Infiniti Kloud Vs PhotoStick- Which is Better!

photostick vs infinitecloud

Can’t decide between the Infiniti Kloud or PhotoStick? Don’t sweat it! We got you!

When it comes to preserving memories, hardware space is only limited. And perhaps the most common thing to get is a backup flash drive – because nobody wants to delete anything! Now coming down to the actual two options, let’s see which one serves your purpose better. Although the Infiniti Kloud software has the benefit of being available in multiple languages, there isn’t much information regarding tech support, shipping time, etc.

Furthermore, Infiniti Kloud isn’t compatible with a lot of operating systems either. On the other hand, while PhotoStick is only available in English, it supports ancient systems like Windows XP. Moreover, PhotoStick also offers a money-back guarantee of 60 days, while its competitor does not. Coming down to the price tag, 64 GB products of Infiniti Kloud and PhotoStick cost $69.99 and $49.99 respectively.

If you ask us, PhotoStick is our go-to because it’s safer, more compatible, and user friendly. It also has the added benefit of better tech support. The coolest thing? It has a feature to remove duplicate pictures! However, if multi-language support is your goal, go with Infiniti.

PhotoStick – Review

Like we’ve mentioned previously, the PhotoStick USB device is the perfect option when it comes to storing all of your media and files intact and unharmed. Save and backup all of your documents (photos, videos, etc.) with the aid of a single click.

In addition to being super easy, anyone you know can use it to back up all of their data into a safe and single place. All you have to do is grab your computer, plug the PhotoStick into it, click on “go”, and voila! Everything you own on your device will be immediately sheltered into the USB.

Moreover, the PhotoStick USB device is pretty reliable, and it isn’t prone to physical wear and tear. Nor is it vulnerable to corruption due to viruses. (But please don’t toss it across the room or use it as ball 0 thank you.) These are some of the reasons why we feel that the PhotoStick USB is an amazing solution for today’s data backup. You no longer have to depend on annoying online databases or purchase expensive cloud subscriptions. You can easily store everything on the PhotoStick and also keep it on you 24×7. 

This magical USB device also has an interesting layout. It searches your personal computer for all of your media files, and quickly transfers them to the PhotoStick, organizing them with the help of built-in proprietary software. Cool, right? You can store up to 60,000 photos in this one tiny gadget. For any more information and how we feel about this tool, read our “The PhotoStick (2021)” review.

Infiniti Kloud Review

The Infiniti Kloud is yet another fantastic single-click backup flash drive that is created to quickly and very easily back up all your media files from your personal computer.

Infiniti Kloud’s proprietary software has a system that can:

1. Quickly examine your disk drive.

2. Find all of the media files.

3. And with a single click, transfer them into the USB device, keeping your memories safe for all the years to come.

Features and Benefits of the PhotoStick

This USB device is a powerful data backup companion for people from all circles of life. Like we’ve mentioned before, this baby can easily stack up to 60,000 media files and keep them free from any corruption forever and a day. Let’s dive into some of the features of this much talked about USB gadget.

If you intend to throw your money at one thing this week, go with this fantastic 30% off special offer on the PhotoStick. 

Automatic Scanning and Organization

Manually sifting through countless files on your personal computer can take away a huge chunk of your precious time. And if we’re being honest, we’d rather use that time doing something a lot more productive.

The PhotoStick is a pretty genius device when it comes to doing its thing. After you’ve plugged it in, the proprietary software on the device searches through all the data on your computer and backs up the media files selectively.

The PhotoStick USB thumb drive is created to automatically find all those precious memories from your computer and import them into the device with the click of a single button. This USB device takes away all the unnecessary human labor and annoyance of having to sit on your behind and manually search for the files, and it also makes certain that all the media files are backed up safely into the device.

Additionally, this device also has an amazing automatic organization software that keeps all your beloved files well-arranged. It sorts them out according to the respective file format, size, date, and any other factors depending upon your preferences. This means, you, dear reader, will not have to spend hours arranging everything, as the AI software will be taking care of it for you.

Elimination of Duplicate Files

Taking the time out to compare every single file with other files and deleting the duplicate ones is not something that sounds time-saving, does it? If you want to avoid this inconvenience (we’re betting you do), the amazing PhotoStick USB device has the perfect solution. The gadget’s AI software automatically differentiates between all of your files and deletes the duplicate ones with no help from you.

But don’t worry! It won’t delete the identical files without your permission. And will also give you the option to keep the files that you want and delete the rest of them. Furthermore, this software is also designed to find higher resolution files among similar ones and keep it safe while deleting the rest. So if you’ve got multiples of one file, the USB drive scans all of them and preserves the best ones. The others are promptly deleted, freeing up more space for further additions.

