World’s First Reusable Tissue ‘LastTissue’


With an increase in the awareness of personal hygiene among people owing to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a spike in the consumption of products like tissues, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. With such an increase, all the companies are trying to provide products that are durable and eco-friendly.

As the usage of such products increases, it is obvious to cut many trees for their production. But what if we have a brand that we can use without the guilt of causing a hazardous effect on the environment? LastTissue is the answer.

About the LastTissue:

The brand makes tissues that are first of its kind, reusable, extra soft, and environment friendly. Each tissue box comes with six tissues in it, which are made from cotton. The tissues are fitted into a smooth, washable silicon case. 

Each tissue can be washed near about 500 times and thus will last for many years.

How Does LastTissueWork?

The bottom-most tissue should be taken and used, and after use, it must be kept above the tissue barrier, which is marked in the case. This procedure easily divides the used one from the non-used tissues. Once all the tissues are used, they all can be washed and packed again neatly for the next round. There will no question of contamination, as the clean and used tissues are separately kept.

The tissues can be washed with ordinary towels, and the case should be washed in a dishwasher.

 Attractive Features:

• Extra soft touch due to the usage of natural cotton.

• Easily washable, therefore simple in maintenance.

• Durable

• Available in different colors to choose from

Advantages of LastTissue

Warm Cloth and Plush

The last tissues are made from 100% all-natural cotton. They’re soft and fluffy, and they won’t frustrate or harm the skin. Users could notice that in the bathroom, individuals genuinely favour these to the disposable tissues.

Reusable Tissues Collection

The Last Tissue’s most evident advantage is that whenever an individual needs one, it provides an entirely reusable tissue. No more spending money on the boxes and tissue packets you’ve spread across the house. Up to 460 times, each Tissue can be washed, which will give users ample washing for a lifespan.

Efficient Case for Carriage

Everyone knows that the packaging begins to tear and crumble through time, and the tissues become dirtied and damaged if a pack of tissues is placed in the purse. The reusable tissue kit, Last Tissue, arrives in a durable carrying case that can withstand almost anything. And to wash and disinfect it, users can dump it in the washing machine, and then throw it back into the bag or storage box. The case is made of hard silicone that, even in harsh environments, won’t bend, crack, or stretch.

Quick to wash

Take tissues out of the box when all six tissues become filthy and throw those in the washing machine. They are durable enough to not break apart in the wash, although the consumer may use a laundry bag to prolong their lifetime.

Lead to cost savings

Higher money upfront than just a box of tissues costs a reusable tissue kit. But how many packets or tissue packets do people go through the year? 

Four or five maybe! 

The Last Tissue package has already paid for itself after the first year. And in each year that follows, buyers are going to be saving money.

More Hygienic Material

Last Tissue, when they need it, consumers will be able to throw the box out for sure and also have a package of fresh, neatly wrapped tissues. And they’re often sterilized and disinfected since these tissues are made of cotton, which is not feasible for disposable tissues.

The polluted tissues are completely isolated with a silicone membrane from the clean ones.

Good for the surroundings

The Last Tissue website can substitute 2,800 disposable tissues with one pack of handkerchiefs. That would not sound like enough. However, imagine sitting in a landfill with a pile of 2,800 wadded-up tissues.

Thinking of the climate, 100 % biodegradable is the case in which the tissues arrive.

How is it a boon to the environment? 

It is reported that every year the US cuts around 22,000 trees to make tissues. Also, about 26 million gallons of water are used to produce tissues, which are one-time use. While using the LastTissue brand, at least there is a surety to save 2 liters of water every time.

It is also noteworthy that it consumes three times less power, which can help in saving tons of energy resources universally. It is made up of natural cotton, which is not harming the surroundings in any way.

So to save the fast-depleting natural resources, buy a pack of LastTissue today.

Points to remember before buying the last Tissue

Last Tissue is a six-pack of reusable handkerchiefs that help one save money by reusing tissues instead of throwing handfuls of throw-away tissues into the garbage, protecting the environment.

Are people ready to wash the tissues and reuse them?

There is somewhat more effort required in Last Tissue than the conventional single-use tissues. Buyers will have to put them in the washing machine until all six tissues are filthy. It does not really take a large amount of energy, but it’s a bit more involved than to use and throwing them away once.

Have you got children in the house?

If there are children in the home, they won’t like the thought of using reusable Tissue if they’re sick. Some disposable tissues in the house might want to be kept only for them.

Trying to look for some extra money to save?

It costs around $5 for the typical tissue box: that’s enough for a cup of coffee. If an individual never had to buy a packet of tissues ever again, think how much it would save.

A Quick Last Tissue Analysis

The Last Tissue is a relabeled collection of handkerchiefs. Even then, with a cotton handkerchief, such as a convenient carrying case and luxurious, ultra-soft fabric, the Last Tissue does come with unique options that cannot discover.

It’s easy to use the Last Tissues box. Essentially use a tissue, store it at the head of the pack, and take from the bottom the next Tissue. Individuals can clean them and repackage them until they used all six. It’s an ideal way of saving money in the home and minimizes needless waste.

And How Does LastTissue function?

There are six washable tissues in Last Tissue. Individuals have to remove the Tissue from the top of the carry bag, can use, then place it at the bottom of the case within the resealable pouch. It can be cleaned, repaired, and the same procedures can be followed until all six tissues are used.

How much would it cost for LastTissue?

The prices for Last Tissue differ depending on the amounts purchased.

One Last Tissue Pack: $24.99 + S&H

Three Last Tissue Packs: $49.98 + S&H

Five Last Tissue Packs: $74.97 + free U.S. S&H

Eight Last Tissue Packs: $99.96 + free U.S. S&H


LastTissue is a modern take on traditional norms of use and throws tissue papers. They are compact, reusable, and soft and also easy on the pocket. One pack of LastTissue, which includes six tissues, can be bought for $24.99 and can be used up to 500 times each. Also, it comes with a thirty-day money-back guarantee offer.

The US alone brings down 22,000 trees every year and uses 26 million gallons of water, mostly tissue paper. Clients save up to 2 liters of water every time by blowing the nose with Last Tissue instead of a single application version.

It requires three times less energy to manufacture Last Tissue, which saves many tones of resources worldwide. The essential element of Last Tissue is baby smooth, so due to rough tissues or hand towels, not any more rashes on the nose.

How to wash LastTissue?

The tissues can be washed along with rugs and towels at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. And with each wash, it gets softer. The silicon case can be washed in the dishwasher, washed for about a hundred times.

How are used and unused tissues separated?

Each case has a barrier to separate them and avoid cross-contamination.

How compact is it?

The tissue dimension is 18 by 18 (in cm), and that of the case is 11 by 5.5 by 2.5 (in cm).

What are the available colors?

Currently, they are available in black, blue, red, green, and turquoise.

How does it help the environment?

It is interesting to note that each LastTissue can eliminate the use of around 2800 single-shot tissue papers. It will serve a significant contribution to the surrounding by saving nearly eight billion trees and nine billion gallons of water in the long run.

World’s First Reusable Tissue ‘LastTissue’
World’s First Reusable Tissue ‘LastTissue’
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