Hiya Health Review: Is It The Best Multivitamin for Your Kids

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Kids nowadays are full of zeal and energy to such levels that they extinguish themselves with their daily toddling. To maintain your child’s zeal, you have to feed them properly to ensure the daily hustle bustle doesn’t drain them completely. A proper nutritional diet is what a parent always looks for. At least it’s what I do. It is no secret that feeding a kid is one hell of a task.

Numerous studies indicate that more than about 90% of kids fail to attain the recommended amount of veggies and fruits daily and to make up for this lag in our child’s daily diet, we tend to resort to vitamins. We feed them raw vitamins without knowing what effect they can have on the child. Usually, sugary entities are a go-to thing for parents. Kids are fed gummy or junk, which surely harms them in more ways than they help them.

However, what if I told you there are other ways to fulfill your child’s nutritional needs without exposing them to the necessity of junk food. Go out there and look for Hiya Vitamins.

A revolution in the relevant field, Hiya vitamins has completely changed the landscape of the market. In this review, we’ll take a deeper and detailed look at the Hiya vitamins’ approach while they aim to eliminate the lags in your kid’s diet.

Buying Guide to Buy the Best Multivitamin Supplement for Kids 

The source of vitamin derivation is what one should always try to know about. Vitamins drawn from natural and whole foods are the best choice one can make. Nicole, a renowned researcher, has also emphasized the need to replace the artificial sources of vitamin extraction with the natural ones. The artificial vitamins are even termed as harmful to the human body. 

Our first attempt should be to follow the natural way of providing vitamin nutrition to the children, like providing them whole foods. However, if they tend to resist, then the multivitamin supplements are preferable but only drawn from whole natural food sources. 

Things One Should Avoid In The Multivitamin Supplement for Kids

The multivitamins for children often consist of iron sulfate and artificially added sweeteners. Both these ingredients are points of concern in your kid’s diet. When children are presented with gummy or sweet offerings, they tend to get more appeal than they do in the case of other eatables. That’s where the concern lies.

Sometimes a kid may go for an overdose without knowing the danger of such an act. It has been declared repeatedly by various global specialists like DrMercola that if the children take the iron sulfate in inadequate quantity, it may damage the body and even death in some cases.

Besides, almost all the companies use aspartame, aka fructose corn, as sweeteners in their multivitamins. The aspartame is considered very harmful for a child’s health if taken in higher quantities. One should look for Carbonyl iron as it is regarded as a slightly safer iron form.

Hiya Vitamins Overture

The foundation for Hiya health was laid by two dads. Both individuals were shaken upon realizing that the traditional multivitamins the children were being provided with were nothing but a fancy form of candy.

Hiya health offers chewable vitamins for children on a subscription basis. The vitamins they provide are claimed to be sugar-free and purely natural. Hiya health vitamins contain zero added junk. The Hiya vitamins’ composition is entire of natural food extracts, and it is approved by specialists worldwide.

Key Benefits and Advantages

Below points best describe the benefits that your kids will receive from Hiya vitamins:

  • The composition is purely based on vegetable and fruit extracts
  • There are no added sweeteners. The hiya vitamins are naturally sweetened and completely organic to provide your child with a better health quality.
  • The Hiya vitamins are chewable. Therefore, the kids may accept the more quickly and eat them without resistance, as in regular vitamins.
  • The Hiya vitamins don’t use plastic containers to store the vitamins. They have a proper sense of environmental safety, so they provide the vitamins in glass containers and then send the refill supplies in plastic-free containers.
  • Hiya vitamins have a way with child appeal. They design and pack their product so that the kids think of taking vitamins as a fun activity.
  • Once ordered, the Hiya health will regularly send the supplies to save you some thinking efforts.

What’s so Unique About Hiya Vitamins?


There are about 15 nutrients and vitamins in each chewable, which makes them super healthy. 

  • Vitamin A
  • Thiamin B1
  • Vitamin C
  • Riboflavin
  • Vitamin D
  • Biotin B7
  • Vitamin E
  • Folate B9
  • Vitamin B12
  • Calcium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Iodine
  • Pantothenic acid B5

Let’s Know about the Main Ingredients

The above list assures that the vitamins aren’t a waste of time and money. Now, let’s take a detailed look at the benefits these ingredients bestow upon your children. 

Vitamin A: The Hiya vitamins contain 360mcg Vitamin A. It is vital for polished immunity, cells, and healthy eyes. Vitamin A has two vital parts, and Hiya vitamins have both of them. 

Vitamin C: there is 40mcg of ascorbic acid, aka Vitamin C, in the Hiya vitamins. It is beneficial for the immune system of the kids.

Vitamin D: it is claimed that around 40% of kids face Vitamin D deficiency. Keeping that in view, Hiya Vitamins can prove a beneficial choice to strengthen the children’s bones and immune system. There is approximately 25 mcg amount of Vitamin D in Hiya vitamins. 

