ClubCrush Review [2022]- Rechargeable Smoothie Blender

ClubCrush Review

In recent years the smoothies popularity has grown a lot. If one drinks smoothies, then it is the best way to get fruits and vegetables into the diet, which is good for health in a delicious way. People across the world like to have this nutritious and delicious beverage. 

There are many of the smoothies makers that have many buttons and complicated modes for various functions for making the smoothie. It is a pain to clean it after disassemble. The smoothie maker ClubCrush can save from all these messes of making smoothies. This is a perfect blender being discovered by the people having an active lifestyle. 

ClubCrush Review

ClubCrush Review [2021]- Why Should You Buy It?

What is ClubCrush?

ClubCrush is a portable blender that could be recharged and designed in such a manner to make the smoothies easily. This blender is cordless, portable, and lightweight. It consists of rechargeable batteries. In just a single charge, it can make dozens of smoothies wherever one wants to have. 

It can be used for many purposes, along with making smoothies like blending the food of the baby. It could also be used for making and mixing baby food. With ClubCrush, it is easy to mix the delicious smoothies wherever one is going. It works on batteries so it could be taken to any place where other blenders cannot go as on camping, beachside, or picnics. As it is lightweight, so it easy to carry, and the plastic used in it is BPA-free as well as FDA certified. 

It is better not to consider the old-fashioned, heavy kitchen blenders that stuck to the wall’s socket.

Portable ClubCrush Blender

How to use ClubCrush?

Just one needs to open the lid of ClubCrush and fill it with the mixture of favorite fresh fruits, vegetables, ice cream, or protein powder. In this, around 300ml of ingredients could hold that is a standard size for a drinking glass.

Then press the blend button, which is simple as it does not have any complicated instruction or confusion on buttons for working on it. After this, the smoothie is put into the drinking glass and then rinse ClubCrush with water. It could be easily disassembled into the three pieces so that cleaning extensively. So, enjoy the smoothie without much effort of cleaning it. 

ClubCrush Blender Technical Details

  • Battery: It has a large battery of 5200mAh, 7.4V, and is also rechargeable. With a single charge, one can make dozens of smoothies. 
  • Blending Steel: It has four leaf blades with 304 Stainless Steel, which can blend anything easily and quickly. The blades are having 16500 revolutions of rotational speed per minute. One does not have to wait for a whole day to get the smoothie with the firm of ingredients. 
  • One-Touch Button: It does not have complicated knobs or buttons. By just pressing a button, one can have the perfect blended smoothies within few seconds. 
  • Blending Chamber: It has a 100z/ 300ml blending chamber, which is made from 100% food-grade Tritan. It is also 100% BPA free and does not contain the BPS (bisphenol S) and bisphenols, which is harmful. It shatters the resistance also, so one does not have to worry when one drops it. 
  • Cordless feature: There are no cables and wires. 
Specification of ClubCrush

Key Features of ClubCrush Portable Blender

There are many unique features which makes it different from other similar items in the market:

Rechargeable: It comes with the feature that it is rechargeable. Its battery is of the capacity 5200mAh, 7.2V battery, and once it is fully charged, that could make dozens of smoothies at an instance. 

No cable: It is cordless, which is not there with other blenders. There is no need for a power outlet to work so that it could support different lifestyles and supporter’s diet. This is the reason that makes it surpass the other competitors as it is more convenient in use than others. 

Powerful Blending: Its size is small and works well. It has four leaf blades made up of 304 stainless steel, which blends efficiency having 16500 per minute revolutions. So, it can blend anything anytime. 

Easy to Use: Just one needs to add the ingredients and blend it pressing a button. The blend smoothie one will get, which one can enjoy while drinking. Just with one touch button, one can get the best of smoothie. 

Portable: It is lightweight and also highly portable. One can easily carry it in the bag, and one can quickly make the delicious as well as healthy smoothies in it easily. 

Multipurpose: Not only for the smoothies, but it could also be used. So, one can blend juices of fruit and vegetables, baby food, cocktails, protein shakes, or anything that one could think of. 

Low Maintenance: Not much maintenance is required. It just needs to be rinsed off from the water. If one wants to do the extensive cleaning, then one can disassemble the ClubCrush into 3 pieces and wash them. 

