How To Use Photostick on Windows?

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The Photo Stick is the most recent item explicitly intended for document backup. It appears as a backup drive and accessible in various colors for customization. Learn How to Use Photostick with ease.

It utilizes programming that can look in the organizers, which can discover pictures you lost. The beneficial thing about this item is beside photographs; it can likewise look for your archives and recordings.

In case, that you have to spare photographs of your wedding, birthday celebrations, everyday experience, and different occasions, this device can be your fundamental accomplice.

how to use photostick

You can store your media documents for a lifetime. It would help if you tried not to lose the gadget.

PhotoStick accompanies a few directions. It is easy to utilize. Fitting it into a USB opening, double-tap on The Photo Stick Windows.exe (from document voyager or for my situation, it just sprung up on the screen) and afterward click GO. It will, at that point, back up all the photographs it sees.

At the point when done, eliminate the PhotoStick and keep it securely. Those are on the whole the directions that it accompanies. (Windows or Mac)

ThePhotoStick Quick Start Guide.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1.

Mac with OS X 10.7 or later.

To start The PhotoStick on Windows:

how to use photostick

1. Fit ThePhotoStick into an open USB space.

2. From File Explorer, double-tap on ThePhotoStickWindows.exe.

ThePhotoStick is a USB stick that consists the astounding programming and capacity that makes it simple to discover all your photographs and recordings on your PC or Mac and effectively spare them to the USB stick. Just plug it in and GO.

Starting the Backup

When you hit the GO button, the backup will consequently start. Of course, the program will search for JPEG documents and backup them. Moreover, you can change these settings and backup practically all documents you need.

Reviewing the Backed-Up Files

The system to see the backed-up documents for both Mac and Windows PCs is as per the following:


When the gadget is connected to a PC named ABCD and the drive letter F is appointed, the supported up documents will be found on the accompanying way F:\My_Files\ABCD\.

Settings and Options

To get to this segment, you can tap the Settings button on the primary interface. Here, you can see as changing any default settings identified with record area and document type.

File Type

Of course, the PhotoStick scans and backs-up JPEG documents. In any case, this can be handily changed according to the client’s needs.

When you go to the settings and choices area, you will see Photo File Types and Video File Types. Tap on the proper choice and select all the record types you need. Click OK to save.

File Locations

As a matter of course, the application begins its search at the accompanying ways:

·        Windows: c:\

Once you go to the File Locations in the Settings and Options area, you can click Add to add another way to be checked. Additionally, you can likewise eliminate, skip, or return to the default ways.


There are significantly more alternatives inside the Settings and Options zone. For example, you can skip copies, bar photographs/recordings littler than a specific worth, same thumbnails in the iPhoto Library, troubleshoot logging, keep up the source registry structure, and unite all documents into a solitary catalog.

More or less, we can infer that the PhotoStick is passing on, the best answer for all your media reinforcement related concerns. You presumably wouldn’t locate any more accessible and quicker option in the market. It’s a ten on ten generally!

Fast, easy, and safe photograph and video backup.

  • Nothing to introduce.
  • Fast- find and save 1000 photographs in only ten minutes.
  • Excessively simple to utilize –  No filenames, No passwords, no cloud storage.
  • Discovers copies.
  • Safe – store in a protected area.

Where Can You Use the Photo Stick?

how to use photostick

There isn’t anything to question utilizing Photo Stick since it can work in old and new PCs that run with the Windows working system.

It is viable with Windows 7, Vista, XP, and other most recent adaptations of Windows 10 and 8. It likewise performs well with Mac that runs in different OS variants, which are at any rate 10.6. It can assist you with recovering your old pictures and recordings.

Backing up is critical to most clients. Specialists do suggest that you should regularly make reinforcement for your hard drive.

If you need to abstain from losing your valuable recordings and photographs that you took on a unique event, a photo stick is a thing that you need.

Hard drive failure can be another explanation behind lost information. In this way, it is critical to backup all your significant documents usually.

How To Use Photostick on Windows?
How To Use Photostick on Windows?
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