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Every time your car or your truck breaks down, do you feel it would be great to have an onboard computer system that could let you know what is wrong with your vehicle? If the answer is yes, you will be surprised to hear that there is a product that serves the purpose. It goes by the name FIXD which is an on-board system Diagnostic II scanner. 

These are standardized equipment that is utilized for self-diagnostics along with reporting all that takes place with your vehicle. So, in short, this is a single device that is capable of performing regular tests on every single part of your vehicle as well as simultaneously monitoring and regulating emissions.  

FIXD scanners keep you informed regarding your vehicle’s health by making use of authentic codes or fixes to camouflage most of the problems in the car. How annoying it would be to make use of tape to camouflage the light of the check-engine? You need not worry about this anymore.


The FIXD OBD-II scanner diagnoses a problem and gets it fixed. This review will give you all the information you need about the FIXD OBD-II Scanner and why this device is making all the car enthusiasts go crazy about the device.

FIXD – What is it?

FIXD is an on-board diagnostic scanner of the second-generation and is a great blend of a car sensor and an application. This device has been created to diagnose the issues that hover around your vehicle. It is referred to by car enthusiasts as a combination of hardware and software.

Fixd Multi vehicle control

This device was founded by Rachel Ford along with John Gattuso, two Georgia Tech students. FIXD Automotive Inc. got filed by the name Delaware Corporation in September 2014 with its headquarters based in Atlanta.

FIXD – Does It really work?

Once the FIXD OBD-II scanner conducts an accurate diagnosis of the vehicle, a report is displayed by the device regarding the status of the vehicle. It also offers some suggestions on fixing the issue. A very important feature of this device is that the FIXD OBD-II scanner converts the error codes into terms that are simple to understand. You will not have to worry about the need to understand technical jargon.

You need not get confused in case the vehicle’s check engine light switches on because the FIXD OBD-II scanner tells you what has to be done. FIXD provides a lot of information regarding the scheduling of your car maintenance service. In short, the FIXD OBD-II scanner converts your car into a smart car.

FIXD – How does It Work?

If you check your vehicle, beneath its steering wheel, there exists an OBD-II port. This is the diagnostic port of your car where the FIXD Scanner can be plugged in.

You have to download the application on your smartphone and once this is done, the car sensor can be connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone. You can download the app on the Apple Play Store or even Google Play.

FIXD work

The hardware collects the data from your car, post which it is fed into your smartphone. The sensor identifies the issue, displays the data on your phone, and this data can be handed over to the mechanic in order to resolve the issue.

The FIXD sensor does not need to be recharged as it is powered by the vehicle. This feature makes the sensor more appealing.

FIXD sends the user a notification alert that indicates:

– Whenever your vehicle has a problem

– The estimate of the cost involved fixing the issue

– The repercussion of continuing to use your car with a persisting problem

– When you must stop using the vehicle so as to avoid any further damages

FIXD – Features

Car Scan Tool Connects to the Smartphone – The FIXD OBD-II is a second-generation scanner that has been designed by professional engineers as well as ASE Certified Mechanics in the US. The device has 2 main components – The FIXD scanner and the FIXD App.

In order to start this device, the FIXD  scanner has to be plugged into the OBD port and the application must be initiated on the phone. The display of the phone is proportional to the scanner display.

If there is a large screen a wide area will be displayed. The sensor works only if the engine is running. The FIXD app lets you understand the reason behind the switching on of your vehicle’s check engine light. The Scanner acts like an intermediary between the vehicle and the smartphone.

The scanner syncs data via Bluetooth to your smartphone thereby decoding all the errors so as to provide you a detailed description of the issue with the vehicle.


Clearing of the Check Engine Light – The scanner reads as well as clears the error of check engine light which can be very annoying. It displays the pending, permanent, or store codes that are in your car. It gives you details of the error in 2 – 3 sentences.

The information is shown in a manner that can be understood by an average driver. Another advantage is that you get live data regarding the condition of the vehicle’s fuel pressure, Mass Air Flow, RPM, airbag transmission issues, tire pressure as well as various car issues.

These are displayed onto your smartphone. The data is displayed in the form of graphs, gauge, or even numerical values. For the sake of convenience, this application has been designed using freeze-frame technology which enables the user to get a clear picture regarding the spotting of trouble code.

Real-Time Detection of Error – Furthermore, you can check the wear and tear level of your vehicle because this device will display the vehicle’s battery life, windshield wiper condition, and the tire tread. The FIXD comes with real-time detection of an error, which indicates that you will be alerted of any problem as and when it develops.

The device also has a feature of detecting the mileage which has an algorithm in place to decide the mileage interval so as to enable essential service maintenance. The device also provides links that guide you to the nearest mechanic in your area and the AutoZone where spare parts can be found.

For every issue, it also offers a lot of helpful instructional as well as resourceful videos that describe the issue and also offer you the solution. The application can be connected to many devices on various vehicles and also track their progress simultaneously. This device is compatible with those cars manufactured in the year 1996 and beyond.

Fixd Design and Key Features

The Fixd sensor is 1.8 *0.8* 1.6 inches and weighs 0.96 ounces, and is designed to fit the On-Board-Diagnostics port of your car easily; from there, it will gain access to the self-diagnostic computerized system. The app is user-friendly, and it communicates with the sensor on the vehicle to retrieve the data needed to read the codes. It also helps you save your vehicle’s information and the results of the server’s scans for future use.