High-Quality Materials: It is made up of 100% food-grade Tritan, that do not contain BPS and also BPA free. This makes it more appealing to the mothers who want to use it to make food for their babies. It also shatters proof, so if it gets to drop by accident, it will hardly damage. 

FDA Approved: It is approved by FDA and is compliant with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Anyone could use it, and is safe to use. 

How to make the best of smoothies from ClubCrush?

  • Just open the lid of ClubCrush and fill it with the favorite fresh fruits, veggies, ice cream, protein powder, or any other. It can hold up to 300ml of the ingredients into it, like a standard-sized drinking glass. 
  • ClubCrush has an easy button and could be pressed with just simple touch. One can hold it until the drink reached the desired consistency. There are no complicated buttons or instructions. 
  • Then pour the smoothie into the glass and wash ClubCrush with water. If one wants to clean it properly, then it could disassemble it into three pieces and clean it extensively. 
  • Then just sit back and enjoy a delicious smoothie. 
How to Use ClubCrush

How does ClubCrush work?

ClubCrush is the portable kitchen blender, which is different from other kitchen blenders having no cable attached. It runs on batteries after being recharged once. The main idea of keeping it wireless is to take it anywhere one goes.

The creators of ClubCrush had achieved what they desired for and produced a high-quality product. It can be easily accessible anywhere one wants, so one does not have to compromise with the nutritious drink or smoothies. 

Why should one buy the ClubCrush?

One should have the ClubCrush blender. It is made of the best quality and also convenient. One will not think of any stationary blenders having cables after using this in the kitchen.

It is made up of a high-quality, having a lot of advantages, and its prices are very low as compared to the blenders available in the market. So, ClubCrush should be tried.  

It is best for everyone. In this, only one does not make the smoothies but can be used for any other purposes. It is best to blend baby food as this will give the child healthy food, easy for swallowing the blend of fresh fruits and vegetables without any harmful preservatives and additives as there in commercial products.

It is also best for the home bartenders who want to make the best of cocktails. It is very easy to clean and use them. With the use of this, there is no time-wasting or hassles with the usage of ClubCrush as with traditional blenders. It runs on batteries, and till now, there is no blender done this before. ClubCrush could be easily taken to the beach, camping trips, or picnics. 

Benefits of ClubCrush Blender

ClubCrush Advantages

  • It is cordless, which makes it convenient for use anywhere one wants to have, such as travels, office, or picnics. 
  • The blades are made of stainless steel, which could blend the ingredients one desired. 
  • The battery is rechargeable, which can make smoothies wherever one goes. 
  • It is easy to clean the unit and could be washed within a few seconds. 
  • If smoothies are made by own, then it could save lots of money. 
  • It is very lightweight, so it could be taken anywhere one goes. 
  • It is simple and easy to use. 
  • The design is made so good that it could be washed easily in the ordinary sink. 
  • If one is not satisfied, then it could be returned within 30 days of purchase with a full refund. This gives 100% satisfaction to customers.  

ClubCrush Disadvantages

  • ClubCrush can be bought online only, as one will not get these products anywhere from the market. 
  • Stock is limited
  • The shipping takes longer due to the coronavirus pandemic, but they are putting efforts to rectify the situation. 

ConclusionClubCrush Review [2021]- Should You Buy It?

Though ClubCrush is smaller in size, work is good. It is a small yet lightweight device that can fit into the bag, and one can take it anywhere wants. It has the four-leafed blades made up of stainless steel with a rechargeable battery, which makes it convenient. It is made up of the best quality shatterproof material which is approved by is FDA. It is worth buying the device from quality to price. 


What is the difference between ClubCrush and personal blenders?

The uniqueness of the ClubCrush is that it has a powerful rechargeable battery, which makes the perfect blender, which goes with the lifestyles. One needs to charge the blender, and one can take it anywhere one wants to for making the best smoothies. 

With the single charge of a battery, how many smoothies can be made?

In a single charge, one can make around 12 smoothies.

Is ClubCrush safe for the kids?

Yes, ClubCrush is safe for the kids as it is made up of the best quality, which is BPA-free and approved by the FDA.


ClubCrush Review [2022]- Rechargeable Smoothie Blender
ClubCrush Review [2022]- Rechargeable Smoothie Blender
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