GoSun Flatware Review – The Best Travel Cutlery in Your Pocket


Plastic has emerged as a threat to human existence as of late. The irony of the situation is that it is us, humans, who are responsible for these critical crises. It has been observed that on average humans dump around 40 billion plastic cutlery and it is a factor that is rapidly taking us towards our destruction.

GoSun company has stepped up to provide a lasting solution for this problem by introducing stainless steel kitchenware and cutlery. This review is focused on the same GoSun flatware.

GoSun Flatware Introduction

The GoSun flatware provides plastic-free cutlery while maintaining the style of the items. The premium stainless steel items bring a lease of fresh look into your kitchen. The set of fork, spoon, and a knife, this Flatware is widely recognised for its versatility. One can’t disapprove of the perfect satisfaction these products bring to your kitchen.

How does it work?

GoSun Flatware Review: Utensils in your Pocket - Top 10 Gadgets

A set of spoon, fork, and a knife is packed in a small case. The spoon is a multi-use item as it also fulfills the job of a knife. You can use the items individually and withdraw them from the case as per your liking. The spoon cum knife can be used to chop steak as well as vegetables and when the time to eat arrives, you can eat it holding the fork.

Holding the cutlery frim flatware is simpler than in the case of plastic as it is entirely enclosed with zero grease leaks and messed foods.

GoSun Flatware: Unique features

Below is some key feature of Flatware by GoSun:

  • It is compact and can be kept in your wallet. It comes in a 3.5-inch size.
  • It is entirely reusable and doesn’t need to be dumped after a single-use like plastic cutlery
  • It is washable with soap and water. Also, it is dishwasher proof.
  • The forks and the spoon cum knife are detachable and can be customized according to the requirements of an individual
  • It is very hygienic in comparison to plastic

How to use it?

There isn’t any complex process to bring the GoSun Flatware into usage. You just have to follow the simple steps given below:

Opening: each side of the case has a pair of finger groves. You can slide the preferred cutlery out of the holder by pressing on it. Once you have taken the preferred item out, you’ll know how to use it by simple conscience.

Usage of the spoon cum knife: once out of the holder, it may be a daunting task to figure out the difference between the knife and the spoon since both of them are the same unit. You have to figure out where the edge of the spoon is. That area is what acts as a knife that you can use to chop or cut any meat or vegetable.

Customize: you can bend the items as per your preferences and customise the shape of the cutlery. However, make sure you don’t entirely bend it and make it harder to put it back into the case. Bending makes allows you to use both your hands for efficient and fast working.

Storage: Given the compact size of the cutlery, you can store it anywhere in a wallet, purse, etc. I, for one, always take the cutlery with me in my wallet to use it anywhere I want to.

How to keep the Flatware germ free and clean?

Flatware is used to eating food therefore its cleansing should be a priority. Using plain water to cleanse these items doesn’t have much of an effect so using a cleansing agent like detergent or soap is recommended. After wash, make sure you wipe the items dry and don’t leave them out in the case. You can death the items and wash them.

Using a sponge or soap is the best-recommended method of cleaning the flatware. There is a notable point that the flatware must be dried up properly before putting it back in the case to avoid fungal growth. You can also employ coconut oil to keep the items from getting stiff and lack grease.

Why choose GoSun Utensils?

GoSun steel utensils are a step towards making our planet liveable. It a step to shun plastic-based utensils and cutlery. These utensils are entirely safe for use and stand on a different level than the plastic and regular steel cutlery. Apart from its features, buying these items is a step towards goodness.

Purchasing GoSun Flatware

GoSun Flatware utensils are available for purchase on the official website of the manufacturer. You can easily avail of this compact and portable kitchenware at fairly inexpensive prices. There are various pricing options also available for purchasing these items.

The offer to buy the GoSun flatware includes the combo of buying the two sets of utensils and availing of one set free. You can pay securely via PayPal and other money transfer portals on the official website.

Visit the official website of GoSun and get your set today to add your convenience and take a step to save humanity from the looming threat of plastic.

Money returned guaranty 

If you feel unsatisfied with the product, you can simply return the items to the vendor and avail of the promised  100% money refund within 30 days. Also, they provide quick responses to their customers with satisfactory after-sales service. 


With the plastic threat looming on the planet, the very existence of humans has come under threat. In such a period, the GoSun Flatware is a step towards the safety of the human race. The premium quality compact and portable flatware can be used over and over again. You can carry these items anywhere owing to its small size. This product is a must-buy for the convenience of the customers. Everything about these utensils is satisfactory. Reading this review should be enough for anyone to make you buy the product. I am going to give it a maximum rating.


These are the most frequently asked queries regarding the GoSun Flatware utensils:

What’s the size of the GoSun Flatware?

The GoSun flatware is a very compact and portable set of utensils that can fit even in your wallet. The size of these sets is about 3.5 inches and it weighs an astonishing low of 40 gms.

Where is the knife?

The knife and the spoon are included in one unit. The spoon can be used as a knife too. You can look for the edge of the spoon which acts as a knife and can be used to chop and cut through everything.

How to clean?

You can clean the GoSun Flatware using soap, water, or dishwasher and detergent. After wash wipes it dry with a dry cloth.

Are there any discounts available?

Visit the official website of GoSun and get hefty discounts. They are offering one set free on the purchase of two.

How does the delivery system work?

Once you have placed the order, the cutlery set arrives within a couple of days.it usually doesn’t take longer than two days for the set to arrive. You can also be assured of the quality and if you feel dissatisfied, they also offer a 30-day return with a guaranteed cashback policy.

GoSun Flatware Review – The Best Travel Cutlery in Your Pocket
GoSun Flatware Review – The Best Travel Cutlery in Your Pocket

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