MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick: Full Review Comparison

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Are you confused between MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick? PhotoStick is available on Amazon and has a great rating, whereas MemorySafeX is not there on Amazon. PhotoStick has high-speed data transfer, whereas MicroSafeX doesn’t.

The company of PhotoStick works seriously, whereas about MemorySafe X you won’t get much information such as who they are, shipping details, their manufacture, etc.

If you want to select between them, then you should select a PhotoStick because it’s safer,  more compatible, faster, user-friendly, good tech support, fast delivery, and more faq.

Difference between MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick

Memory SafeX vs Photo stick

•Storage Capacity of Photo stick is up to 128 GB, whereas Memory SafeX capacity is about 64GB.

PhotoStick is available in different sizes such as 8GB, 65GB, and 128 GB variants. But there are limited variants available in Memory SafeX.

MemorySafeX can detect MPEG4, MP4, PNG, 8GB, and MOV. But some Photo Stick can’t detect all this.

•MemorySafeX decrypts and encrypts files and secure them. It permits you to play the movies and music of your choice. Whereas Photo stick permits to share the music or photos directly on social media.

•There is thirty days guarantee of money-back in Photo Stick, whereas in MemorySafety X guarantee period is of three years.

•PhotoStick has a Mac OS X feature, 10.6, and much more.

•PhotoStick can measure 5.98×3.11×0.39inches, whereas MemorySafeX can measure 57mm×49mm×8mm.

•Memory SafeX has USB-type and USB connector.

The similarity between Memory SafeX and PhotoStick

Memory safe x or photo stick

•They have USB Flash to quickly back up the memories.

•Both are adaptable to Android and IOS operating mechanisms. They can be used with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 Windows 10, and Mac devices.

•Both of them protect their precious memories. You need not worry about virus attacks of crashing that can destroy the memories.

•Both of them can be used at ease. Any tech-savviness or age person can use it

•They helps you to save time. They save your money from buying costly subscriptions or auxiliary hardware.

•They both allow storing of big files. Even without sophisticated or big equipment.

•Both devices have a money-back option.

•They are easy to carry. They fit in small pockets.

Pick best between PhotoStick and MemorySafe X

•Both of them undoubtedly has the best USB flash, but Photo Stick has the best reliability and functionality.

•Memory Safety has great storage, but still, Photo stick is better.

•Photo Stick is worth your money.

•Photo Stick can automatically back up the files.

•It makes the easy search of the video or photo.

•Photo Stick works with both Android and Mac devices.

•Photo Stick saves the big files easily.


So between MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick,  you should buy Photo Stick as it is much better in comparison to MemorySafe X.

It is worth your money. You will be amazed after using it, as it is very easy to use and can be carried anywhere you go.

MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick: Full Review Comparison
MemorySafeX vs Photo Stick: Full Review Comparison
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