CupStation Review 2022 – Best Universal Cup Holder


In nearly every vehicle, you’ll find a cup holder to hold your favorite beverage. Several are, however, too small or awkwardly positioned to accommodate some cups or bottles. Liquids can spill from them if they are unsecured. With aftermarket cups holders, you can avoid a messy car or truck interior. So, which is the best cupholder for your car? How can you select the best one?

After reviewing hundreds of models for cupholders, we have come to the conclusion that CupStation is the best one. Let us read about it in detail here in our CupStation review.

Now you can secure ALL your favorite items in your cupholder. From oversized water bottles to french fries, CupStation can hold it all. If you need more storage in your car, you’ll love CupStation!

What Is CupStation?

CupStation easily can hold everything from large coffees to super-sized cold drinks (and even your lunch) because its “arms” expand up to 6 inches wide – and feature powerful grips that hold on tight and don’t let go.

What Problem Does it Solve?

Adapt the small, standard vehicle cup holders into an expandable base capable of fitting large drinks, water bottles, tablets, and other accessories with the CupStation.

Not only does the CupStation give you the freedom of holding virtually anything, but it also adds a second holder, doubling the space available in your center console! Say goodbye to the days of tossing your belongings in the passenger’s seat, only for them to fly onto the floor while driving. Safely secure cell phones, keys, coins, pens, sunglasses, beverages, and more all while keeping them within reach.

Features Of CupStation:


The arms on the CupStation can expand over 6in to hold the largest of popular water bottle brands and fast food cups. The openings between the arms even leave space to secure the handle of a coffee mug, creating a versatile space for storage.


The rotating base of the CupStation transforms the factory cup holders in a vehicle and expands on the available storage space. Safely secure cell phones, keys, coins, pens, sunglasses, beverages, and more while keeping them conveniently within reach.


Customize the location of the cup holder by single-handedly rotating the CupStation. The position can be adjusted to best fit the space in the car and provide the most convenient placement to reach your drink. Stack the cup holders vertically to preserve space, or rotate the upper cup holder 360° until the desired setup is achieved.


The base fits in most standard-size cup holders. For a more secure fit in larger cup holders, the CupStation includes Foam Spacers, which also increases stabilization and reduces vibration while on the road. Works in virtually any vehicle with a cup holder such as cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, golf carts, RV’s & more.

Benefit Of CupStation

Expands To Hold The Largest Items

Big or small, tall or short, CupStation can hold it! The adjustable arms on the CupStation expand over 6 inches to hold large objects – like hydroflasks, XXL soda cups, coffee mugs, food containers, accessories (keys, phone, etc.) and tons more!

2-in-1 Design Gives You Double The Space

Thanks to the vertical design of the second cupholder, CupStation turns any single cupholder into two – giving you twice the space to store things without cluttering your car.

You can easily move CupStation to the perfect spot thanks to its 360° swivel. Whatever you’re storing is always at your fingertips!

Fits Virtually Any Vehicle

CupStation fits in ALL types of cup holders (both dropdown and standard). It’s also super easy to set up… just place it inside your current cupholder and you’re good to go!

Extremely Secure Hold

Your CupStation (and the cups it holds) won’t rattle around thanks to the customizable foam spacers that ensure a secure fit in any type of cupholder. It’s stable as a rock!

Built To Last & Looks Great

CupStation’s rugged materials are designed to withstand years of regular use. Plus, its carbon fiber texture will actually complement your car’s looks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cup holder base is smaller than the standard cup holder so some bottles do not fit in the bottom holder.

This is true, but the main function of the CupStation is to add the ability to hold a larger bottle in the top cup holder. The bottom holder will still hold a standard 16oz water bottle among other accessories and containers.

Large, heavy bottles will cause the CupStation to bend at the joint.

For optimal stability, it is important to keep the CupStation stacked as a single cup holder when holding a heavy item. This includes bottles and tumblers filled with liquids.

CupStation Review 2022 – Best Universal Cup Holder
CupStation Review 2022 – Best Universal Cup Holder


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