Neck Hammock Review 2022 – Portable Neck Traction Device & Pain Relief

Neck Hammock Review

You must have experienced pain in the neck area and in your body many times. This is caused due to activities that involve physical work as well as bad posture. A solution has been launched to resolve this issue faced, and it goes by the name – Neck hammock. When you use this device, you will not need any other remedy to give you relief once you use this gadget you can get rid of all other remedies for your neck pain.

Neck Hammock – What is it?

One of the common issues that a lot of people face these days is Neck pain. Getting a solution for neck pain is not as easy. At times you get a pain in the neck while you check your phone or when you are working at the desk or in case you are even stressed. This is why Neck hammock has been specifically created to help you get relief from the neck pain.

Steve Sundell, an athlete and a physical therapist designed and created the Neck Hammock. He always suffered from neck pain and to get rid of the problem, he wanted to come up with a very sleek device that would solve the problem. The Neck Hammock is a simple portable solution that will resolve your neck pain. There is no requirement to get an appointment with a chiropractor to fix the neck as this device will provide a comfortable solution for chronic aches or fatigue. When you begin using the Neck hammock, you can feel the pressure fading off and making you a lot more calm and relaxed.

5 years ago, approximately 63 million people living in the US face chronic pain, neck pain, fatigue, etc. and all of them had to find a chiropractor to solve the issue. Nowadays there have been advancements in technology which has led to the development of the Neck Hammock to resolve your neck issue immediately. It shows that we are dependant a lot on technology to have a convenient life.

The Neck Hammock is an awesome gadget that is effective for people who suffer from acute or chronic neck pain. This device uses a very strong mix of gravity and the resistance bands. When these are integrated, it develops a very controlled stretch that aids in improving your posture along with the pinched nerves. It also improves circulation in that area.

What is the right posture?

Posture is quite essential and we are aware that we have to maintain a specific posture while we sit and stand. So, what is meant by “good posture” ? You can take a simple test to know if your posture is right or needs to be corrected: Remove the shoes. Stand straight against a wall (The rear must be against a wall). The heels must have a distance of 15 inches between each other and the butt has to be pushed against the wall. Make sure the chest is open and the shoulder blades must touch the wall gently. This is very important. Now, when you maintain this position, in case your head is touching the wall, there is no need to worry. However, if it doesn’t, and you have a forward neck position, it is to be corrected at the earliest.

What is meant by a forward head?

According to Wikipedia, the forward head is called an “iHunch,”  a “Text Neck”, a “Reading Neck,” and a “Scholar’s Neck”. This issue is caused due to working on the computer for long durations, or looking at a phone for a long time, and similar wrong postures. This leads to maintaining a wrong posture. Even when you take a walk and talk on the phone, you have the position of a forward head which is an abnormal position that affects the body’s biomechanics.

If you work on strengthening the muscles of your neck with some correct postural exercises, you will be able to get some relief from the neck pain. However, it might not resolve the problem totally.

What is meant? By cervical traction?

When you have faced pain in the neck and have visited any physiotherapist or even a chiropractor, they would have mentioned a term called cervical traction, which is a very simple technique that is effective. In this method, the neck is being pulled which in turn releases the accumulated tension.

The neck hammock decompresses the discs that are located in the midst of the vertebrae, which in turn helps your joints and muscles. Cervical traction releases the compressed nerves, thereby bringing about an improvement in your body. It is a good treatment for getting rid of neck pain rather than an option for painkillers.

