LiveTemp Pro Review 2022 – Must-Have Contactless Thermometer

Live Temp Pro Review

As we all know, we are going through tough times as the whole world faces the coronavirus pandemic. Several people have lost the battle of life against this deadly virus in several countries. Now everyone has just one query related to their protection. The instructions related to washing hands and using sanitizers regularly have all been provided. But this is not sufficient.

We know that besides cough, fever is the main symptom of this virus. The question that comes is how to check your body’s temperature. You must be searching for the device or infrared thermometer, which is a trusted product and a recommended one. Also, the one which is safe to use. So here is one that product which has all these qualities is the Live Temp Pro Contactless Thermometer.

This Live Temp Pro Thermometer is the best no contact infrared thermometer available in the market right now. This no-touch device comes with infrared technology for measuring and recording your body’s temperature within a blink of your eye.

This device comes with a unique design, super-fast technology, useful and accurate results. This device can also be used for measuring the temperature of many things, such as liquid and gadgets.

Live Temp Pro Review

In-Depth LiveTemp Pro Review [2021]

What is LiveTemp Pro?

As the name suggests, LiveTemp Pro is a contactless portable infrared thermometer used for measuring body temperature. This device is no brainer, as it is effortless to use. You have to point to the object or the person whose temperature you want to check and press the switch. You will get the result immediately. You don’t have to touch the object for recording its temperature.

In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, this device is now being used by health officials worldwide due to its speed & accuracy. Within a second, you get the temperature of the person or the object. Due to the given LCD screen, reading and recording of temperature are measured. This device can record the temperature of human beings and besides this of animals & insensate objects.

Livetemp pro

Features of LiveTemp Pro

The best device available today in the market and used everywhere is the contact LiveTemp Pro Thermometer. This is the only defensive measure for protecting your family, patients, military, and health officials. Here are the features of this thermometer:

Use of Infrared

This thermometer uses infrared for measuring the temperature. With this device, you can keep yourself safe and have no worries about the contamination. The infrared system used by this device is also adulteration free and makes you safe.

Global adaptability

Many thermometers are restricted to some specific age groups for use. But LiveTemp Pro can be used with anyone. Not only humans, but it can also be used for animals and inanimate objects. This feature makes it unique and different from others.

Fever Alarm

This thermometer comes with an in-built alarm, which lets you know when ther is a high temperature, and you can keep yourself safe from that person or thing. As soon as it detects the high temperature, the alarm ring up and immediately warns you about the situation.

Quick result

Another remarkable feature of this device is that you get instant results. As soon as you point the temperature to the person or object within a second, the thermometer tells the temperature. This also helps in screening a large number of people very quickly.


By any chance, if you need any measured temperature for any reference, you can get it from LiveTemp Pro as it comes with good storage that stores the previous data.

Scanning within seconds

This thermometer comes with the best scanning time across the world. Within a second, it scans the person or the object and lets you know about the temperature.

Frequently used

You can easily use this thermometer frequently as it is not contraindicated for this kind of usage. Also, the readings of the device can not be doubted despite high usage.

Battery indicator

This device comes with a battery indicatory that helps you know when the battery of the device is low. This also gives you confidence about the results provided by the thermometer as you will know the status of the battery.

Features of Live Temp Pro

Benefits of using this device

Contactless usage

This is the significant benefit of having this thermometer by your side. This is a contactless device that means you don’t have to touch the person or the object whose temperature you want to check. This is an excellent device for mothers who want to check their small babies’ temperature while sleeping or without touching them.

Easily usable

This device has been designed with the approach that anyone can easily use it. No particular skill is required for using this device. You have to point to the person and press the button. The LCD screen provided on the device will let you know about the temperature. It comes with three lights that can tell whether you are normal, at-risk, or see a doctor.

Globally adaptable

Like mentioned before, this device is universally adapted and can be used to measure the temperature of humans and inanimate objects, animals, and liquids. This device will perform the task with 100 percent accuracy.


This temperature is a portable life savior as it can keep a record of the previously measured temperature, and these can be used for future references.

Suitable for working in the dark

Due to its infrared technology, this device can be used while at night or the dark corners. Due to the large display, reading is also not an issue with this fantastic yet useful device.

