Fresh R Cooler Review: Most Effective in Scorching Summer Heat

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As soon as we enter the summer season, one thing that dominates our mind is how to keep ourselves cool, and how to have a good night’s sleep. Air conditioners are an option but it’s not everybody’s budget to buy or pay the electricity bills. Fresh-R coolers are the best option for this. And they are a perfect replacement for normal room coolers too.

These Fresh-R coolers are not only affordable but also very convenient because they are portable and user friendly. They can be carried anywhere. It enables us to spend a cool and hassle-free summer at a very low cost.

Besides providing us with the cool breeze in summers Fresh R coolers have a technology that purifies the air making the atmosphere around us cool as well as pure.

Why Fresh-R Coolers for cool summers and how they are different

Fresh R Air Cooler Review

The Fresh-R coolers have two basic features that make it very popular among its users: its compact design and which makes it easy to shift anywhere and it does not require a power switch to run. It can be connected to the USB port of a laptop or mobile. Besides lowering down the temperature of the room, it purifies the air around us, it has an evaporation-based technology that is connected to a water tank thus cooling the air and dampens the air around it. It has many other user-friendly features  and why we should opt for this are:

·        Most user-friendly cooler in the market, just pressing a button on the cooler and it takes only one minute to cool the atmosphere around.

·        The reason for its popularity is its compact design and portability. It lakes very little space because of its compact design and portability makes it easy to shift from one place to another.

·        Another feature of the Fresh-R cooler with which the customers are satisfied is that its noise-free. It has a three-speed quiet fan and that makes it free from noise. This creates a good relaxing atmosphere around.

·        The size of its water tank is such that the water lasts for almost 8 hours.

·        It has three adjustable settings which we can adjust according to our needs, like working, playing, or sleeping.

·        The fan of the Fresh-R cooler is so made as to be able to adjust the direction that we want.It has got the wind outlet rotor blades which help in controlling the direction of the wind with great ease.

·        Colorful compact design is very appealing to the eyes. There are seven varieties of colors to choose from and they have a soothing effect on the eyes and mood.

·        We don’t need a mechanic or a specialist to remove and clean the filter. WE can take the filter out ourselves and clean it and replace it every six months.

·        These filters are so designed as to filter the dirt from the air particles and remove all impurities from the air while cooling it thus making the air pure in the process.

Fresh R

The Functioning mechanism of the Fresh-R cooler

This cooler functions by sucking the air from outside which goes through wet filter pads and in the process sucking the dirt and impurities from the air. The pure air is thrown out while the impurities remain stuck in the wet pads.

During this process the air becomes cool because of coming in contact with the wet cushions, thus making the atmosphere cool. The thermostat adjusts the temperature according to our requirements.

The Procedure of Using These Coolers

It is very easy to use these coolers as they do not require a socket to connect or power connections. Just connect it with your USB port on your telephone or laptop. The water tank of this cooler has a capacity of 8 litters which can be filled up with normal tap water. This is all it requires to have a fresh breeze from the Fresh-R cooler.

Why Do We Need this Fresh-R air cooler?

We need them because they are a replacement for expensive air conditioners and fans do not provide cool air in hot summers. These are cheap options for these fans and air conditioners.

Fans only help in drying our sweat and do not provide cool air whereas these do both these functions, especially for those who cannot afford the expensive air conditioners or pay their electricity bills.

Advantages of using Fresh-R air Coolers

This has been made from an innovative technology hence it has several benefits.

1. Energy consumption is very low, hence very economical.

2. Besides cooling it also functions as an air purifier by soaking the contaminated particles in its wet pads.

3. It is easy to use.

4. The installation of the Fresh-R cooler does not require a trained person or an engineer. It can be used by simply connecting it to a mobile port.

5. Because of its compact size and design, it can be carried to any place.


Although it does not have many disadvantages as such the problem is that it can be only bought online. It is not available in the market.

The choice is very limited and it does not have many options in design and colors to choose from. We can only choose from the limited ones that are available in the market.

Ratings of Fresh-R coolers

Most of the people who have used these coolers give very positive feedback as they are user friendly, economical, and portable. It is worth investing in them. Most of the customers are satisfied with the purchase and think they got something worth their money and try to recommend it to others because of its portability.

Most of the users are amazed by its simple and revolutionary technology. The buyer gets complete satisfaction for the money spent. And it is a summer well spent. Most of the users have given very positive and satisfactory feedback.

Although this can be bought online only, those who buy it in bulk or large quantities are given huge discounts from the manufacturers.

Apart from the official website, it is available on many other online platforms. But it is always advised to buy it from its official website only.


Fresh-R is a new next-generation technology to provide you with all the comfort and worth the satisfaction that you are looking for. Its features make it worth recommending it to others.

Fresh R


Where can I use Fresh-R?

You can practically carry this smart device anywhere due to its compact size. It is perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use. 

Can I use Fresh-R at night?

As this device does not make any kind of disturbing sound, you can use it easily at night.

For what reasons can I use Fresh-R?

You can use Fresh-R as an air cooler as well as an air washer. 

Does the Fresh-R have to be actively switched on and off?

No. The Fresh-R has an integrated motion detector. This detects when you go near the room fan and then starts operation. As soon as the motion detector detects no more movement for longer than two minutes, the air cooler switches off automatically.

Fresh R Cooler Review: Most Effective in Scorching Summer Heat
Fresh R Cooler Review: Most Effective in Scorching Summer Heat
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