What is Features Of Neck Hammock

  1. Simple – The Neck Hammock can be used easily at home and you do not have to keep visiting a chiropractor. 
  2. Affordable – Neck hammock is quite affordable. The cost is way lesser than the products offered by its competitors. It offers relief which is similar to that offered by cervical traction. A cervical traction device is priced at more than $300. 
  3. Comfortable – The design of Neck Hammock is comfortable enough and you don’t have to worry regarding the TMJD issues. The device uses medical-grade quality padding which makes sure the head gets enough comfort without the need for the chin strap.
  4. Portable – The Neck Hammock is portable and you can store it in your drawer or suitcase. It is travel-friendly and can fit into a small or a medium-sized bag.
  5. The ideal amount of tension – The device has the perfect amount of tension i.e. 40 lbs. It is the strength that is necessary for cervical traction. If the tension is beyond 40 lbs, it can be harmful. The device has a smart design that allows the user to perform exercises having a lot of movement. 
  6. Set-up is Easy – The Neck Hammock can be set up quite easily. All you have to do is keep the strap of the gadget around the doorknob. After this, you just have to lie down.
  7. Relieves Body Pain – Other than relieving neck pain, it also helps in getting rid of aches or pain in other body parts as well. In case you keep getting painful tension headaches or muscle spasms, you can use this device.  It helps in reducing the stress levels, improves sleep, and corrects the posture. It helps heal any kind of nerve damage and also improves blood circulation.
  8. Calm App – The device can also be used with the Calm App, which has been designed to help an individual relax their body and focus on breathing exercises which helps in reducing tension and stress.
  9. Washable – The fabric of this device can be hand-washed easily. It will not shrink or even mold.

Neck Hammock – How does the device work?

The Neck Hammock’s design is very simple and anyone can use it easily. The device has a wire which must be hung to the doorknob of any door. It can also be placed in between a door and its frame and close it. This will make sure that the strap is tightly held between the frame and the door. It can be used in any space, however, it has to be parallel to the floor at all times.

When this is done, then on the floor, you must lie down. The body has to be straight. When the hammock cradles your body, you can be relaxing your body. The impact of this can be felt in about 10 minutes. The process is hassle-free and the set up is quick. Also, the relief can be felt instantly in a short time, which is why many people prefer this method.

The Neck Hammock helps the muscles relax and gradually stretch.

This allows for the intervertebral space to expand and allow better blood flow and circulation.

Neck Pain

Better circulation helps to oxygenate muscles, nerves, tendons, and ligaments which leads to decreased pain and increased mobility.

Neck Hammock helps the muscles relax

It’s hard to believe that one device could relieve tension headaches, release pinched nerves, reduce herniated discs and relieve overall pressure and yet, that’s exactly what The Neck Hammock does.

How To Setup The Neck Hammock In There Easy Steps

Step 1: Wrap around your door handle

Step 2: Close Your Door

Close Your Door

Step 3: Place Your Head in And Relax

Feel your muscles opening up and your neck pain slipping away for good!

Neck Pain Relax

Pros and Cons of Neck Hammock

  • The effects are felt instantly in ten minutes of using the hammock
  • The setup of the device is very simple and easy
  • The design of the device is such that it is very lightweight
  • Neck Hammock is quite affordable
  • It is portable and travel-friendly
  • It is made using padding of medical-grade quality and is comfortable
  • It gives the perfect tension amount i.e. 40 lbs.
  • The device has to be hung on anything which is parallel to your floor
  • The user must lie down on the floor to use the device

What do you get when with the package?

Neck Hammock Package

Final Thoughts

The Neck Hammock is advised and recommended as it has a simple design and anybody can use it easily. It is available at an affordable price and it is a form of therapy which is the most accessible to anyone who suffers from neck pain or any other chronic pain or muscle spasms. When you use this device, you must change your lifestyle too. Make sure you spend less time on gadgets, as this helps improve the posture effectively. 

Also, you must relax, destress, focus on breathing and slow down the body, and enjoy life.  Neck Hammock is one such device that heals you in all the areas which have had an impact due to wrong lifestyle choices. If you suffer from constant neck pain or even use a lot of gadgets constantly, you can opt for the Neck Hammock rather than visiting a chiropractor frequently.

Neck Hammock Review 2022 – Portable Neck Traction Device & Pain Relief
Neck Hammock Review 2022 – Portable Neck Traction Device & Pain Relief
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