GlowBowl Fresh Review – Motion Activated Toilet LED Light

Glowbowl Fresh

There are a lot of times when you find it rather tough to go back to sleep after waking up or going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. There is no need to worry as there is a scientific reason behind this. You need to understand that when your eyes are continually exposed to unexpected bright light, you can find it rather tough to go back to sleep again as the melatonin levels fall in the body.

Well, keeping such instances in mind the experts have come up with an amazing product that will ensure that you are able to walk to the bathroom right away without switching on a bright light. 

What is GlowBowl?

The GlowBowl is an amazing device designed especially for the purpose of revamping a toilet. It is motion sensored and light-sensitive. Gone are the days when you had to worry about stumbling in the bathroom late at night. Just with a single touch, you get the perfect opportunity to choose from seven different colors namely purple, green, yellow, aqua, white, blue, or red. There is no need for switching on any other light in the bathroom.

GlowBowl Features:

  • Sensitive to Light: The best part is that this device will get activated at night only. The moment light is switched on, the light will go off.
  • Activated by Motion: This amazing device is motion activated. It means that it will automatically switch on when someone enters the bathroom and switches off when they exit. It lights the way and makes things simple.
  • One size Perfect for Every Bathroom: GlowBowl can be used in any bathroom. It is possible as it supports the feature of a flexible arm. It takes the shape of any toilet in a hassle-free manner.
  • The option of Dimmer Levels: You get to select from 5 different stages of dim light. You can go for the brightness level as per your necessity.
  • Different LED Colours: With this amazing device, you get the complete flexibility to choose from  7 dissimilar LED colors (white, blue, red, yellow, aqua, purple, green) at the click of a button.
  • Unique Carousel Mode : The device supports the carousel mode. You will be amazed to see that when you support this mode the colors start rotating automatically in 4 seconds.
  • Fully Battery operated: GlowBowl requires 3 AAA Batteries for functioning.
  • Pre-installed Air-freshener : The device comes with a pre-installed air freshener. The lavender scent makes sure that the bathroom smells fresh and good at all hours.

How GlowBowl Works?

You can get started by setting it up in the right manner. The next step would be to put the freshener into GlowBowl. You can select from the various LED colors and attach it to the toilet bowl.

You can go for the automatic color selection method. And you are all set to make the most of the amazing device. It will light up automatically when someone enters the bathroom and releases fragrant aroma.

Who Can Use This Device?

The GlowBowl great for people of different age groups:


The device proves to be of great help for small children as it can be easily attached to the toilet with the flexible arm. Also, you get the perfect opportunity to connect to the potty. It is great for making the entire potty experience a lot of fun for your kid.

Young Adults:

Choose the carousel mode is great for young adults. You can easily change the toilet into a fun-filled disco bowl.

Elderly People:

Most of the old people have a tough time trying to find their way to the toilet.there is no denying the fact that GlowBowl is superb for helping the old people for moving around the toilet with no obscurity.

Extraordinary Ways of Using Glowbowl:

This is an extremely handy device and you can use it in different manners.

For Lighting Your Trash Can:

You can choose to attach the device to the trash can. This way there is no need to turn on the main light.

For Stocking Stuffers:

You can choose to light up with Christmas stocking with the help of this device during the festive period and create different atmosphere.

Travel Buddy:

You can use Glowbowl as the travel night light buddy, especially when you are staying in a hotel with an unfamiliar room environment.

Where to Buy GlowBowl?

You can buy the product directly from the website of the manufacturer, The best part about doing this is the fact that you can make the most of the promotions and offers.


1. It is very simple to clean this product.

2. It is reasonably priced.

3. You can operate GlowBowl with great ease.

4. It has a pre-installed air freshener which ensures that your bathroom smells fresh all the time. 5. It is a fantastic gift for kids and elderly people.


1. The only major disadvantage of the product is the fact that the battery is not long-lasting.


By now it can be rightly said that the GlowBowl is absolutely a must-have for the elderly people and kids. It will add tremendously to the convenience factor. It ensures that elderly people are able to move around without any hassles and do not mess up the bathroom.

Also, it has a major role to play in keeping the bathroom fresh. With the help of the carousel mode you can turn the entire area into a disco bowl. But all this doesn’t mean that only elderly people need this product. It is perfect for all those people who do not wish to lose the sleep at night.

The best part is that it is long-lasting, durable, attractive to look at, and highly cost-efficient. All these factors add to the growing popularity of the device. You can get it at the slashed down price from the official website of the manufacturers. So visit the website right away and make the most of the discounts and offers.

GlowBowl Fresh Review – Motion Activated Toilet LED Light
GlowBowl Fresh Review – Motion Activated Toilet LED Light
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