InfinitiKloud or PhotoStick – Which One is Better?

photostcick ir infiniti kloud

If you are bemused between

or Photo Stick that which backup drive you have to select. 

is available in many languages, whereas PhotoStick comes only in English.

If we compare OS then PhotoStick is much better as it supports operation on the older system such as Windows XP, whereas Infiniti Kloud does not support.

Even PhotoStick gives a guarantee to the product and also provides money-back surety within 60 days to their users, whereas it is not with Infiniti Kloud.

infiniti kloud or photostick

The price of the PhotoStick is 49.99$ for 64gb, and the price of the Infiniti Kloud is 69.99$ for 64gb. You should choose PhotoStick because it’s more compatible, safer user-friendly, good tech support, and faq answers.

It also includes a feature that it eliminates duplicate photo, it’s cheaper and there is fast delivery. Whereas, if you require multiple languages option, then you may select InfinitiKloud.

Difference between Infiniti Kloud and Photo Stick

infiniti kloud or photostick

InfinitiKloud has software that automatically detects a media file in the computer, whereas PhotoStick device has more feature and serves an Al software which detects files, organizes them, and even eliminate duplicate files.

•PhotoStick has a special feature that it eliminates duplicate files, organize them properly, and preserve the best ones. Whereas, this feature is not there in Infiniti Kloud.

PhotoStick offers high storage of up to 60000 files. Whereas, InfinitiKloud permits only 30000 file storage.

•PhotoStick has different Android and IOS devices. Whereas InfinitiKloud permits comparison between modern computers and systems.

•PhotoStick automatically transfers files from the smartphone to the device for the backup.

PhotoStick vs InfinitiKloud Similarities

infiniti kloud or photostick

•These devices don’t need third-party software on the computer as they can easily backup and manage the files, just by a single click.

•Anyone can use them and it does not require technical knowledge.

•They both have automatic software and it scans all folders and files of the computer and transfers only media files to USB Drive.

•They both are reliable. They have sturdy construction that lasts for years. They also include a common feature that prevents viruses to attack the device.

•They both are irreconcilable with the new operating systems and computers. They have an HSBC adaptor that can be used with the latest PC and Mac models.

They can be used with all operating systems and can automatically detect files and transfer them to a device for backup.

Moreover, they are equally affordable in comparison to other, cloud-based, and more expensive, backup mechanisms. You can select any variant and just have to pay one time.

They don’t have any hidden monthly charges. You can purchase them from brick-and-mortar and online stores.

Pick best between PhotoStick vs InfinitiKloud

•Both the devices are amazing. They share some similar features. But still, PhotoStick finds to be quite different from Infiniti Kloud as it has AI software.

  •PhotoStick offers more space to the device, you can save big files in comparison to InfinitiKloud.


PhotoStick took the lead as it is a better option. As it has a high storage facility, more perks, and a better AI system that is not present in InfinitiKloud.

InfinitiKloud or PhotoStick – Which One is Better?
InfinitiKloud or PhotoStick – Which One is Better?
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