Dodow Review [2022]- Best Sleep Aid Device

Dodow Review

Are You finding difficulty in remembering things? You might also be having dark circles around your eyes and feel extremely tired every time with a headache. Having bad sleeping cycle is being experienced by everyone now and then. When the sleep deprivation’s vicious cycle starts, then stopping it is not possible. Because of your racing mind, you will feel tired the whole day. We are here with Dodow Review to help you sleep better at night.

With lack of sleep, you will stay annoying, and upset, especially at the night time. When you go to bed in the hope of a sound sleep, then your mind starts racing and sleep vanishes.

What is Dodow?

The thing that could prove fatal is trying to sleep again before night instead of getting up after a rough night. The reason behind this could be anything like either work stress or that extra cup of coffee. You will find difficulty in sleeping and a disturbed sleep every night. The solution to this concern is Dodow. This is a handy device that can help you in having a sound sleep and saving your precious hours that you always wait desperately for relaxing yourself. This is a new device and is a part of the newly emerged sleep technology sleep and is a device for all the sleepers.

Dodow Review

Dodow is different from other sleeping gadgets as it helps in regulating your breathing. You might have felt pounding of your heart in the chest and ragged breathing. This happens since you are not aware of the ways of regulating your breathing, which is an essential aspect for getting the much-needed sleep. Dodow is the product that has helped people in getting the required sleep that was lacking before.

How does Dodow work?

Suppose you are going to spend money on any gadget then you must like to know about its working. Dodow is the device which is easily operatable and needs no particular setup or space. Turning on the device will produce a vibrant blue light which is then directly projected into the ceiling. After lying on the bed, look at that blue light, and then it will start expanding, and after getting very big, it will contract down to a small point. While doing this, you must focus on matching your breathing with the light.

Working of Dodow

When you use it for the first time, wait for the light to touch the ceiling. Breathe slowly when the light starts contracting. With the expansion of light, you will exhale. With the help of this device, you will focus on your breathing, and the natural rhythm of your body will come back. This will slow down the rate of both breathing and heart. This device comes with two separate settings, and you can choose according to which one is suitable for you an eight-minute session or a 20-minute session. After every session, the device will turn itself off automatically.

How to use this Sleep Aid Device?

The best results of this device can be seen with the people sleeping on their backs since you will need to stare the light hitting the ceiling so you must sleep on the back for doing this. There is no need to look for the outlet for guiding you in the setup of the device as it comes with batteries. You can place this device on your side table or nightstand and ensure that the line of sight must be clear between the ceiling and the touch screen. This may need moving of some things in your room such as lamps, phone charger etc.

Modes of Sleeping

The testing of this device should be done before you start using it. It will be more helpful if you will use it at your usual place of sleeping. Please turn it on, choose the length of the session before placing it at the desired place, after laying on the bed look at the ceiling and check for light. If you are unable to see any light, then you must have to move the device to some other place. Dodow must be at that place where you can see the light clearly without any distractions.

Benefits of Dodow

Helps in transition fast from working to sleep

The transition from watching TV or playing with kids to fall asleep could be troublesome. With Dodow, you can easily make this transition and fall into a state of sleep soon.

Enhanced production of melatonin

Melatonin is naturally produced by our body which helps us in having a sound sleep. There are many supplements made by different companies available in the market for enhancing the production of melatonin. With Dodow, you don’t have to take such supplements, and by slowing down your metabolism, it enhances your melatonin for having asleep within a few minutes after getting into the bed.

Benefits of Dodow

Modification in brain waves

When you go to bed immediately after watching an episode of your favourite show or reading a chapter of your book, you will notice your brain waves moving at a fast rate. Due to falling asleep is next to impossible. With Dodow, your brain waves will slow down, and you will reach the state of sleep.

Elimination of distraction

Although without Dodow, you can try to focus on your breathing, you will find it difficult. If you have a dog who loves kicking while sleeping or a snoring partner, then theses distraction can overtake your brain and will not let you sleep. With Dodow, you can avoid all these distractions and concentrate on something else that you will help you with sleeping.

For Whom Dodow is best Suitable?

Dodow is suitable for all those people who have sleep issues. You might think that you can are okay with a few hours of sleep, but this is not good for your health as it can cause some severe health concerns along with sleep deprivation. When you don’t get enough sleep which is mandatory for the body to have in a day, then you are not letting your mind to calm down and giving your cells the time that is required for recovering from injuries. The symptoms will o increasing with more sleepless nights or less sleep.

Sleep deprivation can impact your work also like sending email to an inaccurate client or lack of concentration. Even your simple daily activities will seem troublesome for you like driving back to home or buying groceries.

This device is also perfect for those people who suffer from jet lag. When the time zone is changed due to a vacation or business trip, then sometimes getting back to a regular schedule becomes difficult. This gadget will help you in getting things back on track. You can easily carry Dodow with you on your trips or vacations so that you can concentrate on your work and enjoy the vacation after having a good sleep.

Pros & Cons of Dodow


  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Stylish and unique design
  • Runs on AAA batteries
  • Easily portable and compact
  • Automatic turning off the system


  • The light emitted projects up only so sleeping on your back is essential.
  • Could be more glowing

Conclusion- Dodow Review [2021]- Is it Worth Buying?

Though this product is new in the market, still have its followers that like using this device or has been benefitted by using this device. These followers like almost everything about the device like the way & the speed at which it has helped them in getting rid of sleepless nights or help in changing the pattern of their sleep. But like everything, this device also has critics who have not liked this device much. Make sure to go through reviews and all the pros & cons of this device before buying it. But this product is highly recommended for the people who have sleepless nights and suffering from insomnia.

With this beautiful gadget, you can change your thinking about your bedtime. With this now staring at the ceiling in wait of sleep will become the thing of past. This device lets you focus on your breathing and lets you have a sound sleep just like a baby. The Dodow Review talks about its features and outcome of this device that make it separate from others and help to stand out the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using Dodow possible while sleeping on your stomach or side?

This device needs your concentration on the light emitted by the device along with inhaling & exhaling while the light changes. This needs you to sleep on your back. However, using this while sleeping on side or stomach is possible but for better results, prefer sleeping on the back. At the end of the session when you begin drifting off, then you can move to your comfortable position.

How much time working of Dodow takes?

After using Dodow for the first time, you may find yourself sleepy but unable to fall asleep. So, there is no specific time of using this device. However, you get an eight-minute and a twenty-minute session time to make yourself to fall asleep. You can choose the time as you desire and also the number of times you want to have that session in a day. However, the significant changes can be noticed within a few sessions of Dodow.

Dodow Review [2022]- Best Sleep Aid Device
Dodow Review [2022]- Best Sleep Aid Device


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