Keyless Pro Keyboard Review [2022]- Best Virtual Keyboard

Keyless Pro Keyboard Review

There are many gadgets which are available from which people can make their things easy. Now the smartphones have revolutionized, and a lot of people are working as well as travelling with it. It has made life enjoyable. We are here with a Keyless Pro Keyboard Review to simplify your life.

Keyless Pro Keyboard Review

Are You Tired of taking bulky laptops?

Sometimes carrying the laptop is like dragging it on oneself. As laptop are heavy, then one needs to organise the wire. There are times to keep the external keyboard that makes the work easy. If taking the laptop, then it will be like dragging on everywhere. Due to this, many of the personal belongings we compromise at times and could not able to carry along.

Had anyone ever thought of using the smartphone for work? Keyless Pro Keyboard is the solution for the same. So, just one need a smartphone with the KeyLess Virtual keyboard with a flat surface.

Keyless Pro Keyboard Review [2021]- Is It Worth The Hype?

What is the Keyless pro keyboard?

When there are science fiction movies about advance technology, then one gets excited by watching the new things. As everyone wants to work on the new gadgets to carry around. As working on it will be more fun and give better results.

This is KeyLess Virtual keyboard which is compact in size and gets easily fit in the pocket. It is compatible with any of the device, such as PC, computers, notebooks, smartphones, and laptops. This device can turn the tablet or smartphone into the computer, and it could be run on the Windows, Android, and iOS operating softwares.

What is Keyless Pro Keyboard

One does not have to touch the screen of a smartphone as the keyboard could also be used as a mouse. As it is a laser, this device could save a lot of time from getting tangled into the wires and cables. With that, this device is like a power bank for the smartphone from which the phone could be charged.

For typing, this is just the best solution. Just one needs to have the flat opaque surface, and one can start using it. It is very easy for use and one can rely on it. But people are using it more like a gadget. This virtual keyboard had brought the revolution and also known by the future of keyboards.

More About Keyless Pro Keyboard

It is always considered best to know about the product before buying it. As most of the product has its features –

  • It is compact, portable and easy for setting up.
  • The size and brightness could be adjusted easily.
  • Very convenient and easy to use.
  • Battery life is more so it could be used for long.
  • The user gets accuracy while using it.
  • Built-in speaker and easily connect through Bluetooth in this device.
Keyless Pro

Features of Keyless Pro Keyboard

It comes with the patter projector layout which has a pitch of 19mm approximately. It comes with red laser light, and the size of the device is 240mm with a height of 100 mm. Keyboard has a mouse and could be found from the bottom at around 80 mm.

To work seamlessly, it only requires an opaque and non-reflective surface. It can recognise the 350 characters in a minute. It could be as accurate as any normal keyboard could be. The power supply is external, and it could be operated through USB having a voltage less than 5V 500mA.

It has the battery of lithium-ion polymer and can operate for around 150 minutes approximately. 90 minutes of charging time approximately it takes. It has the HID Profile Ver. 1.0, Bluetooth connection V3.0, which is known for the efficiency it has with a frequency range of about 2402-2480 MHz

Some more specifications:

  • GFSK Channel having 79 modulation
  • 78mm x 40 mm x 20 mm is the product size
  • The product weighs around 60 grams.
  • Black and white are the two colour varieties in it.
  • The layout of the keyboard is English (QWERTY)
  • Not much of moving parts due to which it is durable.
  • Shortcut keys and full-size key pitch for using it.
  • Can be easily adapted to all of the working environment.
  • Infrared Laser Transmitter is used in it.

Advantages of Keyless Pro 

  • The device is very compact and light in weight
  • Portable and pocket sized makes it easy to carry anywhere
  • No need to carry your mighty laptop just for the sake of keyboard. Lesser the luggage easier the travel.
  • Helps cost cutting by reducing the need to manufacture keyboards.
  • Can be used as power bank to charge your other smart devices.
  • Comes very handy and helpful during seminars or presentations where laptop is carried in hand to type.
  • With all its key features, Keyless Pro makes you a Gadget Savvy

Disadvantages of Keyless Pro

  • It needs a flat and plain surface to project the keyboard
  • It can support up to 40metre distance. Beyond that, Bluetooth may not function properly and high chances of typos in the content.
  • Don’t let the laser pass through your eyes directly. Take proper eye care as a preventive measure while using the device.

How does the Keyless Virtual Keyboard is used?

Within the range, due to infrared sensors, it could sense any of the movements, and it has the laser projection keyboard. Due to the sensor, it could be used for typing on the flat surface and very easy to use it. In this, one can type the words on the virtual keyboard flashing on the surface just like the traditional keyboard by using this laser technology.

This is a simple device, but the functions of it are complex. It can be easily connected to the USB cord or Bluetooth.

Usage of Keyless Pro Keyboard

One can use this device anytime and anywhere. As it is inconvenient to carry the laptop everywhere and at times, one forgot to have the laptop along than having this virtual keyboard is the best solution. One just needs to turn the device on at the flat surface, then connect it to the smartphone or tablet. After connecting, one can start the work.

Keyless Pro Virtual laser keyboard is a simple device but works intricately. These keyboards are emitted through a special projector and are connected either wirelessly or with a USB cord to a device that you want to type on.

The laser keyboard will shine a virtual keyboard on a flat surface which you can then use to type on as if it were a real keyboard. The sensor built into the top of the virtual keyboard device will sense which letters you’re typing and then type them onto the device it’s connected to.

Benefits of Keyless Pro keyboard

Suppose one is there on a bus, train, café, or any other place and some urgent work are there. One need to complete that work urgently; then one does not have to rush back. Just one need to open this device on the flat surface with the smartphone attached to it and it work could be done there easily.

