety of the parts fit helpfully inside a case that you can in a real sense put into your pocket. 

Approved by NASA While you may work all day in an office today and observe the moon while remaining outside, you can even now utilize items endorsed by NASA; for example, this eyeglass cleaner. Peeps cleaner is the leading cleaner that NASA will permit on space transports and in productions. 

When you utilize different sorts of cleaners for glasses, you’ll see that those items depend on your movements and exercises. The carbon utilized in the cushions draws in oils on your focal points. The maker suggests moving the gadget in a round movement over your focal points.  

One of the grievances we saw from online Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner by CarbonKlean audits originated from the individuals who asserted that it merely quit working one day. Significantly, you remember the life expectancy of this cleaner before you purchase.

The Peeps cleaner won’t work for eternity. As it utilizes a characteristic fascination technique to clean your glasses, it will quit working when it loses that common charge.

Unique Design: You can decide whether you have sleek skin with a straightforward bit of tissue paper without much of a stretch. Regardless of whether you have normal or touchy skin, however, you can, in any case, move oils from your skin onto your glasses. You’ll frequently see the development on the scaffold, which is the piece that contacts your nose. 

If you have any glass cleaner at home, presently is a decent and ideal opportunity to check those for a termination date. A large portion of the synthetic compounds that producers use will keep going for a particular time frame, going from a couple of months to a couple of years. 

 At the point when you’re unwinding outside with your children and see a few spots on your glasses, you may utilize your salivation or the closest beverage to clean your focal points.

However long you have something delicate to clear off the focal points, you can generally clean your glasses without abandoning an excessive amount of build-up. 

Why You Should Buy Peeps by Carbon Klean

Reviews of Peeps cleaner indicate that people find this product very handy and good amongst so many others available in the market. This is pure because it is so handy to use it. It is a soft and smooth pad that can be used as many as 500 times.

This uses carbon molecular technology to clean. The carbon in the pads sucks the dirt and the oil from the glass and at the same time protects the lens. The pad is sufficient to clean. Sprays and microfibre are not required.

 These Peep eye cleaning pads are not used and thrown. These pads are so efficient that they clean up to 500 times and may even last a lifetime with proper care. This can be easily replaced with another pad.

 One of the biggest advantages of these pads is that they are perfectly safe for the lens be it a normal eye lens, or sunglasses or tinted glasses or if there is a coating on the lens.

The most unique feature of peeps eyeglass cleaner is that it works in any condition be it hot, cold, or humid weather. Its cleaning power is not affected by the external conditions, its function remains the same.

These eye cleaning pads are environmentally friendly. They are made up of natural products and are reusable and biodegradable. These are money-saving also because they can be used many times.

These pads are effective for all those who use glasses and effective on any material such as fiber, glass, or plastic and glasses in any type of frame. It works equally well both on prescription and non-prescription glasses. It is so easy to use that people of any age can use it.

One may wonder whether it is safe on expensive glasses or not. This doubt can be put to rest as this is very safe as it is soft and smooth. The grease is not spread from one area to another and no scratches are formed.

Some people use contact lenses during the day and glasses by night, in this condition also the cleaner is helpful.

Causes for Dirty Lens

Grease and oil from the face, smudges, and fingerprints and lint from the home and clothing, dirt from the air pollution are some of the reasons for the dirty lens. Hair and dead dry skin also make the lens dirty.

How the Peeps by Carbon Klean cleans the lens?

This has a hidden small brush inside which is used for cleaning and this prevents the dirt and grease from sticking to it. Hust holds the glass in one hand and runs it across the lens backward and forward, this will remove all things and debris that are stuck to the glass.

Hold the frame properly in your hands and move the pads in the cleaner on the lens. These pads have carbon compounds that are specially designed to remove the smudges and dirt caused by natural oil and factors.

Guideline for using the Peeps Cleaner.

