FitTrack Review – Your Smart BMI Scale Is Here!


Knowing all about your body is not an easy task. As a matter of fact, it is practically impossible to know everything accurately. Although, it is not very tough to figure out things, in general, like: “What is your present body state? Is it Chubby, brawny, lean, or chubby?”


It is very important to understand that looks can be deceiving a lot of times. You can be very lean, but still, there can be fats building up in your body beyond the normal level.

This can lead to potential health risks like insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, or heart disease in the worst scenario. It is a smart idea to keep a watch on your health condition on a regular basis. But there is no need to waste a lot of money on expensive medical scales.


Staying healthy is not all that tricky. You just need to keep a close check on various parameters so that you can take the necessary step in the right direction. Only then you will be able to stay healthy.

With the advent of modern consumer technologies, it has become an easy task to know what is going on inside your body. Keep checking your vitals frequently by yourself, and there is no need to waste your time or money on those annoying doctor appointments.

During my research on the various products to keep my health monitored regularly, I zeroed upon FitTrack, which has really helped me in my fitness journey. So, let us take a quick look at FitTrack. It is the latest addition to home wellness technology.

What is FitTrack?

In simple terms, FitTrack can be understood as a smart scale. All that you need to do is stand on the scale barefoot. It is based on patented dual BIA technology. It helps in getting to know all about 17 key health insights. You will be getting real-time information on your health data. The information can be used for the purpose of analyzing and measurement.

In a nutshell, FitTrack is a scale. However, the manufacturer promises that this BMI digital scale will differ significantly from other products. In addition to your body weight, this scale measures a total of 17 different body values. These include the BMI, the water content in the body and the fat and bone content of the current weight. According to the manufacturer, smart technology should be used to maintain these values.


Get the data related to body fat percentages, hydration levels, bone and muscle mass, and lot more. All this will help you to become well informed so that you are able to make correct decisions.

FitTrack Technical Facts

The technical facts of the BMI digital scale include:

  • BIA technology
  • Measurement of 17 different body values
  • free app for iOS and Android
  • easy weight management from home
  • Battery operated

Four AAA batteries are required for the balance to operate. These are inserted on the back and are currently not included. Without the batteries, the electrical impulses cannot be emitted, nor can weight and body fat be measured. If you document the values several times a day, for example to prepare for a competition, it is advisable to always have spare batteries at hand. This will make it easier for you to take the measurements at home and not have to go to a gym or a doctor.

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Benefits of the FitTrack smart scale

The key benefit of these smart scales is that the FitTrack Dara offers reliable tracking of weight, BMI and other body metrics, and so it helps keep you accountable and measuring progress against personal goals. It’s great being able to easily see your body composition metrics on your smartphone app, which syncs automatically with the scale each time you step on it to weigh yourself (assuming your phone is within Bluetooth range).

Fittrack Features

Fittrack Features
  • 17 Health Measurements At Your Fingertips – Weight, Body Fat Ratio, Hydration Level, Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index, Visceral Fat Index, Subcutaneous Fat, Base Metabolic Rate, Muscle Rate, Bone Mass, Protein Rate, Metabolic Age, Standard Weight, Weight Control, Fat Mass, Weight without Fat, Protein Mass.
  • The Results Are Incredibly Accurate. – FitTrack uses patented Bioelectrical impedance technology and proprietary equations to accurately measure your health and weight. There’s nothing else like it!
  • So Easy Anyone Can Use It! – FitTrack and the free app were purposely designed to be very easy and user-friendly – no technical skills or knowledge required. If you can use your phone, you can use FitTrack!
  • Track Your Health Over Time (customer favorite!) – Easily track and trend your health data by monitoring your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress. The easiest way to see your results over time.
  • Entire Family Can Use It (For Free) – FitTrack instantly recognizes up to 8 different accounts, so you can easily track your entire family’s health (for no extra charge). “Infant Mode” even lets parents with infants easily track their baby’s weight.
  • Take It Anywhere – The portable design makes it easy to take FitTrack wherever life takes you! Easily store in your gym bag, luggage, car and more.
  • Works with Apple & Android – The FitTrack scale and free app connects via Bluetooth and works with almost every smartphone.
  • 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satsified with your FitTrack, you can easily return it, hassle-free!
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Why do I need this scale?

This BMI digital scale serves not only to monitor weight loss but also general fitness. The device should be able to measure and record progress and setbacks on a daily basis. In combination with the app you can see what effects a new training plan or a change in diet has on the composition of weight and body fat.

