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Everyone wishes to be fit and healthy these days. Things have become pretty rough lately and a lot of people are facing a tough time in trying to achieve their fitness goals due to the sedentary lifestyle. But it is very important to take out time to achieve that fit lifestyle.

Well, if fitness is on your mind, then it becomes all the more important that you wear the right kind of sports bra. As a matter of fact, you need something that offers the ultimate comfort and at the same time looks great also.

Thus, it becomes all the more important that you are investing in the right kind of sports bras. If you are looking for affordable and comfy shapers, there can be nothing better than Boobuddy sports bra

Read on to get to know more about the impressive features as well as pros and cons associated with Boobuddy.

What is Boobuddy?


Boobuddy is a wearable sports bra band worn across the top of the breasts and over your sports bra that allows any woman—no matter her breast size—to do ANY workout OR play any sport WITHOUT PAIN, by keeping her breasts from bouncing up and down (even during high impact i.e., when you run or jump) And apparently, it’s not just you and me! Over 100,000 happy women all over the world—and counting!—have decided they won’t work out without it ever again!

BooBuddy Breast support band which is worn on your sports bra to give extra support and comfort. This support tape will eliminate the need for buying an expensive sports bra. All women of different ages can use this comfortably.

Every girl can relate to this, when you start running it gets uncomfortable with moving breast. You must have tried different brands of sports bras but nothing would have worked. BooBuudy comes with the quality elastic band that is worn on the top of the breasts to provide support.

It is an elastic sports bra band that has two velcro ends that are supposed to be worn across right above the bust line.

The band design is such as to reduce the vertical and horizontal movement of the breast. It is made of 20.7% Polyester, 41.6% Nylon, and 37.7% Elastomer that are all high-grade and are specially combined to get the best support that is perfect for all women.

More about Boobuddy:

Boobuddy is a blessing in disguise for all those ladies who wish to stay fit in style by wearing the right kind of sports bra. It is a comfortable and wearable sports bra band. You will to wear it right across the top of the breasts.

 You need to pay attention to the fact that you will be wearing it on top of your sports bra. So size does not matter when you have to wear this sports bra.

 You can easily use this band without any pain or hassles. And the best part is that your breasts will not be bouncing up and down while running or jumping. More and more women are opting for this sports band and they are very happy with the amazing results.

Elastic Sports Bra Band:

It basically comprises of two velcro ends. These are worn across right above your bust line. It supports a smart design and there is no need to worry about the vertical or horizontal movement of your breast while exercising.

 It is a high-quality sports band and is made of 41.6% Nylon, 20.7% Polyester, and 37.7% Elastomer. The product is a huge success and is superb for women of all ages.

Adjustable Sports Bra:

It is being widely used by women from different parts of the world due to its optimum quality. With the help of Boobuddy, there is no need to worry about the sagging or moving of your breasts while exercising or running.

So it can be rightly said that with the help of this smart product every woman gets the perfect liberty to move with elegance all day and night. So gone are the days when your assets used to make you feel uncomfortable when exercising.

 Invest in the best quality sports bra band and feel comfortable while sweating it out.

Stay Assured of Peak Performance with Boobuddy:

You can be happy while using this product as high-quality material is used for ensuring the complete comfort of the wearer. The customers already love this amazing product and there is no looking back.

Boobuddy Size Guide

Boobuddy Size Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L)
Length (cm)
Dress Size
6 – 12
12 – 18
2 – 8
8 – 4
Rest of Europe
32 – 38
38 – 44
34 – 40
40 – 46
38 – 44
44 – 50
8 – 14
14 – 20
7 – 13
13 – 19

Key Features Of BooBuddy

Let us take a quick look at some of the impressive features of Boobuddy.

  • Improved Restriction In Lateral and Vertical Movement
  • Helps in Correcting And Improving Posture
  • Improves Performance and Confidence
  • Ideal for jogging, workouts, horse riding, exercising and a lot more
  • Easily adjustable
  • Helps in preventing pain

Special Features of BooBuddy Bra:

  • Suitable for every chest size – Well, this is the biggest advantage of Boobuddy as one size fits all. The sports band can be easily worn over any chest size.
  • It can be worn with any kind of sports bra- Gone are the days when you had to worry about stacking sports bras. This sports band can be worn over any kind of bra. And the best part is that you will not have to worry about any kind of unnecessary bouncing, sagging or movement.
  • Forget bouncing and touching – This is the whole beauty of this amazing product. BooBuddy Band is superb for a pain-free and hassle-free experience. Also, you will not feel any sort of strain in your muscles.
  • Save money with BooBuddy: The main function of this band is to ensure that your breasts are in place. This also means that your activewear will last much longer with the help of BooBuddy. Thus, there is no point in wasting a lot of money on new bras as the old ones will last much longer.
  • Slow breast sagging with BooBuddy – When you are using this bra band, then you can stay assured of one thing that the ligaments of your chest will be well supported. Thus, there is no need to worry about the sagging of breasts.
  • Stay motivated with BooBuddy – A lot of studies show that a large number of women are opting for working out and leading a healthy lifestyle as they do not feel uncomfortable anymore because of their breasts.
  • Acts As Storage – This is also an added advantage as with the help of this sports bra you get to keep your keys and phone safely. So you can choose to go pain-free as well as hands-free with BooBuddy.

