Hack Your Way To Better Health: The Definitive List of “Life Savers”

Hack Your Way To Better Health: The Definitive List of “Life Savers”

For a while I thought “being healthy” was easy. It was just a matter of what we did to get it. Exercise and eat your fruits and veggies, right? 

Actually, there are actually a LOT MORE insider secrets that people use to get good health, but I’m blowing the lid wide open. 

I’ve created a list of health hacks that EVERYONE deserves to know about, not just insiders. They’re products, tips, and tricks that will truly change the health game. They’re also affordable, enjoyable, and easy as cake to use.


Sleep your way to better health, no matter how overactive your brain

Sleep is a core component of better health. You need quality rest each and every night to feel better and maintain long term vitality. Thankfully, DoDow is here to quiet your overactive thoughts at night and get you that rest you deserve. 

  • Guided breathing preps your body for rest – The rhythmic light slows your breathing rate down to 6bpm – perfect for deep, blissful rest. 
  • The light quiets your overactive thoughts – Focusing on the hypnotic light prevents you from focusing on random stressful things that keep you awake. 
  • Easy and convenient – shuts off automatically and dims/brightens just by touching the surface

Restores your natural ability to sleep – With regular use, Dodow retrains your brain to naturally fall asleep on its own again.

Proven to help you fall asleep 2.5x faster!


Water bottle with built-in hydration reminders

Everyone knows hydration is a cornerstone to good health, but it’s still somehow easily forgettable until you’re super thirsty. Ulla solved this problem the modern way: tech. Ulla’s smart detection sensors know if you haven’t taken a drink in a while, and send out a blink to remind you if an hour without hydrating has gone by. 

  • Start to feel healthier IMMEDIATELY — being hydrated is as important as it sounds!
  • Smart alerts remind you when to drink by automatically lighting up
  • Tracks how much you drink throughout the day
  • Fits any and ALL bottles, mugs and glasses — just go with your preference!

Used and loved by people in more than 160 countries!


For The Woman Who Suffers From Headaches

The Aculief can stop her headaches in as little as one minute without a single pill, wire, or doctor’s visit.

The seamless wearable device combines the benefits of ancient acupressure science with the modern-day instant gratification we all want. It just slips right onto her hand (no matter the size) and lets her go about your day as normal. She can still sleep, workout, shower, work — whatever she wants — all with constant headache relief.

  • Pressure points are scientifically proven to quickly relieve headaches when pressed
  • You’ll feel pain relief in as little as 1-3 minutes!
  • No harmful side-effects with over-the-counter drugs. Nothing to ingest! 
  • Will last you forever. The material is incredibly high quality.
  • Can take it ANYWHERE and wear while doing ANYTHING
  • Fits any hand size — specifically designed to be universal
  • Many colors available to fit your personal style!

Doctor-approved and recommended!

Neck Hammock

For The Woman Who Needs To Relax

This one will be REALLY fun for her. Especially if she has any neck pain. All she has to do is hook the Neck Hammock on a doorknob or somewhere convenient and relax right into it. She’ll feel her pain melt away in minutes. 

  • Anti-theft security system — stores your phone, credit and debit cards, passports, keys, and any other valuables you brought along
  • Neck alloy lock means it’s completely corrosion resistant
  • Built to last with an extremely durable 5-layer construction
  • Cyber data protection built into the RIFD blocking materials
  • Lightweight and flexible enough to bring anywhere you wanna go
  • Water resistant to keep your valuables safe and dry — even at the beach!
  • Extra features like belt loops and external pockets add even more convenience

Voted Hotel Product of the Year.

Featured on Shark Tank, Good Morning America, Today Show, & more!


For The Woman Who Wants a Beautiful Garden The Easy Way

Help her bring her house and kitchen to life with a beautiful organic garden she can easily grow in a pinch. SeedSheet contains six different herbs that she can plant at once (all organic, of course) and even comes with an app to remind her when to water and when to eat! She’ll feel like a pro in no time and be cooking up some exciting new recipes!!