Always use a liquid cleaner first to remove all the debris first. Always use the brush before using the pads. You will enjoy the experience of this wonderful product and you have a reason to believe why it is such a widely searched product on the internet.

The most effective method to do the Tissue Test 

  • Pick a sort of tissue that has no fake scents or different fixings. 
  • Play out the test toward the day’s end in the wake of eliminating your glasses; however, before washing your face.
  • Spot the tissue level against your skin and tenderly press down 
  • Check the tissue for any slick build-up that originated from your skin. 

Great Reviews 

Before doing our Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner survey, see what others think. Almost 50% of the apparent multitude of surveys posted on Amazon granted this glass cleaner five stars. Several clients also evaluated it either three stars, regular, or four stars, superior to average.

A portion of the things they loved the best about this cleaner incorporates how effectively they could utilize it and how long it endured. We suggest utilizing the Amazon interface and our assets to see a portion of those Peeps surveys for yourself. 

Benefits of the Peeps Glasses Cleane

  • Allows you to clean any glasses rapidly. 
  • Takes a shot at all focal point types and coatings.
  • Simple to utilize 
  • Accessible for entertainment only tones 


Although our Peeps glasses cleaner by CarbonKlean audit may make you imagine this is a standard method to clean your glasses, we found a couple of potential issues you should think about before you shop.

A couple of analysts even ensured that it did such helpless employment that they needed to return over their focal points with a microfiber fabric. 

You’re in an ideal situation keeping it in a protected spot, for example, a cabinet in your kitchen. An exceptionally modest number of analysts asserted that the cleaner scraped their focal points or deserted little breaks in the glass.

This should possibly happen if there are sharp or enormous bits of trash on your focal points. In case that you take a couple of moments to clear off the focal points first, the cleaner ought not to harm them. 

How much You Will Have to Pay for the Peeps Cleaner?

Every one of the distinct shading choices costs a similar sum. Some companions who trade the cleaner on Amazon charge a similar sum and likewise charge you for transportation.

You should keep a strategic space from those companions except if the color you need is inaccessible on Amazon and the official site. 

 Even though these bundles’ expenses change regularly, you may get three of these cleaners for under $40, which is a noteworthy saving. Likewise, this site runs unique arrangements around the special seasons that give you at least one cleaner for free.  


Do Peeps clean eyeglasses?

Yes, it does remove the smudges, dirt, and fingerprints. It does not damage the coating on the glass. No scratch is formed after using it.

How long do pads of peeps eyeglass cleaner last?

It lasts up to 500 cleans. You need to change the pads after that.

Can I use it for my sunglasses also?

Peeps Eyeglass cleaner can be used for cleaning. both prescription and non-prescription glass.

How Often You Need to Clean Your Lenses?

You should clean your focal points at any rate once per day. Although some spotless their glasses before anything else, others stand by until just before they head to sleep. If you stand by until your focal points are truly filthy, you hazard hauling build-up and dust over the glass and deserting scratches. 

How Might You Clean Your Frames

The casings on your glasses can likewise get the characteristic oils from your skin. You can utilize most cleaning items on your edges, including items planned explicitly for plastic and glasses, since you can shower the fluid on the casings and utilize a delicate fabric to move it over the extension and down along the earpieces. Dry material will eliminate any abundance of fluid.

Who All Can Use Peeps Glasses Cleaner?

It is appropriate for glasses-wearing individuals


Peeps eyeglasses cleaner is in my everyday essentials list. I have been an eyeglass wearer throughout my life and this is truly a savior. I wonder where this product was all these years.

It has made my life so simple and easy and I totally recommend it to all. 

Also, it is not heavy on the pocket too thus totally worth the money spent on it. This removes the dirt from the lenses totally like not smudging it around. Thus no scratches and no investing on lens any more. 

Keep Your Glasses clean with Peeps Cleaner by CarbonKlean
Keep Your Glasses clean with Peeps Cleaner by CarbonKlean

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