What’s So Special About BooBuddy Bra?

  1. Fits Any Chest Size – One of the best things the Official BooBuddy Website says is that this brand fits over any chest size. So, no guessing as to what size you’re supposed to be!
  2. Goes Over Any Sports Bra – This eliminates the need to stack sports bras! Because, it fits over any existing bra so that you can stop the bounce and the ouch faster than ever.
  3. Stops Bounce And Ouch – The BooBuddy Band makes working out pain-free! Now, all you’ll be feeling is the strain of your muscles, not your boobs. And, that’s how it should be.
  4. Helps You Save $$$ – Because the Boo Buddy Sports Bra holds in your breasts, this may make your activewear last longer. Plus, it means no more shopping for NEW bras!
  5. May Help Slow Breast Sagging – Their website claims this product helps support your ligaments in your chest, and that this can slow down the sagging of your breasts over time.
  6. Could Help Motivate You – Studies show that 17% of women don’t workout because of their breast size. Now, the BooBuddy Bra can make you comfortable enough to hit the gym!
  7. Says It Stops Gawkers – In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to worry about this. But, with less bounce, you can concentrate on your workout and not worry about who’s staring.
  8. Acts As Storage – Finally, one of our favorite features on the BooBuddy Sports Bra is that it can hold your phone and keys safely during your workouts! Go hands-free and pain-free now!

Keep Your Breasts Pain Free with Boobuddy:

It is important to pay attention to the fact that your breast is a soft organ. It is made up of several tissues. Cooper’s ligaments play a vital role in connecting the breast tissues with the skin’s lower layer.

It will ultimately give shape to your breasts. But the point to be noted here is that the Cooper’s ligaments are very strong to endure too much of pressure. So a person needs to be extra careful while jumping, running or jogging.

BooBuddy is a fantastic option for the women who wish to exercise without the worry associated with breast tissue being pulled away. The main function of BooBuddy is to ensure that no pain or discomfort is felt at all.

Advantages of Using Sports Bra:

  • Running: You can choose to run or jog without any worries with the help of this reliable breast support. This sports band helps in maintaining the natural shape of your breasts by preventing sagging.
  • Avoid Discomfort: With the help of this adjustable sports band, you can easily get rid of all the breast-related discomfort while moving around.
  • Decreasing Breast Pain: It is a well-established fact by now that your breasts tend to move in all directions when you are dancing or working out. Thus, it becomes all the more important that you invest in BooBuddy and avoid twinge of pain within the area.
  • Stylish: This band is super stylish and very easy to wear.
  • Superb for Everyday Use: You do not have to worry about wear and tear and this band can be used on a daily basis without any hassles. You can wear BooBuddy easily under your school uniform, office clothes, or even under nightwear to experience an unmatched comfort throughout the day.

How Does Boobuddy Work to Keep Your Breasts Pain Free and Perky?

The breast is a delicate organ that is full of tissues. The connective tissues are known as Cooper’s ligaments and they connect the breast tissues to the lower layer of the skin. This enables the breasts to maintain its natural shape.

The escape clause in the entirety of this, in any case, is that the Cooper’s tendons are not sufficiently able to withstand an excess of weight. For example, when an individual runs, runs, hops, or does some other type of physical action, these tissues move out of match up from the remainder of the body. It brings about bosom tissue being pulled away from the layers of the skin.

This is the major reason behind the pain felt by many women during each workout session. The condition is known as mastalgia and results in breasts permanently sagging and losing their natural shape. This is where Boobuddy comes in. It inhibits movement during workout, ensuring that no pain is felt whatsoever.

How to Wear?

You can place it right above the bust line with the help of two Velcro ends. This fantastic product is in high demand as it ensures that the breasts do not sag or bounce while living an active lifestyle.  Wear it right above the breasts and underarms. You can choose to wear it alone or together with a sports bra, as per your convenience.

What else do you need to know about Boobuddy?

It does not matter how big your breasts are. The tape is elastic and adjustable for women of all sizes. In addition, you can choose what colors you want for the belt to be able to match it with your clothes. Every day you can wear a different color so you do not get bored.

Even if it’s a band that hangs over your breasts or under your breasts, it depends how you prefer it, that does not mean it will be inconvenient during your physical activity. It is necessary to secure the tape for good support.

Boobuddy Pros & Cons

  • No pain as no bounce is assured. Thus, the wearer will not experience any pain during workout sessions.
  • Economical yet optimum quality sportswear.
  • Slows the process of breast sagging.
  • You can easily store your keys, phone and other small items in the Boobuddy.
  • No awkward stares at the gym as your breasts stay where they should be. Thus, your focus will be on your workout.
  • No irritation as it is made from top-notch material which does not rub against the skin during the workout.
  • The strap is adjustable thus perfect for all sizes.
  • After regular wear, the grip might loosen a bit.

Where Can You Get BooBuddy?

You can place an order online on the official website of BooBuddy and get the product. Also, you can choose from some of the packages.

Boobuddy Review 2022: Best Way To Stop Bounce During Exercise!
Boobuddy Review 2022: Best Way To Stop Bounce During Exercise!

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