Bit Watch Review- New Dual-Time Keeping Smart Watch

Bit Watch Review- New Dual-Time Keeping Smart Watch

Every person is looking for s Smart Watch that can perform multiple tasks altogether and eases up the day to day tasks. And luckily, we have a brand of smartwatches that would fit your needs perfectly. It is the BiT Watch SmartWatch. The watch has been designed with such creativity and precision that you will fall for the design and features instantly.

Bit Watch Review

So, we are reviewing BiT Watch SmartWatch some special Features, Specifications that you would love to have.

What is Bit Watch?

Bit Watch is New Dual Time Keeping Sport Smart Watch. The BiT Watch sports smartwatch is the brand started by HypersTech LTD. They designed a unique watch with quality features to provide a class to the Smartwatches. The brand BiT Watch was created in 2019, and since then they have spread their market internationally only with their product quality. The BiT Watch Smart Watches are liked by many people and the company is advancing the features to give tough competition to other Smart Watches companies.

Manufacturers Opinions about BiT Watch

We’re delighted, and it makes sense. BiT Watch, one of the most interesting brands for us, is back with a model that will give you the most impressive features you will find. The new BiT Watch Dual Display is one of the most interesting smartwatches of the brand and one of the models of the moment in the brand. Thanks to its great power, a large number of functions, and its very long battery life, one of the great models we have in our catalog. One of the models that you will like the most. You will fall in love with it!

Bit Watch Features

Bit Watch Features
  • Wear The Swiss Knife of Smart Watches
  • Dual-Time Keeping Sport And Business
  • Instant Messages Directly On The Watch Screen
  • Steps, Calories, Distance, Heart Rate and Much More
  • IP68 Water Resistant And Extended Battery Life
  • Compatible With Android and iOS Devices
Bit Watch

BiT-Watch-Dual Time Zone Specification

BiT Watch More Special Features

  • Sleep detection (sleep time, sleep quality)
  • Pedometer
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Alarm
  • Camera remote control
  • Stopwatch
  • Sitting position reminder
  • Vibration reminder
  • Raise hand to open

BiT Watch Functions

  • Fitness Tracker: Heart Rate Monitoring, Blood Oxygen Pulse (for information only, not for medical use), Sleep Monitoring (Monitor sleep time and quality). Details can be read in APP.
  • Sports Mode: Step pedometer record, calories burned, tracking distance. Step into goal setting for everyday. Details can be read in APP.
  • Alarm Reminder, Incoming Call Reminder / Information Reminder (including SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Line, Wechat, QQ, Whastsapp, Gmail, Instagram, Snapchat, ect.), Notifications, Bluetooth Disconnect. Details could be set in APP.
  • Other function: Stopwatch, Remote Control Camera, Timer, Search device, etc. Details can be set in APP.   Packing included: 1 x smart bracelet 1 x Charger 1 x instruction manual english 1 x box.

What Is The Benefit Of Using BiT Watch

  • Blood Pressure Pulse & Blood Oxygen Monitor – Real-time heart rate measurement of your health keeps detecting whether it is rest, hiking or recovery after exercise. And the app can give you a current analysis table that gives an exercise trend in a time to take care of your health.
  • Multi-adventure mode – real-time monitoring of sports states (badminton, table tennis, basketball), recoding steps, distance, calorie consumption, and time analyzing comparison data of daily movement status.
  • Vibrating reminder – Download TYOUPRO app, open the vibrating reminder function. You will receive the MSN messages. WhatsApp / Facebook / Skype / WeChat messages. You will not miss any important messages.
  • Other functions – calories, distance, alarm, remote camera control, stopwatch, sitting position reminder, vibration reminder, raise your hand to light up; sleep detection (time, quality), wear at night around the clock, you can clearly understand the sleep quality pedometer is your last night.
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof – suitable for multiple sports, life scenes (you can wear it in the rain, wash your hands, but do not support, swimming or press the button when water is with a watch, does not support hot water or shower).


  • The watch comes with a leather strap which is easy to wear
  • You can perform most of the functions of a phone such as calling, messaging, music, camera, and others
  • The watch is completely waterproof


  • Only available for adults.

Is BiT Watch Scam?

Absolutely No!! BiT Watch is not a scam. It works! You’ll have the ability to track all of your most important health stats and information from your wrist.

BiT Watch Box Contents

  • 1 x BiT Watch Sport Dual – Smartwatch
  • 1 x Magnetic Charging Stand
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Guide

User Reviews About BiT Watch?

“BiT Watch is a nice looking smart watch. Bought it for my father in law as a gift who seems smitten by it. Like that it can read his pulse rate and track his steps”

“This is an amazing smartwatch for the price. It is a very nice watch and it comes with two screen protectors which is awesome. I can read all my messages without pulling my phone which makes it really great for work. I can also download so much from the play store. And I also love that it is great for my workouts, I can read my heart rate and also track my steps. Can do so much with this watch and it is so affordable. I love my BiT Watch”

“I thought this BiT Watch like most other smart watches will be masculine and overpowering in my little wrist. It isn’t. Its quite cute and works well with my android phone. The band is a nice tan leather and appears that it will age well! I’m really excited about the watch’s capabilities.”

How Much Does BiT Watch Cost?

When we first researched BiT Watch SmartWatch, we were sure it would cost at least $200 or even $300. However, we were surprised to find that you can get it right now with a 50% discount for just $99.

It’s an amazing deal as finding value in the smartwatch market isn’t easy. So, for those who want all the latest features from a reliable brand, BiT Watch is ideal.

It offers everything you would expect to find from the expensive brands but is nowhere near as costly. It is also incredibly easy to use.

You can get BiT Watch really easy. At the moment it’s available 50% cheaper at the introductory price:

  • Order BiT Watch from the official site.
  • Enjoy all the features from the most expensive smartwatches for a fraction of the price.


I will say go ahead and get this smartwatch. Having more features and better build quality than watches that cost up to 10x more, it’s a no brainer for anyone thinking about getting a smartwatch. It also makes an amazing present from family, friends, or coworkers. Works smoothly with a great battery life even for heavy users. BiT Watch Dual Display Sport Smartwatch has all the features you need from your watch, it is as good as the big brands but in a fraction of their price.

Bit Watch

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bit watch an analog watch or a smartwatch?

The Bitwatch is an analog watch with smartwatch features in it. Think of it as an analog-digital hybrid.

Do I have to extra shipping charges?

No, shipping of the product is completely free.

Are Smartwatches a waste of money?

No, smartwatches are not a waste of money at all. You can do variety of tasks through this amazing gadget.

Bit Watch Review- New Dual-Time Keeping Smart Watch
Bit Watch Review- New Dual-Time Keeping Smart Watch


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