Keysmart Review – Is It Really The Best Key Organiser?

KeySmart Review

If you have a look at your bag, you will definitely find a lot of keys in addition to other essentials – your house keys, the keys to your office locker, your car keys, keys of your luggage (whenever you travel), etc. A few of us would want to have the basic keychain which will hold approximately 3-4 of your keys, whereas few might want to keep the keys separate.

But, finding your keys can be quite a problem and create a lot of clutter in your bag. There is a unique product that is created to sort this issue and you can avoid all the clutter and chaos. Read the review on this unique product – KeySmart and learn how it resolves all your key issues!

What exactly is KeySmart?

KeySmart is nothing but a smart accessory that organizes all your keys. The product is created to cater to those individuals who have many keys and those who have to constantly carry plenty of keys while at work. It enables easy storage of keys, without misplacing them or creating unwanted clutter or chaos.

This product has been designed in the shape of the “S” alphabet. It can hold approximately 8 keys or even more. It resembles the Swiss Army knife and looks quite attractive. KeySmart comes with plenty of spacers that are used to keep the keys separate and enable you to place 14 different keys.

Who can use this product?

KeySmart has been designed specifically for those people who have a lot of keys when they travel to work or even when on vacation. It is also best suited for people at work who have to keep track of many important keys. Even a school teacher could use this product as he/she will have to have many keys to the different cabinets, classrooms, offices, along with their basic house keys and car keys. 

KeySmart can be used by many other people such as security guards,  police officers, janitors, or any individual who carries plenty of keys daily at the office. Also, those who have a lot of vehicles and even rental properties would need this device to keep the keys sorted and avoid them from getting misplaced.

KeySmart is a great choice for those who do not like having metal keyrings getting stuck in their bags, and ripping off their bags and clothes at times. The device has an outer shell that makes sure all your keys are safe and stay intact and do not cause damage to any other material.

Distinguising Features of KeySmart:

KeySmart has a lot of incredible and exceptional features which are as follows:

Design : KeySmart Classic has a very stylish and unique design and it resembles the “S” alphabet. It has also patented its design. The device can hold more than 10 keys and despite this, it is not very bulky. Also, the keys are totally hidden when you use this gadget. Therefore, you will not be able to see any keys hanging and you will not hear the noise of your keys too.

Premium Material : KeySmart is a gadget that is created using materials that are of top quality and premium make and this makes the device very durable. Aircraft-grade aluminum, as well as stainless steel, has been used to create the device which makes it quite lightweight. The device can withstand daily wear and tear. Though the device can hold 14 keys, it will never feel heavy.

Functional : The best feature of KeySmart is that the device is functional. You can buy any extra tools that are sold separately and attach it to KeySmart; for instance, you can buy a flash drive, or a pocket clip, or a torchlight or even a bottle opener. Once these are attached to your device, it automatically becomes multi-functional. You can also upgrade it to the titanium device if you want additional sturdiness.

Customization : The KeySmart Classic is available in different colors – red, pink, purple, green, black, blue, yellow, grey. The user can also get their name or initials engraved on it. You can totally personalize your device.

Compatibility : KeySmart can hold any key. Though a thick key could call for extra space, it fits in the device. The device comes with a loop piece that is free, and you can fix your car keys here.

The Extras : KeySmart, as discussed above, can be customized as per your needs. You can not just engrave your initials or name on it and get it in your favorite color, but you can buy some accessories and make it more functional. This is totally optional, however, if you add some of these accessories, the device becomes more useful.

You could buy any of the below-mentioned accessories:

  • The 16 GB USB 3.0 : This flash drive is very useful because you can keep transferring your files anytime, especially in emergency situations.
  • Bottle Opener : You can buy this accessory which will be quite helpful when with friends at a get-together.
  • Quick Connect : It helps you get the device connected to any bag or item instantly.
  • Light : The Nano light is a must-have as it always comes to use.
  • Upgrade : You can upgrade your device to the titanium one if you want to upgrade the style and enhance the sturdiness.
  • Pocket Clip : The pocket clip is quite handy as you can attach the device to your pocket or belt or bag easily.

KeySmart’s Return Policy :

If you feel that the device is not up to the mark and does not match your expectations or in case it is defective and damaged, the device can be returned within 21 days of receiving the device. You have to place a request for a return within this period.

KeySmart's Return Policy

You also have to send the company an email with the reason why the product is returned. The company asks for purchase proof and gives you details where the package has to be shipped. You will have to pack the package properly and dispatch it to the mentioned address.

If you have bought the Pro Device, you will get the purchase price in case you return it. But, it deducts 15% as a restocking fee, which covers the cost borne by the firm to wipe off data on the device. Generally, the process needs 2 complete weeks. You can wait for 2 weeks and in case you have not got your refund to post the two weeks, you could email them regarding the same.

Pros and Cons of KeySmart:

Pros :

  • KeySmart has a unique design which is patented
  • The device is designed using aircraft-grade materials
  • KeySmart is very light in weight, durable and resistant
  • It comes with a free loop wherein car keys can be attached
  • It can hold about 10-14 keys without appearing bulky
  • You can choose amongst different colors and engrave your initials or name on it
  • It is simple to use
  • A lot of accessories are available at extra cost which makes the device more functional and useful
  • The product can be returned in 21 days of receipt of the product
  • Good discounts are offered on bulk deals

Cons :

  • Finding the right key can be tough sometimes
  • In case you wish to return the device, you have to dispatch it yourself
  • A restocking fee of 15% is deducted in case of Pro device

Conclusion :

KeySmart Classic is  not just a unique but also a very functional gadget that will organize all your keys and avoid the clutter. It is available at an affordable cost and in case you want to gift it to a lot of people, you can get some amazing offers on bulk purchases.

If you have a lot of keys in your bags or at your workspace, definitely consider buying this device, as it can hold 10-14 keys and still remains light, sturdy, and also does not rip off your clothes or bags. KeySmart is essential for those individuals who carry a lot of keys every single day!

Keysmart Review – Is It Really The Best Key Organiser?
Keysmart Review – Is It Really The Best Key Organiser?
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