BetterBack Review 2022: Does it really help or scam?

BetterBack Belt Review

Almost every person has faced back pain and issues related to the back due to long hours at work, wrong posture and many other such reasons. No matter what time frame of the back pain is, it is uncomfortable and painful at all times. BetterBack is the solution to your problem.

Many factors act as contributors to back pain or they even make it worse, for instance, slouching, or even carrying heavy objects without paying heed to posture, etc.

Almost every person has faced back pain and issues related to the back due to long hours at work, wrong posture and many other such reasons. No matter what time frame of the back pain is, it is uncomfortable and painful at all times. Many factors act as contributors to back pain or they even make it worse, for instance, slouching, or even carrying heavy objects without paying heed to posture, etc.

What is BetterBack?

BetterBack Review

BetterBack, as indicated, is a posture corrector. We all sit and spend a lot of hours in front of our computers or teaching kids, however, we fail to understand that the wrong posture can cause back pain and other related problems. BetterBack is one such device that offers sitting posture support. It makes sure that the style of sitting of an individual does not lead to any kind of discomfort in the back.

The device resembles a belt pad which will rest on the base of the person’s back and the two straps encircle the knees of the person. It is a very new entrant in this category of posture correctors and it gives you relief from pain almost instantly. When you get back pain, most of the time, the underlying reason is a poor posture. You could adopt the wrong postures even while doing basic activities like reading or sitting. The device operates on the mechanism which makes sure the pelvic area is safe and the original spine curvature of your body is preserved. It also offers lumbar support.

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Features of BetterBack

Some of the main features of BetterBack are:

  • Cushion – BetterBack comes with pads that act as a cushion to your back. This gives a lot of comfort to the back.
  • Adjustable straps – The straps can be adjusted and loosened up in case it becomes tight. The knee pads have a firm grip to avoid slipping.
  • Easy to Use – The product is easy to use and all you need is 5 seconds to get the right posture.
  • Design – Better Back can be adjusted to fit a person of any size. Irrespective of whether you’re tall, short, slim or plus-size, the device can be used easily and is comfortable. BetterBack Plus can be used on a waist of 55”.
  • Portable, Lightweight, and Durable – The device has been designed using lightweight materials  and hence it is very portable. Furthermore, the materials are wear-resistant. Hence the device could be used for long hours!
  • Instant Relief – You have to wear it for just 15 minutes, and you will immediately experience relief from back pain.
  • 30-Day Guarantee – If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.

BatterBack Highlights

  • Why BetterBack Works – Unlike traditional back supports that only focus on your lumbar spine, BetterBack restores your spine’s natural curvature (by stabilizing your pelvis) and provides one-of-a-kind lumbar support.
  • Instant Support & Relief! – Put on BetterBack, set a timer for 15 minutes, and voila! You’ll start to feel the pain in your back melt away like ice on a hot summer’s day.
  • Works Right Out Of The Box – BetterBack is so easy to use, you’ll have perfect seated posture in 5 seconds flat (even if it’s your first time using it!).
  • Fits Most Body Sizes – Whether you’re tall, short, skinny or plus-size, you can easily adjust BetterBack’s size to give you a perfectly customized and comfortable fit. (BetterBack Plus goes up to 55” waist)
  • Easy To Travel With – Lightweight and fits neatly inside any bag. It also doesn’t need any batteries or charging, so you can count on it wherever you go!
  • Makes Every Chair Ergonomic – Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on one ergonomic chair – BetterBack will give you the same benefits with EVERY chair you sit in.
  • 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with your BetterBack, you can easily return it, hassle-free!

BetterBack allows you to effortlessly sit in perfect posture, easing back pain. Even if you don’t have back pain, wearing it for just 15 minutes a day can retrain your default posture, so when you stand or sit without BetterBack, your posture is greatly improved. Good posture boosts your mood, confidence, motivation and overall health

Take a few seconds to re-posture yourself right now. If you’re sitting, chances are your back isn’t touching your chair at all. That’s because most chairs aren’t ergonomic, and many actually encourage bad posture. BetterBack makes every chair ergonomic. Sit effortlessly in perfect posture at your desk. Or on a plane. Or at a game. You get the idea.

You get fast results and long term comfort. Put BetterBack on in 5 seconds flat!