You can also set goals in the app. According to the manufacturer, this should also awaken the motivation to stay on the ball and not give up the desired weight loss prematurely.

The target group of the scales includes the entire family from toddlers to grandparents. The device can store the data of eight different people and also has a children’s mode. This ensures that the children receive an attenuated electrical impulse and therefore do not find weighing unpleasant.

You can use the app to track the child’s development over the years and thus be able to see how the weight is developing. The weight can already be measured from 3 kilograms. The maximum value of the measurements is a body weight of 180 kilograms.

Who is behind Fit Track Smart Body BMI Scale?

The Smart Body BMI scale has been made by Fit Track. The company is an Austria-based Company and specializes in the manufacture as well as the development of health-related smart apps and devices. The mission stated on the website of the company states “add to everyone’s insight and get a better understanding of one’s own body”.

The reputed company was co-founded in the year 2013 by a trio of Austrian entrepreneurs named Maximilian Maurer (CFO), Nicolas Festl (CEO), and Bernhard Hackl (CTO). They were able to reach a significant milestone in the year 2019 with more than 120,000 active Fit Track users. 

FitTrack App
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There is no denying the fact that the Smart Body BMI Scale is their signature product. Fit Track is at present working on an advanced AI-driven nutrition app which is known as TackEats. It will be released in the near future. The new app will make optimum use of proprietary AI technology. Things have been made better with the help of a world-renowned nutritionist. 

Well, it is important to pay attention to the fact that Fit Track was not invented by the smart scale. The professionals have been focusing on adding more utility and value to their customers.

How to Use FitTrack?

You can use FitTrack with great ease:

  • You need to stand on the scale barefoot. Electrical signals of the body are picked up by the dual BIA technology.
  • You will be getting 17 different key health insights in real-time instantly in real-time.
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How to Use the Smart Body BMI Scale?

Follow the instructions given below to make the entire process simple:

  • Turn on you’re the Bluetooth of your phone.
  • Turn on the Smart Scale.
  • Connect the Smart Scale with the Bluetooth of your device.
  • You can step up on the flat hard surface barefoot to get the information.

How do you use the FitTrack scale with the app?

Once set up, have your phone with the FitTrack app open within Bluetooth range of the scale (within a few feet is ideal). Then stand on the scale to measure your weight and other metrics. The scale and app will automatically sync your body composition measurements within a few seconds – the app will tell you when it’s done and you can then step off the scale. The whole process only takes a few seconds to complete which is impressive.


FitTrack is in great demand as it will give you all the necessary information. Most of the users who plan to buy FitTrack wish to use it for the purpose of weight loss. As a matter of fact, people are rather happy with amazing results.

buy FitTrack

FitTrack plays a major role in helping people with their weight loss related issues effectively. And when you will be downloading the FitTrack app, you will be getting the entire feedback related to the set goals.

Gone are the days when getting the necessary information pertaining to planning a new diet was a tough task. When you are able to track your fitness progress you will be able to make necessary changes in your lifestyle. You can stick to a healthy regimen and this will add to your confidence.

Ideal Tool for Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes:

It is a well-known fact by now that FitTrack is not just for those people who wish to lose some extra calories. This tool is superb for athletes also. It is great for all those people who love working out on a regular basis.

Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes

Athlete Mode can be easily put to use by fitness enthusiasts for the purpose of checking the most significant indicators. Indicators like muscle mass will be helpful for the purpose of tracking parameters for a weightlifter, for example, subcutaneous fat percentages and a lot more.

With the help of the FitTrack Smart Scale, eight users can be used at a single point of time. Thus, it becomes all the more simple to store and track data for coaches, personal trainers, or even for families.

Advantages Of Fit Track Smart Body BMI Scale

  • Biometric scanner can make 17 different body measurements
  • Recognizes and tracks progress for 8 different users
  • Companion app is iPhone and Android compatible
  • Award-winning biometric measurement technology
  • Allows you to track progress, schedule reminders, and set health goals
  • Very affordable
  • Lifetime warranty and 30-day risk-free trial

Is FitTrack great only for weight loss?

Well, this is a misconception and anyone and everyone can make use of FitTrack. You will be getting all the priceless information for anybody. When you have been using FitTrack for some time, you will be able to figure out the various techniques for the purpose of staying healthy and this doesn’t only depend on weight.

