ChargeHubGO+ Review 2022: Is it the best wireless charger?


Have you been caught in a fix as your phone battery died that very moment when you needed it the most? I have and I must admit that it happened to me several times before I invested in ChargeHubGO Plus.

We all tend to spend a lot of time using our gadgets in the present times. As a matter of fact, we are glued to our smart phones 24/7. We simply cannot imagine our life without our phones. We use it for school, work, socials, and the list is endless. But unfortunately, its battery is not unlimited like our usage.  Thankfully, to our rescue is this product ChargeHubGO Plus. So, lets read more about it in detail in my review below.

What is ChargeHubGo+?

What is chargehubgo+

In simple words, ChargeHubGO+ can be understood as a premium, ultra-slim, all-in-one charger. You can conveniently place it in your pocket and carry it wherever you go. And it is gaining a lot of popularity due to its functionality related aspects. 

This brilliant system has a double charging system i.e. wireless as well as cord-based. It means that it can be conveniently used by numerous devices at the same time like digital cameras, Android/Apple phones and tablets, and many more.

You will be amazed to know that, the ChargeHubGO+ is original SmartSpeed technology. It means that you can put it to use for charging various devices in a relatively safe manner.

ChargeHubGo+: Adding to Convenience in an Amazing Manner

There is no denying the fact that the various wireless devices that you have to carry these days can drive anyone crazy. These include your smartwatch, fitness band, work phone, wireless earbuds, gaming devices, mini speakers, tablets, and much more. All these collectively have to lead to the growing demand for a battery for charging your devices. Things become rather messy when you do not get the option of plugging these in.

How Does It Work?

Well, it is not very difficult to use ChargeHubGO+. All that you need to do is there is a power button at the side of the ChargeHubGO+. You need to simply press it. You get to choose from the 4 different charging methods.

How does powerbank wireless charger work?

If you are opting for the wireless charger mode, you will have to align the charging outlet of your mobile device to the indicator of the ChargeHubGO+. Just pay attention to the fact that the phone must lay flat against the product.


When you will have a look at the ChargeHubGO+ you will surely fall in love with the amazing device. It comes in a matte black finish. It looks premium and sleek and is sure to grab attention. There are 2 built-in USB cables and these are kept in fitted slots (at the side).

 The product is made out of plastic (5.5 x 2.9 x 0.4 in size). Thus, it can be rightly said that it is ultra-light and is nothing like the bulky power banks out there in the market. The 4 LED lights give a clear indication of the battery life left.

Impressive Features of ChargeHubGO Plus:

  • It is Compatible With Any Device: This turns out to be the biggest advantage as charging with ChargeHub Go is rather simple and you get to charge different kinds of devices with this device. It is the perfect wireless power bank for iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Galaxy 10, iPhone XS, Samsung Galaxy S9, and so forth.
  • Charging Safety: When you are charging withChargeHub Go you can stay assured of one thing that there will be no issues related to overheating. It supports smart speed technology. You get to charge your phone almost five times faster in a safe manner.
  • Charging Speed: The best part about ChargeHubGO+ is the fact that it supports patented SmartSpeed technology. It is able to recognize the paired devices and is able to charge them without any issues.
  • Charging Capacity: ChargeHubGO+ is well known for containing a charging capacity of a 5000 mAh. You get the perfect opportunity to charge any device with the help of a 5V/2A wired charging output.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: When you plan to buy ChargeHubGO+ you will be happy to know that it has a money-back guarantee of 30-days.

The Latest Fad:

The ChargeHubGo+ is the latest buzz in the market and is from Limitless Innovation. It has recently entered this arena and is here to stay due to the endless benefits. The best part is the fact that it will add to your convenience in an amazing manner. This device comprises of both USB-C charge cables and lightning and a full-size USB out power port. All these collectively make this device a complete power pack.

ChargeHubGO+ is Universal:

ChargeHubGo+ is universal

You will be able to start the SmartSpeed charging with the help of the Type-C chord and attaching it to your phone. You will b able to easily turn on the SmartSpeed charging. With the help of this, you get the perfect opportunity to charge almost every tablet or mobile device on the market.

