LightSafeX Review: The Best Flashlight for 2022

LightSafeX Review: The Best Flashlight for 2022

As we all are aware of flashlights and the market is full of various flashlights. A lot of people love spending their time outside like camping etc. So your phone battery may not be enough to light up your tent during the night time. Or if you want to alert someone that you are in trouble, what will you do? We have the perfect answer to your question, buy a LightSafeX, and you are all good to explore the world.

LightSafeX is a multipurpose tool that can also work as a power bank, seatbelt cutter, and SOS emergency light as well. So one doesn’t have to carry so many tools with them while going on adventurous activities, just keep LightSafeX in your bag, and you are all set to go. Let us have a look at the traits and reasons to buy LightSafeX.

An Introduction Of LightSafeX:

LightSafeX is the latest invention of technology. It is a device that is less with so many unique features. An ordinary flashlight can only provide you with one service that is giving light.

But this is not the case with LightSafeX, and it has various uses one can use it as a flashlight, power bank, emergency light, seatbelt cutter and slicer as well. If you love to go out on various thrilling activities, LightSafeX is the right device for you and your friends.

One can adjust the amount of light according to their requirements and needs. LightSafeX is also environmentally friendly because it gets power from the sun through solar-light. So you don’t have to worry about buying batteries again and again.

Some Features Of LightSafeX Are:

LightSafeX has so many great traits that make it different from other flashlights. So let us discuss some of its features.

Go to Power bank

 LightSafeX is less with this technology where it can also act as your power bank. It can charge iOs and android devices. So if you forget to charge your phone, you don’t have to worry, just connect it to LightSafeX with the help of a USB cable.

It won’t completely trust your phone, but it won’t also let your phone die when you need it. So LightSafeX can work as a flashlight and power bank at the same time.

Seat belt cutter

A person doesn’t know when he will get in any trouble. So it is always an excellent option to keep a cutter with you. With LightSafeX it is possible because it has an inbuilt seat belt cutter or slicer. So if you get in trouble inside your car, you can cut the seat belt and come out of the vehicle with ease.

Different lighting modes

It also comes with a unique feature where one can change the lights according to their requirements. A regular flashlight only works in one mode, but with LightSafeX you get four options. LightSafeX has a strobe light, emergency light, SOS light, and standard flashlight so you can choose according to your needs.

So if you get in some problem just switch the mode to SOS light, and someone will get the idea about you. Take LightSafeX with you while going on trekking and camping.

Solar power battery

LightSafeX gets its energy from solar energy itself. So one doesn’t have to worry about the battery life of LightSafeX. Just charge LightSafeX with the help of solar light, and your device is ready to work. This device is also eco-friendly, so you also save electricity as well.

 Inbuilt magnet mount

This flashlight has an inbuilt magnet mount so that it can get stuck to any metal surface with ease. So stick it on the fridge, door handle or anywhere you want to. This magnet mount feature makes LightSafeX unique from other flashlight devices.

Why Should You Buy LightSafeX?

●  LightSafeX is a multi-purpose device so that you can carry it in place of the other two or three tools.

●  One can use LightSafeX as a power bank in an emergency.

●  This device can also work as a seat belt cutter during any difficulty.

●  This flashlight is a one-time investment. So invest in it today and enjoy its benefits for years.

●  LightSafeX is also an eco eco-friendly device; it saves electricity.

●  This flashlight has four different types of light modes, so choose accordingly.

Price Of LightSafeX:

A single piece of LightSafeX will cost you around $99. But an individual can avail various offers on-site. So buy LightSafeX for yourself, family, friends, and for your loved ones. Gift them the best flashlight they can ever have. Give them this device so they can use it in their tough time.


  • Multipurpose flashlight with various light modes
  • Useful tools like power bank and cutter
  • Solar-powered


  • A bit heavier than regular flashlights


So till now you may have an idea about LightSafeX and its features and uses etc. This device is 3 in 1 machine; one can use it as a flashlight, power bank, or seatbelt cutter. This device is also very light in weight; one can carry it with themselves anywhere. LightSafeX is like a one-time investment tool, so you invest in it today and avail its benefits for several years.

One shall have more than one LightSafeX in their home. We all care about our families, and their security is also our responsibility. So give them the best flashlight device they can have, i.e. LightSafeX.


FAQs About LightSafeX:

Where can I order LightSafeX?

It is available on their website only. Order it, and you will get a 50% discount. Discount is for a specific time, so buy before the stock finishes. 
The company also gives you a free delivery option for some areas. So just place the order and avail of all these fantastic offers. And enjoy LightSafeX services throughout the years.

Can I charge my phone with LightSafeX?

Yes, one can charge their smartphones whether iOs or android. LightSafeX has an inbuilt power bank so that it can charge your phone with ease.

Is LightSafeX available in more than one colour?

Currently, LightSafeX is available in one colour only. So one can place the order online and pay $99 and get their LightSafeX product delivered at their doorstep.

LightSafeX Review: The Best Flashlight for 2022
LightSafeX Review: The Best Flashlight for 2022
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