Vitamin E: 3.5mg Vitamin E is present in Hiya vitamins in the D-alpha tocopherol form. It is beneficial for better eyesight, heart, and immune system of the children. 

Vitamin B1: it is also known as ThiaminB1, and it helps in getting proper sleep, concentration, and mood. Each chewable consists of 0.5mg Thiamin. 

Riboflavin: beneficial for cell growth, eyesight, and energy; riboflavin can be found in bananas, spinach, and asparagus. There is a 0.6mcg riboflavin in hiya vitamin chewable’s.

Vitamin B9(300 mcg): Folate, Vitamin B9 is super beneficial for cell growth. 

Vitamin B12(2mcg): the medical term for it is methylcobalamin, which helps sleep. 

Vitamin B7(25 mcg) is also termed as biotin, and it is good for healthy skin and cellular growth. 

Vitamin B5(2.5mcg): Also known as pantothenic acid, it is very beneficial for calmness and focus. 

Calcium (20mcg): Calcium in Hiya Chewables supports bone health and development. 

Zinc(3mg): zinc helps improve immunity and also helps to prevent or fight infections. 

Iodine(50mcg): It helps protect the children from thyroid problems. 

Selenium(15mcg): selenium is beneficial for sleep, inflammation, and mood, etc. 

Manganese(1.5mcg): it is helpful to improve metabolism and also supports inflammation. It naturally occurs in potatoes, chickpeas, and tofu. 

Extract of the Monk Fruit

Hiya health claims to be using the monk fruits’ extracts as the sweetening agents in their chewable vitamins instead of artificial sugar. The mentioned monk fruit can be found around the Southeast Asian region. This small and round fruit is also known as the Buddha fruit, and it is a hundred times sweeter than normal sugar. 

This tropical melon has risen to popularity for its natural sweetness in recent times, especially in the USA. Its extract was regarded as a sweetener by the USFDA in 2010. 

Apart from being sweet, this ancient Chinese remedy also has antioxidant features. It consists of natural sugar extracts like glucose and fructose at huge levels. There haven’t been any extensive studies or researches regarding the monk fruit but the satisfied users since centuries make us believe that the fruit is the best there is. 

There is another sweetener, like the Monk Fruit, called Mannitol. It is colorless and is beneficial for diabetic patients. It is also used to sweeten Hiya, just as the monk fruit. 

How Much Does Hiya Cost?

There are various packages available for the Hiya vitamins. You can choose from the following list of packages:

  • Single kid $38 per bottle with free shipping. 
  • Two kids $28 per bottle with free delivery. 
  • Three kids $25 per bottle with free delivery. 
  • Four kids $24 per bottle with free delivery. 

Refund Policy 

Hiya promises a full refund without the need to return the purchased product. However, some refunds can be rejected by the company as per their rights. 

Hiya Health overview 

The inventors of Hiya Health limited Corp were sadly aggrieved upon. Witnessing that the traditional multivitamins the children were being provided with were nothing but a fancy form of candy. They identified them as harmful for children in the long run.

Both founders were dads, so they decided to identify a better and safer way to provide vitamins for their children. It took them around three years to prepare the formula for the Hiya chewable supplement.


Hiya health is a treat filled with natural nutrition. It is entirely suitable for children who resist boring but normal healthy diets. Hiya health provides chewable filled with 15 types of vitamins and minerals, which are duly vital for your children’s growth.

The various packages available to you by the company are mentioned above in the context, and it is fair to say that the Hiya vitamins provide health to your children at cheap rates.

As a replacement for the regular junk food, you are feeding your children with, Hiya health chewable is a great aid. It is a better and healthier way to provide your kids with proper diet-induced fun. It is suitable for your family and is a product worth your money. 


Are Hiya vitamins healthy?

As a replacement for the regular junk food that you children may be consuming in the name of nutrition, Hiya health is a way better option. It is a combination of about 12 natural substances and is also naturally sweetened. The formula is tried and tested for three years before being presented for usage. Therefore, it is safe to say that organic and natural extracts make the Hiya vitamins entirely healthy and suitable for your child.

How many units does a kid have to consume per day?

One should be enough. There is the fact that the artificially created vitamins contain ferrous oxides, which may pose a threat to an individual’s life if consumed in higher quantity. Unlike other vitamins, the Hiya vitamins need to be taken just once per day, and it should suffice your children’s nutritional needs. Also, it is junk-free so that it may be more preferable to other options.

Are the Hiya vitamin chewable gender specific?

As per the expert analysis, children of every gender have equal nutritional requirements until they cross their teenage and aren’t children anymore. Though the Hiya vitamins are completely safe for your child’s health, it is duly recommended that you consult a specialist like a pediatrician or a  doctor before opting to use such type of products.

How to manage your subscription?

You can always reach out to the Hiya vitamins if you need any assistance or simply update the account information by toggling to manage the account heading in the email initially sent to you by the company.

Hiya Health Review: Is It The Best Multivitamin for Your Kids
Hiya Health Review: Is It The Best Multivitamin for Your Kids
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