Features and Benefits of the InfinitiKloud

Play video-

Being of vigorous construction and shielded from any kind of viruses- this device need not be installed on your computer. You can easily plug the device into the personal computer and it will take care of everything else!

In addition, you do not have to scour for your media lists in every single folder on your computer. The device can swiftly inspect all the local folders, locate all the media files and transmit them to the USB gadget with one click.

InfinitiKloud is a flash drive that can assist you to stock all your memorable pictures, videos, and media files into one single physical location without having to worry about your budget and safeguarding you from financial strain. A marvelous pocket-sized device capable of storing more than 300.000+ photos on this USB drive. Examine our Infinite Kloud (2021) review.

What are the benefits of using InfinitiKloud? 

InfinitiKloud is an excellent antidote for all your data backup requirements. This USB device bids a broad arrangement of bonuses at your fingertips. From Automated media file search option to an easy data transmission- this device has a lot to propose. Let us take a clearer look.

Simple Plug-n-Play. 

If you agree to go with InfinitKloud, you will be saved from installing any extra third-party software on your personal computer or use any cables to link this device to your computer.

This USB gadget is a simple plug-n-play device that can effortlessly be linked to your PC in a matter of few seconds. Furthermore, you can reserve pictures, music, videos, documents, and other media files onto this USB device and disconnect in seconds as well. 

It offers a swift and simple technique of data backup procedure than any other devices available in the marketplace and you will not have to wait for any software to cease syncing. 

Automated One-Click Backup Method Infiniti Kloud provides you with yet another advantage that is the single-click backup. You will not have to waste hours scouring through every other folder on your PC for media files. This USB drive is accompanied by proprietary software that speedily and automatically examines every single folder and retrieves all the media files to the USB. This selection makes the whole procedure of data backup extremely simple and faster.

All you have to do is plug the gadget on your computer after that click on the button “find” and allow the proprietary software to run through every folder to locate all denominations of media files within a matter of few minutes. It is not a problem whether you have a hundred media files or thousands of media records veiled in your thousands of folders; this USB drive will swiftly examine the whole computer and backup all the media files.


Are you exhausted of purchasing expensive cloud subscriptions for your data backup antidotes? Well, if you go for Infinite Kloud, you will be able to enjoy a backup procedure that requires only a one-time fee. 

Fortunately, there are no veiled charges or complex cloud accounts that impose monthly subscription fees, etc. You need to buy this device a single time and after that, it carries the capacity of storing up to 45000 distinct media files without sacrificing the confidentiality or integrity of these files. This is a significantly cheaper and economical procedure as opposed to other backup methods available in the market.

infiniti kloud

What is the distinction between PhotoStick and InfinitiKloud?

While both the gadgets are astonishing in their extraordinary manner, there are a few contrasts that are important here.

While InfinitiKloud accompanies a product that can naturally distinguish all the media documents in your PC, the PhotoStick USB gadget makes it a stride further. It offers AI programming to recognize the media records and keep them forted out and erase the copy records.

This is one of the significant contrasts between these two gadgets. The PhotoStick USB gadget starts to lead the pack by offering a robotized programming framework that can undoubtedly arrange your media documents in various classifications and think about them for dispensing with the copy records while protecting the best forms.

Another significant distinction between these gadgets is that the PhotoStick USB gadget offers the most remarkable capacity for up to 60,000 media records. Interestingly, InfinitiKloud permits you to reinforce 300,000+ media records into the USB drive.

There is another significant contrast between these two gadgets: the similarity that the PhotoStick USB offers with various IOS and Android gadgets. While InfinitiKloud permits similarity with most present-day working frameworks and PCs, the PhotoStick USB permits you to back up your media records from your Android and IOS cell phones too.

This is a stunning choice thinking that most current individuals keep their recollections on their cell phones, and they continually need to synchronize their cell phone exhibitions with on the web and costly membership-based cloud information bases. This is the place the Photo Stick USB gadget steps in and makes all the difference by offering similarity with the assistance of a USB-C connector that can rapidly move all the media records from your cell phone into this gadget for an enduring reinforcement.

Both of these reinforcement alternatives and USB gadgets are astonishing in their particular manner and offer a ton of likenesses to clients.

Both of these gadgets don’t need any outsider programming to be introduced on your PC. Both of these gadgets can, without much of a stretch, oversee and reinforce all your media records with the assistance of a solitary snap. Anybody can undoubtedly utilize these USB gadgets with no prerequisite of technical information, and rapidly utilize the exclusive natural programming to back up the media records.

Furthermore, both the gadgets accompany programmed programming that can look over each document and envelope of your PC and bring just the media records into the USB drive for reinforcement.

Both the gadgets are substantial and accompanied durable development that can last the mileage of years without breaking separated. These gadgets also have another necessary element: avoiding any infections from adulterating the media documents on the gadgets.

