Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews – Best 2022 Blast Portable Desktop Air Conditioner

blast auxiliary ac

Blast Auxiliary AC (also called Blast Portable AC) is a newly released portable air conditioner that can help you get through the sweltering heat of summer without sweating too much. As stated on the official website, Blast Auxiliary AC can work as a regular cooling unit without consuming too much electricity. Hence, users can conveniently use it without having to think about their budget. Available at, Blast air conditioner can be purchased at limited-time discounted rates.

Air conditioners are a great way to fend off the summer heat. However, it is worth noting that they have their own set of cons that make them unappealing to many people. The largest problem that users face when buying these is their high costs.

blast auxiliary ac

Not only is the initial purchase quite expensive, but the immense amount of energy they require can certainly cost a lot in the long run, too. Additionally, air conditioners lack the flexibility that most people want out of their cooling devices nowadays.

As a result, there is a shift towards the use of personal air coolers, as opposed to air conditioners nowadays. Personal air coolers are an effective way to remain cooled during the summer without having to worry about increasing costs of power or electricity. One of these personal coolers is the Blast Auxiliary Classic AC that has been making a lot of headlines recently.

This Blast Auxiliary AC review can help you take a closer look into this new electric appliance and help you decide if it is worth using.

Blast Auxiliary AC Review

Blast Auxiliary AC is a new personal air cooler that is becoming a go-to among many people this coming summer. As a personal cooler, this offers users the ability to easily change the location and speed of working. Users can take it to any room of their house, and even carry it alongside to their office or other spaces.

As a result, it manages to offer a level of flexibility that is otherwise missing in a lot of conventional air coolers in the market. In addition to being able to adapt to various environments, the air cooler can also provide users with an astonishing way to cut down on electricity costs.

Compared to regular air conditioners, Blast Auxiliary Classic AC may not cost nearly as much. In fact, by switching over from usual ACs to this one, one can reduce their carbon footprint by using less energy. As a result, the popularity of this product is becoming evident this summer.

According to many Blast portable reviews available online, users have found it to be a great option for their offices, bedrooms, and other living locations. It is worth noting that this is a personal air cooler so it does not likely have the space intensity or range of a traditional air conditioner. However, with how effective it is in terms of energy usage, it can be considered for smaller areas and single individuals.

This is especially true for people who are usually on the move, as it can be turned on using a USB port, batteries, as well as an electrical outlet. Furthermore, it can also help users enjoy the summer season without any constraints or worries about a consistent decline of their wallets.

How Does Blast Auxiliary AC Work?

According to the official Blast website, the main thing to know about the Blast Auxiliary classic desktop AC is the fact that it does not have a complicated installation process. In fact, users can get started with this very easily. One just needs to know its core functionality. Once done, they can get this air cooler started within minutes.

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC comes alongside certain trays that can be used as cooling agents. Users can fill these trays up with water or ice cubes and have the AC start pumping out colder air. As a result, it can assist in keeping one’s environment more bearable and cool.

Furthermore, the AC comes alongside an option to choose from different settings, according to user preferences. If they wish to simply get a fan feature, they can do so. This can help on days when the weather is not too hot and even a fan can help people get through. For hotter days, it can obviously work as a cooling unit once you add a sufficient amount of water or ice cubes to it.

With a number of features and functions, Blast Auxiliary air conditioner is potentially managing to become a good option for people who simply wish to get through this summer with ease. And the fact that it has a lot of flexibility and adaptability, depending on the users’ settings and locations, is what can make it all the more effective.

How To Install Blast Auxiliary Classic AC ?

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC has a simple enough installation process. In many regards, the device can be said to work straight out of the box. Users do not need to tap into any specific configurations or settings to get it to work. Instead, all they really need is to follow along with the basics.

The device makes use of a USB port to charge its batteries. Once these batteries are fully charged, the cooling unit can start working independently without the need for an active electrical socket. This is what makes it portable, allowing the users to carry it anywhere, even to places where there is no electrical connection.

Once Blast Auxiliary classic desktop AC is fully charged, users can begin to see the various benefits that this device has to offer. One thing to note is that since Blast Auxiliary portable AC has various functions, users will need to select what they need at the time. If one needs the cold air it provides, they will likely need to fill the tray that it has with water or ice. Furthermore, if they are in need of just the fan feature, they can turn on the device without adding any other cooling agents.

As a result, the manner in which the Blast AC works is very much in the hands of the user and allows them to make it work just the way they want.

Features of Blast Auxiliary AC

When developing the Blast Auxiliary AC, the team behind it hoped to add a number of unique features to it. This is likely why the device not only works well as a cooler, but also as a fan, illuminator, and even an air purifier.

The variable settings that it has also mean that users can adjust it to their needs. And with the added flexibility and adaptability, it can be used in any location without much need to change the base product. This means that one can set this aside in their office and have it be the perfect way to get some cool breezes. Or, if they wish, they can also have it be the perfect companion near their bedside at night, or in the living room while they watch television.

The uses of Blast Auxiliary Classic AC are multifold, which makes this product a worthy consideration for a number of reasons. Some of the other features that users can expect to see when they use this are:

1. Air cooler

This is the main thing that this product aims to do. Using this as an air cooler means that users will need to fill in the ice tray present in it. These ice trays are present to allow users to make the air colder around them. These will need to be regularly changed, as per need. This ensures that you can continue to get colder air and better temperatures to work, sleep, or simply relax.

