MagnetPAL – The World’s Strongest Little Magnet


MagnetPAL is an award-winning gadget that gives you the power to hold, find, hide, and secure thousands of everyday objects and tools so you always have your items right where you need them. Created for outdoor adventurers, DIYers, handymen, and anyone who wants to fix things up around the house or office.

Its patented design uses highly sought-after Rare-Earth metals – making MagnetPAL one of the most powerful and versatile tools in the world.

What is MagnetPAL?

Simply put, MagnetPAL is one of the strongest magnets ever made – and it’s EXTREMELY compact (smaller than a quarter)!

MagnetPAL weighs only a fraction of an ounce (it easily clips to your keychain)… and yet it can lift up to 15lbs – that’s over 100X its weight!

Now, if you’re like me, you may be wondering: How useful can a super-powerful mini-magnet really be?

Well, the creators claim it has more than 100 uses, and I totally believe it. Not only is it perfect for handyman tasks like finding studs and storing nails or screws (replacing a magnetic toolbelt)… it’s also amazing for organizing things and it can even be used as a magnetic hide-a-key.

While DIYers may get the most mileage out of it, I’m confident everyone can find more than a few ways to use it. No wonder it won the Gold Award at the West Coast Pop Show… and they’ve already sold more than 500,000 of them!

What Problem Does It Solve?

MagnetPAL gives you the power to hold, find, hide, and secure thousands of everyday objects and tools so you always have your items right where you need them. This multi-purpose magnet offers 100s of uses and is durable enough for the rigors of any workshop, home, or outdoor adventure.

What can you use MagnetPAL for?

Honestly, I’m still discovering new uses for my MagnetPAL every day! Here are a few of the most common uses I’ve heard of:

Organizing tools, keys, signs and other objects: The molded loop at the top allows you to attach it to almost anything – which you can then easily hang from any metal surface.

A convenient replacement for bulky magnetic tool belts: Simply clip MagnetPAL to your jeans (or even directly to your tool) to easily access nails and screws while on the job.

Magnetic key chain holder: Clip your keys to your belt or hang them up near the door so you never lose them. You can count on MagnetPAL to hang on tight, but release easily when you’re ready to disconnect!

Magnetic stud finder: Easily locate the screws in your studs through almost any type of wall. Simply wave MagnetPAL over your wall until you feel it start to pull out of your hand!

Features of MagnetPAL:

  • 100+ Ways To Use It – There are hundreds of ways to use MagnetPAL! Use it to hide a spare key, find studs behind walls, or to hold your screws, bolts, pins, tools or other equipment closeby while working on your projects. The possibilities are endless!
  • Hold Anything Up To 15lbs – It’s powerfully engineered to hold up to 100x its own weight! Use it to securely hold heavy items like drills, hammers, or other large tools, or even small items like bolts, screws, and pins. Disconnect without hassle when you’re ready to let go.
  • Super Compact And Lightweight – The MagnetPAL is about the size and weight of a coin and is TSA compliant so you can easily take them with you anywhere. Add them to your keychain, bag, toolbelt without weighing down your carry.
  • Built To Last – MagnetPAL’s military-grade ABS plastic shell and Rare-Earth core ensures MagnetPAL lasts for years and won’t lose its strength over time. It also works at extreme temperatures, is 100% waterproof, and resists rust.
  • A Gift They’ll Use Everyday – Gift your loved ones something they’ll enjoy forever. It’s perfect for DIYers and anyone in your life who loves the latest gadgets. (Warning: gifting MagnetPAL may result in loud screams of excitement and an endless amount of hugs).


1-Year Warranty – We rarely have issues with our products but if there are, we’ll quickly replace them, hassle-free!


If you think an ant carrying 10-20 times its own body weight is impressive, then wait ’till you read this: MagnetPAL, smaller than a quarter, can hold over 100 times its own weight. This is one of the best products we have reviewed in recent times and a must-have for all your daily needs.

MagnetPAL – The World’s Strongest Little Magnet
MagnetPAL – The World’s Strongest Little Magnet
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