Ultimately, both of these gadgets are viable with all the cutting edge PCs and working frameworks and accompany a USB-C connector that can be effectively utilized for the most recent Macintosh and pc models. You can utilize these gadgets with any working framework, and it will naturally recognize the media records and bring them into the gadget for an enduring reinforcement.

Besides, both of these choices are similarly reasonable when contrasted with other, more costly and cloud-based, reinforcement components. You can buy any variation of these gadgets, and you will need to pay a one-time installment. There are no concealed charges or month to month memberships, and you can likewise totally take these anyplace with you without lingering for the internet to see your cherished memories. 

What is the cost of the Infinitikloud storage?

Practically all the cloud benefits at a present accessible cost, not precisely the physical stockpiling gadgets. For a solitary gadget, the cost of Infinitikloud is $ 49.99, while purchasing four gadgets will cost you $ 129.95.

For backing up your gadget on Google Drive, you need to pay extra for 100 GB of extra room for $ 1.99 every month, or $ 11.88 per year.

While Infinitikloud may appear to be costly by correlation, over the long haul, it will undoubtedly end up being substantially more practical than the different choices you have accessible close by.

How Much Does The PhotoStick Cost?

At this point, you’re most likely considering the amount you’ll have to spend to purchase The PhotoStick. As we referenced before, The PhotoStick comes in little, medium, and giant sizes. Here are how the estimating separate:

The short form of The PhotoStick, which has 8 GB of capacity and can amass to 3,500 photos, costs $34.99. You can profit up to a 30% markdown. The medium adaptation of The PhotoStick, which has 64 GB of capacity and can stockpile to 30,000 photos, costs $49.99. That is 40% off the first cost.

The massive rendition of The PhotoStick, which has 128 GB of capacity and can amass to 60,000 photos, costs $79.99.That is half of the first cost. It’s additionally essential that The PhotoStick accompanies a 30-day, unconditional promise. The assurance starts on the delivery date. On the off chance that you request The PhotoStick and it doesn’t work to your desires, you can restore it for a full discount.

Pros and Cons of InfiniteKloud


• Lots of space to store a wide range of records

• Compatible with Android, Windows and IOS gadgets

• Easy to utilize

• Support for English and different dialects


• Can degenerate or harm some reinforcement documents

• Some gadgets won’t remember it

• Not viable with all forms of the Windows working framework

• Doesn’t accompany a manual or any directions

The Pros and Cons of The PhotoStick


• It’s convenient

• The media is upheld up week after week.

• Store up to 60,000 records – that is a great deal.

• Deep limits on the off chance that you purchase more than one gadget

• It proficiently sifts through copies.

• Automatic and quick to utilize

• Scans and discovers all media records in minutes

• Free conveyance and a 30-day ensure

• The PhotoStick requires no specialized skill to utilize. It would help if you plugged it into a USB drive on your PC, click GO, and let The PhotoStick wraps up.

• Considering how much time it spares, The PhotoStick is moderately valued.


• Missing 32 GB alternative

• Limited Stock

• Some online audits show that The PhotoStick maybe more qualified for a PC than a Mac. If you have a Mac, you should remember that.

Top Pick Between Infiniti Kloud vs. Photo Stick

Both the PhotoStick USB gadget and Infiniti Kloud are unique gadgets for quickly backing up all your photographs and recordings with the assistance of a solitary snap. Both of these gadgets are similarly stunning and offer practically comparative advantages to the clients. In any case, the PhotoStick USB gadget starts to lead the pack by offering an AI programming the framework that can not just arrange the media documents dependent on various components and factors yet, besides erase the copy records while saving the best forms.

Furthermore, the PhotoStick USB gadget likewise offers more stockpiling for your media document than InfinitiKloud. In conclusion, the PhotoStick USB gadget also offers similarities with current cell phones. You can likewise utilize this gadget to rapidly move all the media records from your cell phones to this USB drive.

Consequently, the PhotoStick USB gadget starts to lead the pack and is a superior alternative among the two. It offers a higher extra room, better AI programming frameworks, and different advantages that InfinitiKloud doesn’t.

Would I be able to move from photographs from my iPhone in InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is compatible with IOS. You will be able to transfer your photos from your iPhone in it

Does the Photostick work on an iPad?

It works like a USB Flash Drive on a Windows PC or a Macintosh Computer. It has USB 3.0 connector toward one side and an IOS Lightning connector on the opposite end for an iPad or iPhone. So it permits you to move a photograph from the PC to the iPad, or the other way around.

How many photos do a photo stick hold?

The 64 model has 64 GB of capacity and can hold up to 30,000 photographs. You will additionally discover PhotoStick 128, which is the biggest model accessible.

Infiniti Kloud Vs PhotoStick- Which is Better!
Infiniti Kloud Vs PhotoStick- Which is Better!
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