At the center of the app is a Tap to Scan button, where you will tap to begin your scan; if no issue is detected, a green icon will pop up; for a moderate issue, a yellow icon will pop up, and a red icon for a severe problem and you need agent maintenance. You will find a Timeline, Logbook button, and Wear Items on the bottom of the screen.

If you want to get more news about your car or cars’ problems, click on the detail icon and get the diagnosis and possible consequences if you don’t see a mechanic early enough.

FIXD tool also built to offer voltage testing; through the inputted information, the app will remind you when replacing time comes. Not only that, you can search for compatible components online and make buy right from inside the app.

In the Logbook, you can keep all the recent scans performed and all the codes that have been sorted out. Add sensors, find the nearby repair shop, and tap the three-bar icon on the main menu’s top right to edit information on the app. If you tap the icon located in the upper left corner, you will see active sensors and vehicles that have been paired with your account.

Fixd has a built-in Freeze Frame function that takes and stores a snapshot of your vehicle as soon as the error code is stored. The Live Data option works with multiple PID displays like graphs, gauges, or charts, depending on your test. Also, on the screen are 0 to 60 mode, fighter jet modes, and a trip. The live data information is sourced from various parts, including fuel pressure, RPM, and mass airflow. 

FIXD: Should I Buy it?

Just like how our health is important, even your vehicle’s health is equally important. Sometimes simple issues like the motor having a loose wire could lead to the check engine light switching on and remaining this way for weeks!

Now, since there isn’t any guarantee related to the light switching on due to simple issues, there is a need to have a good diagnostic scanning tool like FIXD. The FIXD scanner has a sensor that has to be plugged in and the set up is quick and easy. In addition to this, you get an app that works with the device.

FIXD Review

A benefit of this device is that it need not be recharged and does not require new batteries. It just needs power from the vehicle’s engine. You can access the app if you have established a Bluetooth connection between the device and your phone.

FIXD requires the user to create their account once the app is downloaded. In case you switch to a new and upgraded phone in the future, you can easily log into the app using your information and access your account once again. Though this tool is highly recommended and you must have this with you, you can have a look at its pros and cons to get a better idea about it and be confident when you buy the tool.

FIXD – What is included in the Package?

In contrast to other auto parts or tools which you have purchased online earlier, FIXD is shipped quickly and it arrives with all that you need.  The product is shipped in such a manner that the outer box ensures the scanning tool is safe during its transit.

The outside has a cardboard box and once you open it, you will get the FIXD box. This box comes with a flap that is to be lifted in order to pull out the scanning tool. The tool comes in a softbox which protects it while it is shipped.

Along with the tool, instructions are also provided on the installation of the tool in the car. These instructions include information regarding the app- how to download it and how to install the app so as to sync the tool with your phone.

In case you intend to use this app on any other device or a tablet, you can do so. Internet access is required to download this app, however, later on, it works through Bluetooth connection. The tool also comes with information regarding the money-back guarantee as well as details on the customer service department.

FIXD – Vehicle Protection Plans

Vehicle Protection Plans are provided by the FIXD Automotive Company. These plans enable you to get emergency roadside as well as towing assistance anytime during the week. You will also get 24-hour assistance related to key replacement services in case you lose the keys of your car.

The Titanium Plus Protection is a plan which gives you 24-hour assistance related to roadside assistance as well as towing in addition to the delivery of gasoline or oil-water or any other supplies.

It also offers key/remote replacement, windshield protection, battery jump-starting, wheel protection/repair, and tire protection/repair, etc. It also offers paintless dent repair services.  In the US or abroad, you could also get some great discounts on car rentals.

You also receive access to the concierge center any time of the day all through the week that could sen across relay messages, and offer information regarding hotel as well as car rental availability, or find medical facilities nearby, locations of restaurants, ATM locations, and others.

Pros and Cons of FIXD OBD-II


  • The device is very small, easy to use, and is a hands-free device
  • It helps in removing the warning light of the engine
  • There are video tutorials on its usage
  • The instructions are in simple terminology
  • The device notifies of any problem every single time the engine light is turned on
  • It promotes safety as it provides you the repercussions of driving when your vehicle’s check engine light is on
  • Multiple sensors can be linked to a single account thereby enabling you to monitor many vehicles at once
  • It helps you keep track of the maintenance schedule and oil change requirement
  • It saves time as well as money on any unexpected repairs
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android apps
  • The device is quite economical
  • It has a feature of Freeze frame or snapshot
  • It gives you an estimate of the cost for repair
  • It displays live data
  • Updates are published every day
  • It is quite compatible with all types of OBD II protocols


  • The scanner comes with limited functionality as it is unable to detect SRS/ABS systems
  • – The application could have many more buttons

Final Verdict

The FIXD OBD-II Scanner transforms your car into a completely new smart car! It understands your car better than you! So, every single time, your car’s check engine light is on, you need not worry and let FIXD do its job! All you need to do is sit back and allow FIXD to handle the issue. This device is a must-have for all those who drive and who want to drive stress-free!

FIXD Review – Best Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Tool
FIXD Review – Best Bluetooth Car Diagnostic Tool
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