BetterBack: The Pros and Cons

  • The device is very lightweight and is portable
  • It is very affordable
  • It makes every chair ergonomic
  • The device corrects your posture when you use it every single day
  • It is easy to use and is a simple device
  • It comes with adjustable straps and knee pads
  • It is a device that fits everybody
  • The materials used are water-resistant
  • There is a 30-day return period
  • You can wear this device while sitting. It cannot be worn while driving or standing.
  • Initially, while wearing it, you might feel the muscles going stiff when you wear the device for long hours.
  • It is not recommended for people hairdressers, nurses, or doctors, and the like as their profession involves a lot of standing.

How BetterBack Works

How BetterBack Works

Despite what you might have heard, good posture starts and ends in the pelvis.

Other back supports I’ve tried usually only focus on your lumbar spine, which left me feeling sore and aching after too much sitting during the workday.

That’s where BetterBack comes in!

Instead of focusing on the wrong parts of my posture, BetterBack tackles back pain by stabilizing my pelvis, restoring my spine’s natural curvature, and providing the lumbar support my body’s needs.

Because of its lightweight portability, BetterBack works by making literally every chair I sit in ergonomic.

I don’t have an office at home, so I’ve been making do with every free space I can find. Sitting at the kitchen table can be good for a meal, but it isn’t good for a full 8-hour workday!

The reason BetterBack works so well is because of the way our spines work. You may already know, but our spines aren’t straight – they have a natural, inward curve like this:

How It Works

Most of the chairs we sit in, however, have an L shape, which forces the spine out of its natural shape. If you’re working from home like I am, you probably don’t have an expensive ergonomic chair just lying around. Normal chairs were clearly invented before desk jobs – and they’re horrible for us!

The BetterBack counteracts this problem by keeping your spine in the position that it wants to be in, no matter where you’re sitting – at your desk, on your couch, on a plane – anywhere!

The BetterBack supports the whole spine (including the pelvic area), which is why it provides instant relief for people like me who are stuck trying to make the best out of these long weeks working from home!

There are four (yes, you read that right) steps to adjusting your posture:

  1. Unpack your BetterBack.
  2. Put both feet flat on the floor and wrap the memory foam back pad around your body and hook the slip-resistant knee pads over your knees.
  3. Lean forward and grab the adjustable leg straps. Sit up straight and pull on the straps to tighten and vertically stack your spine into perfect posture.
  4. (Optional) Slide the left step into the center clip to keep your legs together. Pull the center clip towards your body until you feel the most comfortable.

Everybody is, so there’s no completely right or wrong way to wear your BetterBack!

Wearing BetterBack at your desk, on the plane, or while you’re out to dinner won’t just change the way you sit; it changes the way you stand, the way you breathe, and every element of your posture!

What Makes BetterBack Better Than Other Options

Other Options than Better Back

BetterBack wasn’t just developed with the help of doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists, it’s worn and recommended by them too!

Like us, founder Katherine Krug was spending over 12 hours a day in front of her computer, and her sciatica pain made it difficult to concentrate on her work or go out and enjoy life.

After trying dozens of different products, therapies, and techniques (who else can relate??) to ease her back pain, the BetterBack was born!

There are plenty of “natural back pain relief” solutions on the market, but they aren’t perfect! Some help with alignment, but make it difficult to breathe and can be really bulky under your clothes. Others only help when you sit at your desk. Some can help improve your posture but can give you knee pain after just a few minutes of wear.

With BetterBack, I can take posture support with me everywhere I go now. Whether I’m working at the kitchen table or on the couch, BetterBack folds into a small pouch I can easily take with me anywhere, providing comfort and support in every room in the house.

Final Words

The BetterBack Posture Corrector is a device that will help your spine be in its original posture. Those who are in need of an affordable yet good quality solution to their back pain can opt for this device. In case you use it regularly, it will reduce the back pain a lot. It saves you a lot of money and time as you do not have to visit the doctor or waste time on stretching. The device can be used even when you travel as it is lightweight and portable. So those who want an affordable and effective device to solve back pain woes can give BetterBack a try!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear BetterBack while driving?

We don’t advise you to wear this posture corrector while driving. It is great when you are sitting mostly.

Is it safe to use posture corrector?

Yes, it is safe to use posture correctors. It does an excellent job of decreasing upper back, lower pain, and shoulder pain due to slouching, especially when seated for long hours. Some posture correctors can even be worn all day.

BetterBack Review 2022: Does it really help or scam?
BetterBack Review 2022: Does it really help or scam?

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