Just like in the case of other power banks, this one also has 4 LED lights. These give a clear indication of the amount of battery power left. It supports a total of 5000mAh. It means that you will be able to charges diverse phones with dissimilar charging times. If you choose to charge too many devices at one point in time, then it will take much longer to charge them completely.

Place an Order Now as with the Help of ChargeHub GO You Can Always Stay Connected to the World.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Weight: 5.3 oz 
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5″ x 4″ x .75″ 
  • Shipping Weight: 7 oz 
  • Shipping Dimensions: 4″ x 1″ x 7″ 
  • Micro / Type-C Input: 5V / 2A 
  • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh 
  • USB Output: 5V / 2A 
  • Charging Cable Output: 5V / 2A 
  • Wireless Output: 5V / 1A | 5W 
  • Certifications: FCC, RoHS, CE

Power Anything with the Help of ChargeHubGo+:

Many users claim that ChargeHubGo+ can power almost anything and almost five times faster. You can also charge up to three devices at one point in time.

Now here is the big surprise that you get the complete freedom to use ChargeHubGo+ as a 5W wireless charging pad. What can be better than this!

But you cannot forget that you need to charge this device as well. At the end of the day, you get to charge your phone, watch as well as earbuds watch, and phone quickly and this device is your ultimate partner when you plan to take a long trip.

Note: You need to pay attention to the fact that you will not be able to recharge your laptop with the help of this smart device. It is great for your usual day-to-day power-based needs.

How do I use the ChargeHubGO+?

The use of ChargeHubGO plus is very simple and looks like a power bank that we have already used. Below, I step by step show you how I use the wireless charger:

  • At first, I press the power button and connect my Samsung phone to the cables and sometimes I use the wireless pad.
  • After connecting my phone, both devices are lightening up and confirm that my phone is charging.
  • I frequently check the charger hub go battery percentage with 4 LED charge level indicator.
  • When the charger is over, I connect the charger hub go plus on my wall outlet and it takes 3 to 4 hrs to charge up fully.
  • Then, I use it again when my phone needs to charge.
Buy Chargehubgo+ now

Where to Buy?

When you are buying more than one device you get to enjoy free USA shipping.

Limitless Innovations give a 2-port car charger at a 50% discount when you buy ChargeHubGO+.

  • Reasonable price
  • Convenience
  • Fast charging
  • Has a charging cable
  • Charges multiple devices at one go
  • A fast charge not supported
  • Low battery capacity


If you are looking for an affordable wireless charger that gives you the perfect opportunity to charge the devices with the help of cords, then there can be nothing better than ChargeHubGO+. It is extremely handy and convenient. There is no hassle associated with carrying it from one place to another. The amazing features like the 5000 mAh capacity give you the perfect opportunity to charge your devices completely once every day. There are no issues related to overheating due to the patented SmartSpeed Technology. The product is totally worth the money. Just go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the wireless charging work while my phone case is still on my phone?

We cannot guarantee that ChargeHubGO+ will work with your particular phone case, as the thickness and build material differ between cases. However, generally speaking, the ChargeHubGO+ will work with thinner phone cases (ones that are under 5mm in thickness, which are fairly common).

Does ChargeHubGO+ support Qualcomm Quick Charge?

No, it does not support Qualcomm Quick Charge as it uses its SmartSpeed technology. This patented technology is capable of efficiently detecting the device and making sure it provides the fastest possible speed when charging.

What cords come with the ChargeHubGO+?

ChargeHubGO + has two charging cables: One 1 Type-C reversible cable and 1 reversible cable. Also, it has a USB to micro-USB cable to charge the Charge Hub Go plus when the power ends. Two cables make it easier to charge both iOS and Android Phone.

Does the Chargehubgo+ lose power when it’s not in use?

Unfortunately, yes. But, this is true for almost all power banks. One thing which you should keep in mind is that ChargeHubGo+ has a 5000mAh battery capacity.

ChargeHubGO+ Review 2022: Is it the best wireless charger?
ChargeHubGO+ Review 2022: Is it the best wireless charger?

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