2. Fan

Blast Auxiliary AC can also be used as a fan. It comes with a built-in fan that is ideal for people who do not wish to go overboard with its cooling effect. Users can enjoy this fan by simply turning it on and not having the inner water curtain be filled with either water or ice. Through this, one can enjoy its fan feature without having the water droplets make it feel like a personal cooler. 

3. Air purifier

The air filter present in the Blast Auxiliary portable AC can make sure that the air that passes through it gets cleaned of any dust particles that may otherwise cause allergies and respiratory problems in the users. As a result, with this appliance, you may not only get colder air but a cleaner atmosphere as well.

These basic features result in high flexibility, without any additional cost of energy spent. Most traditional air conditioners make use of an extensive amount of electricity and are thus not an ideal or feasible option for many people in the long run. However, with the use of the Blast Auxiliary air conditioner, one can overcome their main qualms with ease.

Blast Auxiliary Classic AC Parts in Detail

According to, this product can be divided into three main parts. Each part has a unique function that it fulfills. This is listed below:

  • The Ice Tray. The ice tray contains ice cubes that can be utilized to make the air in one’s surrounding cooler. It is a great addition that ensures that one can turn warm air into a more pleasant one with better cooling effects.
  • Water Curtain. The water curtain helps with the cooling of air as well. The curtain is filled with water, and as the air blows out, one can expect to get the cooler, more humid environment
  • Air Filter. As mentioned before, the air that passes through this part gets purified as all the dirt particles are removed.
Is Blast Auxiliary AC Legit? Reasons To Invest In Blast Air Conditioner:

Before users can get Blast portable AC , they should look into the major things that it provides. According to Blast Auxiliary portable AC reviews, the following are some of the main considerations to make when you decide to get this AC.

  • The Blast Auxiliary portable AC is most effective in small spaces. As a personal cooler, this will not be as useful in areas that are larger. Users will, thus, need to look into their own needs and decide if this smaller-scale air cooler will be able to meet their needs in a proper manner. This might not be perfect for everyone, but for some people, it will be the go-to option.
  • As it is a personal air cooler, users can utilize this best if they are a singular person. It might not be the best for larger families or bigger houses. Its cooling effect will not be able to reach all the parts of one’s houses. It can instead work best in smaller-scale areas, which is understandable considering what it attempts to do. Doing so also means that it can be great for reducing one’s cost of electricity.
  • Can be adapted as one sees fit. The Blast AC is especially good because it can change based on the current need and location. Users have the option to pick and choose their ideal settings. They can even change the locations as they want and not have to face any kind of issues. This makes it a highly flexible option that can likely fit the requirements of most people. Especially those who find themselves often traveling or being outside their house for an extended period, like at an office, can use this with ease and see many uses from it. As a result, this is the main consideration to make before getting it.
  • Easy installation. Finally, if one is scared that they do not have the technical know-how to make use of an AC and do not wish to spend more money hiring professional help, Blast Auxiliary AC can be a great option. With how simple and effective it is, users may likely not have to deal with any kind of complex or complicated installation processes. In fact, in many ways, they simply need to plug Blast Auxiliary air conditioner in and it can begin giving them their much-needed cooler air.

Blast Auxiliary AC – Where to Buy and How Much Does It Cost?

This product is available at a number of different costs on their official website. It is worth noting that users will not get this AC anywhere besides on the official website.

The prices for this cooling unit are dependent on the bundle that one gets – with the more extensive ones offering larger discounts. The Blast Auxiliary air conditioner bundles with their shipping costs are:

  • 1 x Blast Auxiliary AC unit: $89.99 + $8.95 Shipping
  • 2 x Blast Auxiliary AC units: $179.98 + $9.95 Shipping
  • 3 x Blast Auxiliary AC units: $202.48 + $10.95 Shipping
  • 4 x Blast Auxiliary AC units: $247.47 + $11.95 Shipping

As is clear from this list, users can get a significant discount on their shipping and cooling unit if they get the product in bulk. This makes it all the more incentivizing to get more of the units at once. However, one should take a closer look into their own needs, budget and requirements. In some situations, the larger bundles should be a no-brainer, but for single individuals, investing in a smaller package may be ideal.

Make sure to avoid getting into a Blast Auxiliary AC scam and use the official platform to make a purchase.

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC Return Policy

It is possible to return the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC within 30 days of its purchase. If during those 30 days, one does not feel like they utilized the product, they can return it. One thing to keep in mind is that while users will get their full product pricing back, the shipping cost will not be included in this money-back guarantee.

This is because that part of the cost is non-refundable. Furthermore, the developers have a restriction that the purchase must be unused and unworn to warrant a refund. The quality needs to be pristine and the product must not be damaged. However, one meets all these requirements, they can have the product shipped back and get their money if they wish to do so.

Blast Auxiliary Reviews – Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Blast Auxiliary Portable AC is an air cooler that can likely come to the aid of many people this summer. With its effective cooling system with multiple adjustment settings and functions, users may not have to worry about feeling too hot or too cold.

What makes it so different is its effective and worthwhile flexibility. One can take this alongside them to any room of their house as it is lightweight and runs on batteries. To learn more about Blast Auxiliary AC and avail of the discount offers currently available for a limited time.

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Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews – Best 2022 Blast Portable Desktop Air Conditioner
Blast Auxiliary AC Reviews – Best 2022 Blast Portable Desktop Air Conditioner
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