CoolAir Review 2022 – Best Personal Air Cooler

CoolAir Review 2022 – Best Personal Air Cooler

In summer, the sweltering heat becomes unbearable. The heat saps up all your energy and leaves you drained out. It hampers work during summer, whether at home or the workplace. Read CoolAir Review now.

The cool air experienced in luxurious cars, hotels, is always refreshing and welcomed but very expensive. Traditional fans just blow hot air all over the place and sometimes are very noisy too. Currently trending worldwide is the alternative, CoolAir.  Familiarize yourself with its features and advantages.

What is CoolAir?

What is CoolAir?

It is a three-speed portable alternative to air conditioners. The light-weight machine is cost-effective and placed in any corner of the house or workplace. It boasts of multipurpose functions. The gadget doubles up as a humidifier cum purifier. Additional attractions are the moonlight setting that helps in creating a somber atmosphere at night.

Easy plug-into wall sockets and cools the zone in flat 10 minutes. Hassle-free water indicator automatically cuts off the machine power when the water reduces. Refilling the tank involves 300ml of water, ensuring less usage.

Key Features

1. Portable

The air cooler is portable and placed at the desk, the study, or the bedroom. The dimensions of the product are 6.7×6.7×6.7 inches suitable to fit small spaces.  The USB cable aids in an easy plug-in to the computer, laptop or car. It benefits in cooling your work area and noiseless. It aids in creating a silent, cordial atmosphere conducive to work. 

2. Design 

The device smarts natty features. The miniature device has a cooling capacity beyond its size. The cool 7 LED light effect is attractive and sets the mood for any activity. The LCD supports easy access in dim lights.

 3. Fast Cooling

Excellent engineering cools the atmosphere within minutes. The three fan system works wonders and speeds up quick cooling. Experience a cool breeze at work, while sleeping, or after a brisk workout.

4. Light effects to match the mood

Fancy 7 LED lights build a serene atmosphere and adjusted to the ambiance. Prefer the favorite options for different days of the week.

5. Energy- Efficient

Air conditioners consume large amounts of electricity and a drain on sustainable energy. Shocking electricity bills are of the past. The CoolAir conforms to the present energy-saving devices and consumes 350 watts of energy.

6. Budget-friendly

The machine is cost-effective, and installation charges are minimal. The manufacturing unit offers superb discounts and reasonably priced than the traditional coolers and air conditioners.

7. Minimal Water usage

No worries about gas leaks or refills and added expenditure. All it requires is 750ml of water to begin the cooling process. The cooler provides a refreshing feeling for over eight hours.  

Benefits of CoolAir

1. The three-speed alternative allows quick cooling or lowered speed as necessary. The display setting aids in controlling the speed manually. CoolAir allows the consumer to intensify the cooling or lessen it as desired.

2. The device uses a USB cord to connect to the computer, car, or laptop, and in case of loss, any USB cable comes in handy. 

3. Minimal usage of water helps in easy maintenance. The device works for over 8 hours. Refilling the water tank is an easy chore. It erases the fears of working the device on less water. The device sports a humidifier that enhances automatic cut off and avoidance of damage.

4. The dimensions are appropriate for easy maneuvering. CoolAir weighs less and transported anywhere and everywhere. The size is compact and fits the desktop or occupies the spot in the room to benefit rapid cooling.

5. Opt for different lighting schemes and switch to various options as you feel. Select from seven different options to suit the atmosphere.

6. The purifier protects the inmates of the house from allergens. It ensures clean purified air while the body relaxes or is at work. It traps the polluted air and permeates clean purified air.

7. Purifiers are the need of the times. Pollutant levels are on the rise and caused the use of quality purifiers. CoolAir resists impurities in the air and protects the body from foreign allergens. 