As this device design is portable and lightweight, it could be carried easily to anywhere one go and work over there on it. One does not have to worry about the laptop along every time to do the work. It is much easier to carry the device while travelling as it does not include much into the luggage.

Benefits of Keyless Pro Keyboard

One can use this device on conferences and seminars. The battery of it lasts around two hours, which is a considerably good time to complete the task, and if required, it could be charged again. It is easily compatible with Windows, Android or iOS devices.

Why is KeyLess PRO so special?

Use it Anywhere: There is no way someone could take a keyboard everywhere they go and laptops can be inconvenient at times. Imagine yourself in a train or a bus or even a cafe, desperate to complete a task. Smartphones and tablets might not work well for you. With KeyLess PRO all you need is a flat surface. Faster and more accurate typing wherever you are. Just let it shine its full keyboard in front of you, connect it with your device and that’s it! The portable design is the reason why it fits even in your pocket.

The Keyboard… The Mouse…: The SpeakerKeyLess PRO will shine upon your surfaces and create a beautiful full size keyboard. The intensity and the size of it are in your hands because they are totally adjustable. It comes with advanced optical identification technology that never fails when it comes to accuracy. You can also enjoy a completely functional and precise virtual mouse that answers to a couple of smart gestures. Imagine connecting it with your smart TV and being able to surf the internet from your couch. How cool is that? To make sure if you pressed a button or not, just listen to the beeping sounds of the built-in speaker. Now get that! If you want, you can use it as a speaker to listen to music while typing. This is the ultimate drop-the-mic move!

Typing for Days: KeyLess PRO comes with a 1000mAh Built-in Rechargeable Battery that can provide you with two full days of battery life. No need to worry about running out! You can also use it as a power bank to charge your other devices while typing. You can do that pretty easily just by connecting it via USB. The fact that the intensity and the size of the projected keyboard are adjustable lets you control the consumption of power.

All you Need is Bluetooth: KeyLess PRO uses the latest Bluetooth technology to pair with your other devices. It works without delays and disconnections. It’s compatible with all devices that have Bluetooth like smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macbooks. Just connect it with your device of choice and you’re good to go!

Keyless Pro Virtual Keyboard Specification:

  • Light source:red laser
  • Keyboard(mouse) size: Approx. Width : 240mm, Height: 100mm
  • Keyboard(mouse) Location: Approx. 80mm from the bottom of device
  • Project Surface: Non-reflective, opaque flat surface
  • Recognition Rate: Approx. up to 350 characters per minute
  • Operating Surface: Any firm flat surface
  • External Power Supply: USB Power / less than 5V 500mA
  • Battery & Capacity: Lithium-ion Polymer Battery,700mAh(MA X) @ 3.7V
  • Battery Operating Time: Approx. 150min
  • Battery Charging Time: Approx. 90min
  • Bluetooth(bm20730): V3.0, HID Profile Ver 1.0
  • Frequency Range: 2402-2480MHz
  • Channel: 79Modulation: GFSK
  • Product Size (mm): 78mm x 40mm x 20mm
  • Product Weight (g): 60gcolors: white, black

What we Don’t Like about Keyless Pro keyboard?

A plain and flat surface is only required to project the keyboard on it.

Up to a distance of 40 meters, it can support. Beyond that limit, there is a possibility that it does not function properly, and there are high chances that there could be an error in the content.

The laser should not pass from the eyes directly. One should take preventive measures while using the device and especially for eyes.

ConclusionKeyless Pro Keyboard Review [2021]- Is It Worth It?

It is much convenient to carry tablets or smartphones than laptops. As per the studies, it has been shown that only 20 percent of the total capacity in smartphones has been used by people mostly. So, a lot of potentials is being wasted on it.

There are many innovations in the smartphone, and this portable device is one of them. As when one carries the laptop, it is bulkier so better to carry the smartphone with this device. It is the best solution for carrying it and avoid weight while traveling. So, I hope after reading this Keyless Pro Keyboard Review your all doubts regarding the product will be cleared. So why are you waiting? Go an get your Keyboard today.

Keyless Pro


How many languages is it possible to have the keyboard? 

It is just a projector, and mainly the input method is the phone, it depends on the phone that which language it has.

Does it work with the smartphones and PC?

As white works with all the PC and smartphones (USB cable or Bluetooth) while black only works with smartphones.

For viewing the surface, can glass top be used?

It is a bad idea to use the glass top for projection. The surface should be flat and opaque like the tabletop in wood, floor or book could even solve the purpose.

How fast can I type on a laser keyboard?

Keyless Pro can handle up to 350 characters per minute. In reality, your typing speed depends on your ability to deal with the smaller-sized keys. Using this for gaming might be a bad idea as they may not respond quickly enough.

What should be the distance between the device and its projection?

Most projectors for virtual keyboards only need a little space. You can put them just two to three inches away from your keyboard space.

Can I use this product both indoors and outdoors?

Yes, it can be used. However, it is strongly recommended to use indoors as the outside bright light may impact the laser projection.

How soon can I receive my order?

All orders are shipped with USPS priority airmail. The delivery takes just 24 hours if you are in the US. For international orders, it takes about 5 working days. All the orders are ensured with guaranteed delivery.

Is the LED light strong?

Yes, the led light is strong and can be adjusted to your surroundings.

Is this keyboard waterproof?

No. These device and keyboard projections are not Waterproof. Please keep them away from water.

Keyless Pro Keyboard Review [2022]-  Best Virtual Keyboard
Keyless Pro Keyboard Review [2022]- Best Virtual Keyboard
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