ODii Review [2022]- Power Grip for Grabbing Tool

ODii Review

When anything or object drops down, and you are unable to pick it comfortably, then it becomes frustrating for anyone. Usually, the object rolls down under the seats or stuck at the places where you can’t reach easily.

But with the help of the right tool, you can prevent these from becoming a permanently lost item. ODii, a grabbing device, that comes with claws, flashlight and battery, can become your best friend in finding all your essential and favourite items. Let’s get Started with ODii Review to know more about the gadget.

ODii Review

What is ODii?

ODii is a device meant for grabbing the items. With this excellent tool, you can reach easily the items that are not easily approachable. With a unique design, ODii becomes a three-in-one device that comes with a nineteen inches grasping claw that has the capacity of picking almost ten pounds. Besides this, ODii comes with a bright flashlight so that you can see what you have dropped &where it has gone. Another accessory that comes with this fantastic tool is a magnet on the gooseneck to pick up the dropped items.

ODii Review

This is the best capturing tool for anyone who finds difficulty in searching the lost items or reaching the items that are on height. This tool can also be easily used by senior citizens and people with some health issue due to which they cannot reach the items quickly.

Features of ODii

Grabbing & holding up to ten pounds

ODii is the only tool available in the market that lets you pick the items up to ten pounds. This tool lets you control the gripping power due to which you can pick any item easily, whether light or heavy.

Compact & flexible

ODii has its patent claw which not flexible but also compact that lets it fit into any space where your hands cannot reach.

Strong & separable 23-inches magnet

ODii comes with a very pliable and exclusive attachment of gooseneck magnet that can easily attract & affix metal items to it like keys, change, phone, and many more. Now grabbing all these items is possible within seconds with this device.

Features of  ODii

Vibrant Flashlight

This flashlight lets you see the items dropped by you at dark places where normal light cannot reach easily under the refrigerator or stove.

Easy to store

ODii is very compact and can easily be stored into toolboxes, kitchen drawers, and glove compartments.

Best suited for your car

Do you have a habit of dropping items in your car under the seats or console? With this fantastic device, you can rapidly retrieve your coins, credit cards, food, kids toys, and many more.

Benefits of ODii

Great for home usage

When you need any item which is in the high cabinet or under the bed, sofa or couch or behind any bulky device, ODii will be your best companion in doing all these tasks.

Money-back guarantee

If due to any reason you are not satisfied with ODii, you can return it quickly within 30 days of purchasing it.

How does ODii Work?

The appearance of ODii may look at it as a smart spy tool, but it is straightforward to use. There is no need to assemble the device; it is ready to use out of the box. When there is need to pick up an item, expand its claw and grab that item quickly without any hassle.

This brilliant grab-it gadget has been designed to retrieve things easily. It comes with three main elements which include a flexible telescopic claw for locking the position by extending it. With this new item, you can reach up to 19 inches distance, and you can get to the tricky places due to its sharp-pointed claw with pliable head. An easily gripped trigger has been provided for opening & closing the claw and picking up the objects without any difficulty.

The other element that comes with this tool is a telescopic, detachable, and flexible magnet that can be used with a claw or independently. You can be extended this strong Neodynium magnet up o 23-inches, and with the magnetic head you can pick up the items such as jewelry, coins, and many more. ODii can pick up the things to two pounds in weight. The last vital element of this tool is LED flashlight that lets you see things in dark corners or trouble to see through crevices. This light is also detachable.

Pros & Cons of ODii


  • Availability of multiple tools like a gooseneck magnet and a LED flashlight.
  • This tool is very compact and can be store anywhere easily.
  • This toll can lift to ten pounds of weight quickly.


  • Chances of unscrewing of claws while using
  • A more updated version of the tool is required for some items.

Final Verdict- ODii Review [2021]- Should You Buy It?

When you find difficulty in picking up the dropped items or searching them where light doesn’t reach properly or trying to reach the items at height, then ODii is the tool which best suited for all these needs. This is a tool that you can use at your home, office, car, and garage. One of the fantastic tools available in the market for helping you in reaching anywhere is ODii. Hopefully, this ODii Review will help you in getting all the insight of the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the magnet?

The diameter of the magnet is ¼ inches and length is ¾ inches.

Is it possible to pick tiny things like pills?

ODii is very efficient in picking up tiny things like pills due to its small size.

Is it possible to pick massive thing like jeans?

ODii is very strong that it can pick up a pair of jeans. Remember that it bends to pick the things so it can pick up anything with ease.

ODii Review [2022]- Power Grip for Grabbing Tool
ODii Review [2022]- Power Grip for Grabbing Tool

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