Benefits of CoolAir

Functioning of CoolAir

 Easy installation of CoolAir 

  1. Unbox the device carefully.
  2.  Place it at a convenient spot where you feel the room will benefit from cooling effectively.
  3. Fill the tank with 300ml of water or place an equal amount of ice. Open the door on top of the cooler tank and fill it sufficiently.
  4. Plug-in the cooler on a wall socket or use the USB cable for the power supply. 
  5.  Experience the cool breeze in minutes and adjust the lighting effect as preferred.
  6.  Reduce or adjust the speed of the fan when required.
  7. Ensure refilling the tank after 8 hours.

CoolAir Package Contents

The package includes the following items-

  1. Air Cooler
  2. 1USB PowerCable 33inches in length.
  3. 1  Multilingual Instruction Guide
  4. 4. Stickers stating “I love CoolAir” 

Who should buy CoolAir?

1. Investing in CoolAir is a vital step towards ensuring the family spends cool hours in summer. The product is important to maintain good health within a closed room. 

2. Persons living in small apartments along busy streets can invest in the gadget and ensure cutting out noise pollution from old traditional fans. The small space requires a portable and neat gadget for effective cooling of the room.

3. Persons working in stuffy, small cubicles can purchase the compact gadget and work for long hours comfortably.

4. Persons highly allergic and suffer from respiratory disorders can benefit from the usage of the device. It protects inmates from harmful pollutants and enhances easy breathing. 

5. Babies will enjoy sound sleep, and the mother will be glad that her baby is unlikely to have a night of disturbed sleep. The clean, refreshed air ensures sound breathing and fewer chances of the baby falling sick because of the pollutants in the air. 

6. Everyone can benefit from the use of CoolAir. The above-mentioned persons, in particular, will benefit effectively.      

Pros and Cons of CoolAir


1. The cooling capacity of the device is very effective. The mini device uses a minimum amount of water and ensures coolness for a record eight hours.  In the first couple of hours, the cooler consumed half the water. The chilling effect was felt throughout the room.

2. Portability aids in placing the device in the right position to feel the resultant coolness.

3. Ice can replace the water in the tank and the device works perfectly. The power consumed for the cooling process will diminish and decrease the electric charges.

4. The display panel has a variety of choices. Switch the light effect you prefer and enjoy the refreshing cool breeze.

5. The device can cool the room. Switch off other cooling devices to appreciate the cooling effect. CoolAir ensures a reduction in power consumption and provides effective cooling.


1. It is not advisable to cool large spacious rooms. It has a definite range for cooling. Large open spaces or rooms do not cool effectively.

2. Places experiencing high humidity levels do not cool successfully.

From Where to Buy CoolAir

Place the order at the manufacturer’s website and reap a 50% discount on every order included free shipping. Order immediately and benefit from the free shipping scheme and enjoy the additional 50% discount offered currently.


CoolAir produces the cool mountain effect and transforms the hot, sultry days to cool and comfortable ones. The multipurpose gadget ensures healthier days and enhances work performance. The benefits exceed the drawbacks, so wisen up,  and invest in your personal air cooler and enjoy lovely, comfortable days in Summer.   


1. How effective is the cooler?

It cools the place within minutes. Water and ice encourage fast cooling. Other cooling gadgets need not function the CoolAir alone can cool down the temperature in the room during hot days.

2. Do I have to pay large electricity bills?

CoolAir uses 350 watts of electricity to produce a cool atmosphere. Ice reduces the power consumption greatly as the device consumes less time to cool the room. The gadget is effective and the room stays cool for 8 hours. The power consumption is less compared to the bulky air conditioners.

3. Does the device require high maintenance?

The gadget does not involve high maintenance. The device requires a refill of water after 8 hours and periodic cleaning of an evaporative air filter. To ensure durability clean the filter at short intervals.

4. Will the cooler be effective in humid places?

The cooler is not effective in areas having high humidity levels. The high moisture content in the air interferes with the cooling capacity.

5. Is the cooler effective in purifying the air?

The cooler purifies the air by 99%. It restricts and refreshes the air by absorbing all pollutants in the atmosphere. Save by investing in CoolAir.

CoolAir Review 2022 – Best Personal Air Cooler
CoolAir Review 2022 – Best Personal Air Cooler


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