Safe & secure

This product is 100 percent safe to use as it doesn’t touch the object or person whose temperature you are recording. So, it is safe from any contamination or infections, unlike other thermometers.

Easily affordable

Now you must be thinking this must be an expensive product due to its long feature listing. But there is nothing like that. This is an easily affordable device that comes at a very nominal price.

Benefits of Live Temp Pro
Livetemp pro

How to Use LiveTemp Pro?

Though it is a no-contact device, it has two ways of using; one is the hovering method, and the other is the touch method.

Hovering Method

  • Switch on the device
  • Place it almost 1 to 2 inches far from the forehead.
  • Press & hold the button on the device till the two red circles display on the forehead.
  • Move near or far from the forehead till the two circles become one. At this point, the person whose temperature is being measured has to be in still for the device’s accurate working.
  • Now release the button and wait for the product to show its parameters indicating you this via beep sound.
  • Now, you check the reading displayed on the screen.
  • To get the core body’s temperature, you will need to add one degree to the measured temperature.

Contact Method

  • Switch on the device.
  • Ensure to maintain the dryness on the forehead of the patient.
  • Place the thermometer on the forehead of the patient.
  • When the temperature is recorded, you will get to know by the beep sound.
  • Remove the device and check the reading.
  • To get the body’s internal temperature, you will need to add one degree to the measured temperature.

How Does LiveTemp Pro Work?

The working of the infrared light of the thermometer is like visible light. The light can be absorbed, focused, or reflected. Usually, a lens is used by the thermometer for focusing the infrared light from the object to the detector known as a thermopile.

The infrared radiations are then absorbed and turned in heat by the thermopile. More the infrared energy hotter the thermopile will be. The heat is then turned into electricity and sent to the detector, which ultimately records the temperature on whom the device is pointed.

Why LiveTemp Pro is Different from Other Brands?

This device is extremely beneficial for use in the contagious virus cases such as COVID-19, where maintaining a distance of 1 to 2 meters Is necessary. This device keeps the person measuring the temperature at a safe distance from the other and maintains the proper safety and accurate readings.

The device can be used by anyone for measuring the temperature of any human being, whether a child or an older person. This device is safe and easy to use with 100 percent accuracy and helps in maintaining records for further references.

What makes Live Temp Pro different from others

Pros & Cons of LiveTemp Pro


  • Superfast
  • Effective and efficient
  • 100 percent safe
  • LED backlight
  • Memory for keeping records for future references
  • Working on all age groups whether a small baby or an older person, is possible
  • Perfect for usage in a dark environment.
  • Non-intrusive
  • 100 percent accuracy
  • Easy usage
  • Battery indicator
  • Used in two ways hovering and contact
  • Used on everything including humans, objects, inanimate objects, and liquids
  • Money back guarantee


  • Online buying is available only
  • Limited stock

Conclusion- LiveTemp Pro Review [2021]

At this time, when the coronavirus pandemic has hit almost every country across the globe, maintaining proper body temperature becomes vital. To keep a check on the body temperature and ensure the safety of every person, this no-touch LiveTemp Pro is the best device for measuring the body temperature. With this LiveTemp Pro Review, we came to the conclusion that this device is a worth deal, and always remember to keep ourselves safe is of utmost at this pandemic situation.

Livetemp pro
Is the money-back guarantee available with the device?

Yes, it comes with this feature. You are free to give back the product if you don’t like it. This feature shows the product’s trust and the benefits of making purchases from the official site.

Who can use LiveTemp Pro?

Anyone can use this device, whether humans, inanimate things, liquids, metals, animals, etc. This is the best device for using with the kids as it will not scare them due to the no-touch feature.

What is the way of working with infrared thermometers?

These thermometers help detect & measure the amount of emitted infrared light on the thing on which the device is pointing. The heated molecules move faster and produce more infrared light. These temperatures are right to use anywhere with 100 percent accuracy.

LiveTemp Pro Review 2022 – Must-Have Contactless Thermometer
LiveTemp Pro Review 2022 – Must-Have Contactless Thermometer
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