Handsan Wrist Wearable Hand Sanitizer – The only Thing You Right Now!

Handsan Wrist Wearable Hand Sanitizer – The only Thing You Right Now!


People across the world are fond of amazing gadgets that are helpful in their daily work. As the whole world is suffering from a pandemic attack, it is being suggested to keep hands clean and advice to frequently use hand sanitizer and hand wash. To prevent the transmission of the virus to other people. Due to which almost every person nowadays carries hand sanitizer with them, but it becomes quite hectic to carry a hand sanitizer bottle every time because it may leak and even it feels inconvenient to walk with it.

Not only this there is another issue as it is also required to carry sanitizer in hands as taking it out from pants is not good. So it is needed to find some better way of keeping sanitizer.

About Handsan Wrist Wearable Hand Sanitizer

As the pandemic is increasing continuously, so it is the responsibility of every person to take preventive measures for protecting them. This requires proper hygiene, maintain social distance, and avoiding hangouts with friends. Along with all these peoples can also use Handsan Wrist Hand Sanitizer. For meeting the aim of stopping the transmission of viruses and germs. It is easily accessible and simple to use.

Handsan Wrist Wearable Hand Sanitizer is very helpful in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases and viruses. It is easy to hold up. The gadget looks fascinating and very beneficial.

The gadgets function very easily, as one needs to press it with their middle and ring finger, and then an ample quantity of sanitizer will come out of it.

Few things to know while choosing sanitizer:

Alcohol: The most necessary ingredient in sanitizer is alcohol. The concentration of Alcohol must be between 50 to 90℅ for killing germs. But not all types of alcohol are good, so choose either isopropanol, ethanol, or ethyl alcohol content. Never choose any sanitizer that has an alcohol concentration below 50%, as it won’t be effective.

Format: Sanitizer is available in various formats, it includes liquid, foam, and gel. If hand sanitizer is in gel form, then it is better as it won’t leak or spill as easily.

Fragrance: The hand sanitizer that has pleasant fragrance should be avoided. As it may lead to irritation and even content non-essential items. However, good sanitizers don’t have a nice fragrance and those which have nice fragrances are of lower quality.

Kinds of Sanitizer available in market

Gel Sanitizer:  It is relatively simple to apply and very affordable. It is easier to use on fingernails and fingers.

Foam Sanitizer: It is very suitable for skins rather than liquids or gel. It is quite expensive because it is very effective in killing germs and viruses.

Liquid Sanitizer: They are similar to gel sanitizer. The water-base make it runnier. It is easy to apply. But there is one drawback that it may often leak.

What is the Handsan Hand Sanitizer?

It is the device that touches the wrist and contains sanitizer, so when consumers need it they don’t have to reach into the purse, pocket, or any other place for eliminating bacteria. It is portable and can easily be filled. This device is made by a well-established tech company. It seems like a toy but useful in daily life. It is not costly and available at a reasonable price.

This gadget can be used for dispensing other things rather than sanitizer, but mainly it dispenses sanitizer for cleaning and sanitising hands.

It is simply a container like a wristwatch, which helps people for releasing sanitizer when required. This device has an ergonomic design because of that it is portable. All these features make it trendy. It is a combination of a wristwatch and sanitizer. It is available in various colours. So you can choose your favourite one.

Hand sanitizer is now the basic requirement of every family. As the device wraps around a wrist, a person can easily access with their hand even without touching other places first. The device is made through heavy silicon that lasts long for a while. It can be easily filled by all age group consumers.

Specification of using Handsan Wristband Sanitizer

Durability: Waterproof, durable, smooth, flexible, no decolonization, sunscreen, and no deformation.

Materials: Made of 100% Silicone.

Size: Kids/Adults Unisex; only one size is there that fits all( It has adjustable band step )

Cleaning Instructions: Wash with warm water, soap, and refill.

Includes: Contains 1×Dispenser beak bottle and 1pc of the wristband.

Recommendation: Kids below 10 should use it under adult guidance. Don’t use various solutions. When alcohol gel is used, then block the fire.

Features of the Handan Wrist Sanitizer

 •Can hold the liquid up to 15ml.

•It is re-wearable, washable, and has two caps, one for liquid gels and the other for loose liquids.

•The refill can accommodate other products as well such as cream, lotion, and so on.

•It is simple to fill.

•Fill the liquid of your choice and when needed then simply press on the logo for dispensing.

•It is beneficial for those people who work in the hospital, service industries, travel, and so on.

•It is a perfect gift for friends, family, colleagues for the current pandemic period.

Pros and Cons of Handan Sanitizer

Pros of Handsan sanitizer

-Handy and simple to use.

-Dispenses the required quantity of sanitizer.

-No uneasiness or irritation on a wrist. It may not cause any skin problems as it is tested in labs.

-It has a fascinating design.

-Affordable to everyone. Anyone can buy it.

-Can use for more than two to three without refilling. Last long for a few days.

Cons of Handsan Sanitizer

-It is available online, so there are chances that people may choose other online products rather than it. There are many brands available so buyers might select some other sanitizer.

-There is limited stock. There is a shortage of this gadget during the pandemic time because it is in huge demand by the people.