  • Includes six delicious and healthy herbs to enjoy in a variety of meals
  • Easy enough that ANYONE can do it — get the kids involved!
  • The one and only garden that actually talks you through how to care for it
  • Includes every single thing you need — no extra store trips required!
  • Completely organic and made in the USA
  • Perfect to spruce up even the tiniest of spaces
  • Works indoors and outdoors — totally up to you!

Shark Tank Winner! Over 150,000 SeedSheets Sold Worldwide!

Soul Insole

For The Woman with Foot Pain

Even if she’s not rocking sky-high heels, her feet may still be in pain. No matter what size shoes she wears, the Soul Insole will glide seamlessly in and give her immediate comfort and relief. Not only will it feel amazingly good RIGHT AWAY, but it will actually support proper alignment and help her feel less pain all over her body. 

  • Biomechanical design redistributes pressure evenly across your foot to relieve unwanted pressure
  • Helps train your foot to strengthen the natural arch without relying on the Soul Insole
  • Relieves foot, back, AND body pain. Helps you from the bottom up!
  • Reduces stress from the gentle foot massage you’ll be feeling all day
  • The shock absorption will boost your energy throughout the entire day
  • Works in every single shoe — even open-toed sandals! Plenty of sizes available for men, women and children as well. 
  • Super simply to apply AND clean — just rinse off and the stickiness will always return
  • Odorless even after years and years of use

#1 Choice By Doctors, Top Athletic Therapists and Medical Practitioners Worldwide


For The Woman Who Wants Wire-Free Pain Relief

This light but powerful little Kailo zaps her pain almost instantly. All she has to do is stick it on, and the nanotechnology will soothe her immediately. It’s actually using science that’s pretty old, but took more than five years of development and thousands of testers to get it in a format like this. She can just stick and go.

  • Works anywhere on your body that you feel pain
  • Get relief in less than a single minute!
  • 100% drug free with absolutely zero side effects
  • Each patch will last for years and comes with reusable adhesives
  • Use on your skin or over clothing — both work great
  • Waterproof for even his toughest workouts

They’ve already sold over 3.5 million patches!

Signal Relief

For The Woman Frustrated By Body Pain

No matter where on her body she has complained of soreness and pain, the Signal Relief is there to help. After being sold out, it’s finally back in stock. So get it for her while you can!!

  • Communicates directly with the body’s natural electrical system and helps it shut off pain!
  • Relieves every type of pain you can think of, no matter where on your body!
  • Experience intense relief in just a few minutes
  • All-natural and absolutely ZERO side effects
  • Enjoy years and years of pain relief with just a single patch
  • Completely waterproof — swim, shower, workout, all with the patch in place!
  • Lightweight and packable for easy transport wherever you need to be

After being sold out to all of its devotees, the Signal Relief is finally back in stock and offering a totally risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee to anybody who needs pain relief. Get it while you can!

Same technology designed and used for the U.S. Military!


Monitor your eye health without expensive doctor visits

Eye health is incredibly important, but usually it’s too expensive. Not anymore. Now all of those expensive, time-consuming eye appointments are something you can do yourself. EyeQue has revolutionized the way we care for our vision and lets you test your own eyesight as frequently as you’d like. 

  • Save hundreds and hundreds of dollars on your vision care, even if you don’t have insurance!
  • Get highly accurate results every time — the technology is MIT-patented
  • Super fast and convenient. Your results should come in about 8 minutes!
  • No prescriptions needed — order from any retailer you want!
  • Easy enough that even kids can use it
  • Tracks your results over time so you can monitor yourself
  • Works with Apple and Android

MIT-Patented Technology & CES Award Winner!

Hack Your Way To Better Health: The Definitive List of “Life Savers”
Hack Your Way To Better Health: The Definitive List of “Life Savers”

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