HomePolice24 – 24/7 Security Sensor Monitoring Device


 There is no safer place like home. But what if I say your home is not that safe. Do you agree? One may not but, indeed, even your home is not safe these days. As the number of robberies is increasing day by day, the matter of a secure home is worrying people side by side. One can deal with the natural tragedies but managing man-made tragedies like robbery and unarmed burglaries are out of a person’s hands.

 One need not worry now, because here we have the perfect solution to your problem. By installing HomePolice24 your home will get the 24*7 security without hiring any security company. This technology is quite easy to use and one can make changes from time to time on their own. A break-in inside a house can also cause violence, it might leave a victim in a traumatic state. HomePolice24 is a gadget that helps you to live without worries when you are out of town.

What Points To Kept In Mind While Choosing A Home Security System?

There are so many various ways through which one can keep robbers away from their homes. Most of the security systems turn on the sirens when doors and windows are opened without permission. It is important to look for a security system that will keep you updated 24*7.

 ●  24*7 Control: You need to have total control of the security system throughout the day. If you go to the security company for a home security system, they will charge you with various sorts of fees. The security company will give you access to look after your house security but this requires daily/ weekly updates. So you must go for something which is easy to use but ensures full security like HomePolice24. With the help of this one can easily look after the activities of their home.

●  Quantity Of Sensors & Alarms: So this is another very important point to keep in mind while buying a security home system. Count the number of windows and doors and then move forward to purchase the device.

●  Ease Of Putting In Place: Installing the security system should be simple and easy and also less time-consuming. Before buying any security system for home make sure you learn how to install it on your own.

●  Battery Backup: Also look for how the security system charges its battery, through your home electricity power or batteries. Go for something which uses a battery for a longer duration. So you don’t have to change the batteries frequently.

 HomePolice24- An Introduction:

 HomePolice24 is a home security system with the latest technology. It is quite easy to use. It comes with sensors that are attached to your doors and windows if someone tries to break into your house forcefully. It automatically sends you an alert message on your phone through your home WiFi.

It is a very authentic and trustworthy device. Always gives you the real alerts, not the fake ones. Quite easy to set inside your home. By using this one can get the sense of security of their beloved home, though when they are far away from home.


Features Of HomePolice24:

●  Easy To Install: It is quite easy to install, just set the sensors to the inside of your windows and doors. Download the app and you are all ready to go. Anyone can install it with lesser tools. The sensors have double-sided tape on them, so all you need to do is to stick them up. One can install it in 10 minutes or so.

●  Smart Sensors: The sensors which come with HomePolice24 are quite smart and trustworthy. One can attach them easily to the doors and windows and you are good to use them. It automatically starts when someone tries to break into your house.

●  All Day All Night Security: The motive of installing this system is that it ensures you 24*7 security of you and your family. HomePolice24 acts as your and your loved ones’ bodyguard at home. Stop worrying and install HomePolice24 to get that feeling of security and safety.

●  No Extra Charges: It doesn’t ask one to pay any extra monthly subscription or charges as you can use it as an independent home security system. Except for its actual price, you are not supposed to pay anything.

●  Important Reminders: It also gives you reminders on your smartphones if you left any door or window open. HomePolice24 gives you low battery reminders as well. When the battery’s power starts to decrease it tells you beforehand. So your security won’t get affected.

●  Compatibility With Smart Devices: HomePolice24  is also compatible with any kind of smart device i.e iPhone and Android. It also works with Alexa and Google Home. It also allows you to monitor your house activities from the phone itself.

●  Unusual Occurrence Alert: If someone tries to break or enter your house. HomePolice24 immediately alerts you on your smartphone. So one can contact the cops in no time.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of HomePolice24:


●  Whole control is in your hands.

●  It is easy to install.

●  It is simple to use

●  Quick alerts on phone.

●  You can install it in not more than 10 minutes.


●  Only available online.

●  Promo stock is also limited.

Working Mechanism Of HomePolice24:

 It works with the help of sensors and a control panel system. The sensors are installed and connected to the control system. When an uninvited guest tries to break into your house the sensors send signals to the control panel, which turn on a high volume alarm. And also alerts you on your smartphone as well. So this is how HomePolice24 works as a home security system.

Customer Reviews On HomePolice24:

 HomePolice24 has received positive and good revenues as such. Let’s see what qualities of HomePolice24 consumers talk about.

The majority of the customers talk about its quick alerts and alarm. Some of the customers say that they get the feeling of security in their home when they are out and their kids and all are there.

 How Can I Buy HomePolice24?

 HomePolice24 is not yet available on regular market stores. One can purchase it online. And can also avail of the discount as well. One can purchase it directly from the company’s website.

 Why is HomePolice24 Popular Among People?

 The customer loves this product because it is quite easy to use and does not take much time in installation. The people get the security that their home is safe no matter how far they are from their place. And it is also a one-time investment, one needs to spend again and again on their home security system. Because of these reasons, HomePolice24 is popular among people.


 You must keep you and your family safe from any kind of harm. Choosing the right home security system for your home is tough. But HomePolice24 gives you a surety of safety and security. Its easy installation feature makes it different from the rest of the security systems. One can easily get a sense of security and safety of their family or loved ones by installing HomePolice24 in their homes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do house alarms work when power is out?

Both the high-frequency siren and monitoring services can take effect in the event of a power outage, whether it is causes by a natural disaster or damaged power lines. The backup battery for your monitored security system keeps it powered for up to 24 hours after you lose power to maintain your alarm protection.

Does it support battery backup?

HomePolice24 comes with a battery backup system which makes it work for at least 8 hours during power loss time.

HomePolice24 – 24/7 Security Sensor Monitoring Device
HomePolice24 – 24/7 Security Sensor Monitoring Device
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