You get all the information all the time in real-time. It means that you can stay confident about achieving your goals throughout the day. FitTrack is rather easy-to-access which adds to its growing demand.

Is the FitTrack Dara the best smart scale available?

To truly answer this question we would have had to have tested FitTrack scale’s competitors – our past experience of smart scales is using our older Fitbit Aria Scale, and I can tell you that the FitTrack smart scale is much smaller and easier to set up and use than the Aria.

I can, however, say that if you are looking for a compact smart scale that is easy to use and reliably tracks your weight, BMI and a range of other interesting body metrics via an app, the FitTrack Dara scale is most likely what you’re looking for.

What body metrics does the FitTrack scale measure?

I’ve listed below all the body metrics this smart scale tracks and records in the FitTrack smartphone app:

  1. Weight – Accurate to +/- 300grams
  2. BMI (body mass index)
  3. BFP (body fat percentage)
  4. Muscle rate (percentage)
  5. Body water (percentage) – Maintain optimal levels of hydration every day
  6. Bone mass – Discover your body’s foundational composition
  7. BMR (basal metabolic rate)
  8. Protein rate
  9. Metabolic age
  10. Visceral fat index
  11. Subcutaneous fat
  12. Standard weight – Ideal weight
  13. Weight control – The difference between your actual and standard weight)
  14. Fat mass – Get a clearer picture of your overall health
  15. Weight without fat
  16. Muscle mass – Understand if you’re losing fat, gaining strength, or both
  17. Protein mass

The app explains how each of these rates is calculated and where applicable tracks them against the preset low, standard and high levels for someone of your profile (taking into account factors such as your age, gender and height).

Pros and Cons of FitTrack

  • Has a biometric scanner.
  • You can get 17 different types of body measurements.
  • Tracks as well as recognize progress for 8 diverse users.
  • It has great compatibility with Android as well as iPhone Biometric measurement technology is an award-winning technology.
  • Permits you to schedule reminders, track progress, and set health goals.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • 30-day risk free trial and a lifetime warranty.
  • Some measurement modes are necessary.
  • Sensors become inaccurate due to water. Thus, using it in the bathroom can turn out to be a tricky task.
  • It does not work well with other smart health devices, like Google Fit or Fitbit.
  • There is no pregnancy mode.

Who Makes Fit Track Smart Body BMI Scale?

FitTrack Logo

The Smart Body BMI scale is made by Fit Track, an Austria-based company that specializes in the development and manufacture of health-related smart devices and apps. Fit Track stated mission goal on their website is to “increase everyone’s insight and gain a deeper understanding of one’s own body, as we take weight measuring to a whole new level.”

Fit Track was co-founded in 2013 by a trio of Austrian entrepreneurs named Nicolas Festl (CEO), Maximilian Maurer (CFO), and Bernhard Hackl (CTO). In 2019, the company reached a significant milestone with over 120,000 active Fit Track users. 

Along with their signature Smart Body BMI Scale, Fit Track is currently working on an AI-driven nutrition app called TackEats that is set to be released in the near future. The new Track Eats app will use proprietary AI technology that has been refined with the guidance of a world-leading nutritionist. 

Fit Track Smart Body BMI Scale: Is It Worth It?

If you are looking for something that will help you manage your vitals and stay on track with your fitness goals, then yes, the Smart Body BMI scale is 100% worth it.

The multitude of measurement modes, precise sensor technology, and tracking/goal setting features of the companion app helps you know your body and create a plan for better health.

FitTrack test and quality characteristics

The FitTrack BMI digital scale comes from an American manufacturer and has been officially approved for sale by the FDA. The Food and Drug Administration checks the products against the promises made by the manufacturer. Being approved by the FDA in the USA is a quality feature that proves that the scale is not dangerous for the user.

In addition, the manufacturer himself points out that persons with a known cardiac insufficiency should not use the BMI digital balance. The electrical impulses emitted could disrupt a pacemaker and thus become a health hazard.

FitTrack Reviews

Using the FitTrack scale at home right now is probably one of the easiest ways to keep track of more than just your weight. Expensive gym memberships are not required to check the most important values.

A positive aspect of this product is the easy handling of the app. The device is connected to the app via Bluetooth within a few moments and even the creation of profiles is not very time-consuming for laymen.

If you share the device with your family or roommates, they will not be able to view your data. If you don’t want to share these values, there is no possibility for other people to have secret access. The device itself recognizes the different users, so that there is no possibility of confusion.