-It takes a long time to ship. So sometimes it becomes frustrating to wait for its arrival.

Why purchase Handsan Sanitizer?

The gadget is made for the wellbeing of users in the time of a pandemic. Handsan Sanitizer cures a dilemma of all people around the world that they need to take around the sanitizer bottle along with them anywhere they go. However, many sanitizers do not adjust with the International protection standards and many of them are used in stores also. So users are tensed to use the sanitizers that are provided in the stores.  Some other reasons are:

Hypoallergenic material

The biosafety gadget is manufactured with 100 percent eco-friendly items (silicone). It is a hypoallergenic material. Not only being hypoallergenic, but it is also an incredibly comfortable and soft material.

Time Optimisation

Before leaving home or sleeping, fill the bracelet with the favourite hand sanitizer, moisturizing cream, or sunscreen. By doing this person always remain protected from viruses and ultraviolet rays.

Less stuff to take in the bag

When a person carries this gadget, then it is not required to carry heavy items in the bag. If a user uses a less quantity of repellent, sunblock or body lotion, hand sanitizer, then it not necessary to take heavy stuff. With the usage of this gadget, the load to carry heavy stuff reduces. The person can easily move with a light bag because maximum things are being kept in the gadget such as cream, sanitizer, or lotion.

How to make use of Handsan Sanitizer with various types of sanitizers?

Liquid Pumps

Choose the product according to your choice and fill its opening. If it is filled with the pump then simply lift the band near the pump and then directly pump into an opening. Then gently secure and press the cap back at its place.

Select the cap: When you use an open cap then it is not required to remove a cap. Then simply squeeze the band for dispensing sanitizer. But if you use a plugged cap then flap after dispense and after it plugin. Then squeeze for dispensing and killing germs.

Liquid Gels

Choose the product according to your choice and fill its opening If you fill the band with the thicker sanitizer/product or liquid gel, then simply squeeze a band and fill the opening and then gently release the squeeze for absorbing the product. Repeat the process until it is filled. They are some chances of them to leak, but if they are kept carefully they won’t leak. Even they are the best form of sanitizer.

 Loose Liquids

Choose the product according to your choice and fill its opening. If filling a band with the more or thinner water liquid, then simply squeeze or pout directly in the opening. Secure and press the cap back to place. There are chances of this liquid to leak, so keep the cap close tightly so that it may not leak. They are gentle to use.

Where to purchase Handsan sanitizer?

If anyone wishes to purchase it, then go on their official website, where the consumer can choose the manufacturer, and place the order. If anyone purchases several devices, then they get special offers. However, when a consumer more sanitizer they have to pay less. Price of the Handsan sanitizer is:

•If the buyer buys two Handsan sanitizers then it costs $59

•If the buyer buys three Handsan sanitizers then it costs $79

•If the buyer buys four Handsan sanitizers then it costs $89

•If the buyer buys five Handsan sanitizers then it costs $99

 Placing an order is easy, and they can complete the order within a few weeks. So it is easy to place the order and access it. Another significant benefit is that there are different payment options are available by the seller.

Here a buyer need not be worried about payment, as they can choose secure methods instance Credit Cards or Pay Pal. In case the buyer doesn’t like the product then it can be returned and the buyer will get back the money with no issue. The shipping system is quick. So buyers need not wait for too long. Within a few days, the order reaches the home and is ready to use.

The company gives buyers a thirty days guarantee of 100% money back. But for returning there is one condition the product is not used and remains in the original packaging. In case of any problem, the user can contact customer care and they will take action.


If someone till now has not purchased Handsan sanitizer, then they should not waste time and order it now. Very limited stock is left and the special offer is valid for a few. With the usage of Handsan sanitizer users can reduce the transfer of viruses by serving accessibility to the sanitizer when it is required. Users can refill the sanitizer when it finishes.

The gadget doesn’t show how much product is being carried in it. But a consumer should keep on checking within two to three days and as it gets less than again refill it. People can improve protection against a virus spreading in the world today. Hurry and grab the best deal. Don’t lose the chance.

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Handsan Sanitizer work?

The flexible, soft bracelet has a refillable reservoir. After receiving the bracelet, firstly remove a plug on a reservoir and then fill it with the sanitizer of the choice. After it gets fill then the band will expand. Each refill can be normally used six to ten times.
The gadget is biased to the unactuated arrangement but as it actuated, then permits the sanitizer to pass from a dispensing assembly to an outlet nozzle.

How is Handsan wrist build and design?

It is a cool gadget. The makers tried to make it classy and simple. It has a unique design and from it, sanitizer dispenses easily on the palm. It is made of soft silicone that is lightweight and may not cause irritation. Even the nozzle has a solid rubber to seal the opening and stop the leakage of sanitizer.
The device can hold an ample quantity of sanitizer. On the backside, it has opened for filling sanitizer. The sanitizer filled in can be used up to sixty to seventy times. It is a smartly manufactured device for the current scenario.


Handsan Wrist Wearable Hand Sanitizer – The only Thing You Right Now!
Handsan Wrist Wearable Hand Sanitizer – The only Thing You Right Now!
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