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Millions of diseases plague the global world. Ongoing research and in-depth study for cures have been undertaken continuously. Microorganisms create havoc in every human being. They can be contracted easily from inanimate objects like furniture, doorknobs, etc. To transform our lives threatened by these microscopic germs a new invention is forthcoming which is called the Copper Protector.

Copper Protector: An Introduction

We are familiar with copper having properties of neutralizing microbes.  It is validated that 99.9% Copper is said to be antimicrobial. Copper tools have the power to nullify the spread of microbes. Fearlessly we can continue with our daily routine, knowing that the copper protection is working wonders in protecting us from germs and diseases. It is so light and handy and will guard against dangers unknown widely afflicting the world.


i)The Copper protector lets you easily go about your normal work leaving you feeling safe and assuring us the least chances of transmitting germs.

ii)You can boldly open doors and touch screens with Copper protectors which are  100% genuine copper. 

iii)It can be easily hooked to the trouser pocket or carried as a key chain.

The Copper protector is a boon.  At present, it is available online only. It may pose a problem for signing on a touch screen and being modern take a little time to use with ease.


The Copper  Protector is a blessing in disguise. It possesses all the unique features which allow us to courageously and confidently work out of the house.

All door opener keys do not ensure the safe use of exposed surfaces. Why Copper protector is the best.

The following reasons are enumerated below:


 New illnesses are surfacing every day. We are all struggling to cope with the changes in normal life. Preventive measures are to be taken to avoid easy infection.  At such times the Copper Protector is an awesome scientific breakthrough to help bring back normalcy in our lives. You can comfortably go about your work knowing you have the finest tool which is guarding you of an easy transmission. Safe from dangerous microbes you can promptly use the ATM’s, open office doors in public places without actually touching it.

The Copper key builds your confidence and reassures you that it is less likely for you to catch an infection from an inanimate object.


Copper contains antimicrobial properties. The theory is justified in some countries even today, grandparents encourage children to drink water, the elixir of life from copper utensils. This theory reveals that copper reacts in contact with tiny microbes and destroys it and thus halts the multiplication of germs which is hazardous to our health. Studies have revealed that harmful bacteria are unable to breed on copper, the bacterial cell is destroyed by the electrically charged ions of copper resulting in the death of the DNA of the bacteria. The Copper protector key is mainly made up of 100% pure copper ensuring safety from harmful pathogens. 


Doors in hospitals, departmental stores are a likely breeding ground for harmful germs they are constantly used by the public and increase the risk of transmitting it quickly. The smartly designed copper key lets you open the doors without any physical contact. The skillfully designed large circular key enables easy opening of doors in populated places. It saves you from chances of contracting the deadly disease-causing agent.


The Copper protector is well-made, it consists of a loop that enables easy storage on key chains. It can be conveniently attached to your bunch of keys and easily accessed when required.


The Copper Key is fashioned to be used on touch screens. The widespread use of touch screens has induced the maker of copper keys to make his product worthwhile. The maker has designed copper tip keys to help in entering pins, account numbers, telephone numbers without physically touching it. The use of gloves is not necessary.


Copper does not erode, unlike other materials. Copper is mostly used in plumbing fixtures and fittings. It is commonly used in computer hardware too. The copper element has long-lasting features resulting in its durability. Though it may turn green due to the passage of time it does not fade making certain its long-lasting quality.


The copper key can be easily held because of a sturdy grip included in its design. The copper key is neither too thick nor thin to break your skin. It is a comfortable and easy to grip tool.


Peacefully you can do your work and enjoy stress- free work.No need to be anxious copper key is the solution for a happier you.


Customer’s sense the utility of the copper key. The key has immensely helped the elderly and healthcare workers. It guarantees no germ transmission in busy workplaces. The Family members are safe from the germs. It is light and easily carried in your pocket or hooked on to your trousers. It can be easily accessed for elevator buttons,  locks, and doorknobs 


In these troubled times, there is no absolute cure for the rampant spread of germs. The key is a tool to alleviate some worries and continue the normal routine with some sense of happiness. The copper protector key is created to keep the family safe and healthy. It assures safe movement without contraction of the virus.

How effective is the copper protector in reducing exposure to germs?

It is unlikely anyone will be exposed to the germ as it is contact-free. Thus reducing the risk of getting the germs.

Does the key need cleaning?

It needs no sanitization. Consumers will notice a slight tarnish of the metal.

Will natural oxidation reduce the effectiveness of the Copper Protector?

No change in its effectiveness. It will succeed in its job of killing germs. 

Will the copper protector cause any illness due to its use?

The unique nature of Copper does no harm to humans. Ill-fated air borne diseases can cause sickness . Copper Protectors ensure no physical contact leaving the user germ-free.  

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