The buyers, who have given an opinion about the product online, also describe its easy use. It also confirms that the measurements are completely painless and that the electrical impulses emitted are not accompanied by negative health consequences.

FitTrack Evaluation and Recommendation

The FitTrack BMI digital balance relies entirely on BIA technology to measure weight and body fat. BIA stands for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and was developed in the last century to not only measure weight, but to show how it is composed. The manufacturer promises to measure 17 different body values. This number clearly shows that you should be familiar with some terms like BMI when using the scale.

It quickly becomes apparent that this product is primarily intended to work with the values obtained. If you want to lose weight you will get an immediate overview if your weight is really stagnating or if muscles are replacing fat. As an athlete you are also in the picture about the progress achieved and do not have to visit a suitable doctor permanently.

To read all values you need to download the app. It is free of charge, but currently only compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. If you use a different operating system on your mobile phone, you should consider the purchase very carefully. Not all values can be read on the device itself, so you need the app to check and compare them with your previous measurements.

Where To Purchase And Cost?

There is no need t worry as you can simply get the Fit Track Smart Body BMI Scale from the manufacturer’s website. You can get the scale from the official website of the manufacturer.

fittrack cost
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FitTrack Smart Scale Video Review

Frequently Asked Question

How quickly is my order shipped once I place an order?

Our team is working overtime to meet the incredible demand. To get yours as early as possible, order immediately to reserve your spot before wait time increases! All orders placed today may take up to 4-6 weeks to ship.

How does FitTrack accurately measure my body and health measurements?

Our scales use advanced Dual Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. When you stand on a FitTrack monitor, a very low, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet to your legs and abdomen.
The electrical signal passes quickly through water that is present in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance when it hits fat tissue. This resistance, known as impedance, is measured and input into scientifically validated FitTrack equations to calculate body composition measurements. Depending on the monitor, body composition measurements are provided in under 20 seconds.
Fat mass + Bone mass + Muscle mass = 100% of the body composition
As there is water in muscle and fat, the water mass cannot be added to the other metrics when calculating the body composition.

What Health & Body insights will FitTrack give me?

FitTrack lets you see and track 17 Health Measurments! These include: Weight, Body Fat Ratio, Hydration Level, Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index, Visceral Fat Index, Subcutaneous Fat, Base Metabolic Rate, Muscle Rate, Bone Mass, Protein rate, Metabolic Age, Standard Weight, Weight Control, Fat Mass, Weight without Fat, and Protein Mass.

Can use FitTrack to track my entire family’s health?

Of course! FitTrack can store up to 8 different accounts, allowing for tracking of the entire family’s health. You can even use “Baby Mode,” which helps parents track their baby’s weight.

Will FitTrack share any of my health data (like other companies)?

We never have and never will share your data with other users or third party providers. Every piece of data entered into your FitTrack app is 100% safe and secure.

What is the maximum weight limit supported by the scale?

We’ve designed FitTrack to support a maximum weight of 400 pounds (181.437 kilograms).

What is the minimum weight recognized by the FitTrack scale?

FitTrack will accurately weigh anyone that weight at least 6.6 pounds or 2.9 kilograms.

Can the scale be used without the app?

Absolutely! The scale can definitely be used as an ordinary scale. You can choose to use the scale without recording your weight on the app.

What languages does the FitTrack smart body scale support?

English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese and Polish.

I have a pacemaker – can I still use FitTrack?

People with an electronic medical implant, such as a pacemaker, should not use a body composition monitor. The electrical signal traveling through the body may interfere with its operation.

Is there a money back guarantee and/or warranty?

Yes. We offer a no hassle, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with FitTrack, we are happy to help you with a return. We want you to be happy! 

How does FitTrack scale work?

Our scales use advanced Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. When you stand on a FitTrack monitor, a very low, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes through your feet to your legs and abdomen. Depending on the monitor, body composition measurements are provided in under 20 seconds.

Can I use FitTrack to track my entire family’s health?

Of course! FitTrack can store up to 8 different accounts, allowing for tracking of the entire family’s health. You can even use “Baby Mode,” which helps parents track their baby’s weight.


If you are looking for a solution for tracking fitness-based goals and health at an affordable price, then there can be nothing better than FitTrack. The user will be getting all the information related to the person’s height, age, weight, and other vital metrics.

FitTrack Review – Your Smart BMI Scale Is Here!
FitTrack Review – Your Smart BMI Scale Is Here!
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